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Ex-Microsofter Rick Belluzzo Prefers Linux

CowboyNeal posted more than 12 years ago | from the taking-the-os-challenge dept.

Linux 380

keird writes "I'm sure you all remember Belluzzo being pushed out of Microsoft earlier this year. ComputerWorld has a short, but interesting interview with him where he talks about why his new employer, Quantum uses Linux in their appliances." From reading the interview, Belluzzo seems to be pretty amicable to whatever will get the job done, and in this case, it's Linux.

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MSNBC has it too (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880113)

The interview (longer version) can also be read at MSNBC [msnbc.com]

Re:MSNBC has it too (2, Informative)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880130)

Be careful about clicking on that link. I didn't, but take a look at it before you click on it. It appears as though it might redirect you to a site other than msnbc.com.

Re:MSNBC has it too (0, Offtopic)

CaptainBaz (621098) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880140)

It's not the interview. I hit 'stop' before it started loading the .jpg, but I think I can guess what it was.

And of course... (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880308)

In SOVIET RUSSIA, a beowulf cluster of former Microsoft employees imagines YOU!

FP (-1, Redundant)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880115)

This is so easy, nowadays!


Failure Guy (627040) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880131)

Easy? What is easy? Being a failure? It has always been easy to not get first post! Congratulations, FAILURE!


post that is not first, nor second (-1)

confucio-licious (555476) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880124)

spread those meat curtains!!!

Make a Change :-) (5, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880125)

This makes for a bit of a change since a long time ago when he destroyed SGI by persuading them to drop MIPS and IRIX and move to Windows NT.

Re:Make a Change :-) (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880384)

Ha, and not just SGI...he was a big-time pro-Microsoftie during his time at HP.

If memory serves, I believe he was the one behind HP's humungo-blunder of saying that they were going to "dump HPUX in favour of Windows NT" (which was followed by the biggest backpeddle I've ever seen).

First Intelligent Post (4, Insightful)

CastrTroy (595695) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880134)

Wow, Linux is being used in a product that Windows isn't even targeted towards. I don't think that Microsoft cares too much if linux is used in these types of devices. Especially when they still own 95% of the desktop market.

Re:First Intelligent Post (5, Insightful)

gazbo (517111) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880230)

Also, the bit that was cunningly not mentioned in the excerpt:
I don't think Linux is going to be successful as a desktop replacement. But Linux is going to surround new appliances...
Exactly what the more rational and less rabid of us have said all along. Linux has its place, which for most people is not the desktop.

Re:First Intelligent Post (4, Insightful)

ergo98 (9391) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880253)

Wow, Linux is being used in a product that Windows isn't even targeted towards.

Well that isn't entirely fair: Microsoft has made embedded [microsoft.com] operating systems for embedded and/or appliance markets for a while (at least four years), to mixed success. Personally I think they'll succeed eventually: Already PocketPC PDAs, a vision that was originally called bloated and overpowered, are absolutely storming the market (and the new ultra-low cost Dell ones pretty much ring the bell or doom for Palm and friend).

IN SOVIET RUSSIA (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880135)

Your fat-ass bitch mother visits http://goatse.cx/ [goatse.cx] . Oh yeah and something about commie linux users here.

Yes, and my turds are interesting to everyone else.

"Thank you and goodnight'a"

Rocket Rick (5, Interesting)

sql*kitten (1359) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880137)

I'm sure you all remember Belluzzo being pushed out of Microsoft earlier this year. ComputerWorld has a short, but interesting interview with him where he talks about why his new employer, Quantum uses Linux in their appliances." From reading the interview, Belluzzo seems to be pretty amicable to whatever will get the job done, and in this case, it's Linux.

"Rocket" Rick Belluzzo is also the man responsible for SGI's disastrous attempt to drop IRIX and MIPS in favour of x86 workstations running Windows NT. He also dropped the uber-groovy SGI cube logo for the lame "sgi". His "reward" for almost destroying a competitor was a cushy job at Microsoft. SGI have yet to recover and it's by no means certain that they will.

Does Linux really need supporters like this?

Re:Rocket Rick (1)

Runny (613231) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880169)

Agree on the cube logo. However, they still have it on their website. See it spinning. [sgi.com]

Re:Rocket Rick (5, Funny)

Ed Avis (5917) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880170)

The 'going forward'-ometer registers a worryingly high reading on this article. Don't employ this man.

Re:Rocket Rick (slightly offtopic) (1, Insightful)

schaefms (633516) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880238)

Those definitely were some stupid things, but I remember SGI was trying to get into the big internet server market. At the same time, they were selling us buggy hardware and saying "well, if your running the bleeding edge, you're going to have some hiccups." In some ways, the move away from the ultra cool looking computer that's unreliable for everyday work to the servers they're putting out now that are more reliable was a good move. They weren't going to make money on the year they had before their super-cool, super-fast architectures became mainstream. At least selling the machines at 10x the price an equivalent machine would cost a year later.

Re:Rocket Rick (2, Informative)

Gropo (445879) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880278)

"Rocket" Rick Belluzzo is also the man responsible for SGI's disastrous attempt to drop IRIX and MIPS in favour of x86 workstations running Windows NT.
I don't think the decision itself was a disaster, rather the execution. I was freelancing for a predominantly sgi-centric printshop service provider at the time those workstations were announced. The engineers that attended the 'big unveiling' recounted that the presentation seemed completely unpolished. Apparently sgi had a troupe of lemurs for a marketing department at that time (still?). The architecture was pretty exciting, and they were even capable of running IRIX as an opt-out... In other words a $4500 fully capable sgi workstation - incapable of selling themselves.

Big story... (4, Interesting)

NightRain (144349) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880143)

Man works for MS uses Windows, moves to Quantum, now uses Linux! Film at 11!

Sorry, but I just don't get the big deal. He worked for a company that made Windows. Of course he will use it. He then moves to a company that uses Linux for a lot of their operations, and now uses Linux. I mean, who'd of thought? :)


Agree and with a quote (3, Insightful)

GoofyBoy (44399) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880177)

It isn't a big deal. Just like if he worked at Apple he would advocate Macs. He has no "loyalties". He even implies this himself;

"I consider myself an advocate of whatever allows us to achieve our goals most effectively."

Re:Agree and with a quote (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880204)

Exactly, So why is this one the main page of /. .....it would amost suggest that cowboy neil had an agenda he was pushing.........

Re:Agree and with a quote (2, Insightful)

PhoenixFlare (319467) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880309)

"It isn't a big deal. Just like if he worked at Apple he would advocate Macs. He has no "loyalties"."

Having no loyalties != switching loyalties to blend in.

If he got your hypothetical job at Apple, I wager he'd stick with Linux if it still got the job done, switch to OS X if it did things better, or even work to get MS software ported if needed.

He wants to use the best tool for the job, not go "Oh crap, better appease the natives...." everytime he enters a new environment.

Re:Agree and with a quote (1)

kedi (583806) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880343)

GoofyBoy wrote: "It isn't a big deal. Just like if he worked at Apple he would advocate Macs. He has no "loyalties". He even implies this himself;" "I consider myself an advocate of whatever allows us to achieve our goals most effectively."

But still it does matter that he thinks Linux allows him to achieve his goals most effectively now. Shouldn't that be positive?

Well... (3, Insightful)

UnknownBeetroot (633876) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880151)

...from his picture [computerworld.com] , that would appear to be because he's on the Happy Stuff.

But seriously, he's a CEO. He couldn't care less what they use, as long as they pay him. he'll still use windows at home. Irony of the article? No, just practicality.

Who? (5, Funny)

Ed Avis (5917) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880158)

I'm sure you all remember Belluzzo being pushed out of Microsoft earlier this year.

Er, no? Was there a Slashdot story on it? Who is this guy? I only know about Bill G and the monkey man.

Linux is everything! (-1, Troll)

MakaveliFIN (626988) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880162)

Linux linux and linux, linux is everywhere. ;)

Where are the switch ads? (5, Funny)

Max Romantschuk (132276) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880166)

Methinks the Free Software Foundation should start switch ads ;)

Re:Where are the switch ads? (2)

DarkHelmet (120004) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880256)

Yeah, and they should get some of those Male Ellen Feiss lookalikes to do their ads.

MS Approach to Linux (2, Interesting)

schaefms (633516) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880173)

Interesting that the "company line" on Linux is to stand up and yell at their customers about it. I've dealt with some reasonable MS employees, but I haven't dropped the "L" bomb yet.

This is probably Rick's way of saying.... (5, Funny)

Jacco de Leeuw (4646) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880176)


("Fuck you, I'm vested!" [cinepad.com] )

I'd be pretty amicable too. . . (5, Funny)

bplipschitz (265300) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880178)

"Here, we'll pay you a pornographic sum of money, and all you have to do is smile at the cameras, act CEO-like, and say you love Leenooks".

Tough Job.

ok and this is a big deal because of why? (3, Interesting)

burninginside (631942) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880182)

guy used to work at ms and now uses linux...

i'm still waiting for the interesting part...

Amherst-Fag and the Slashdot Bitchslap (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880186)

From: Ceee Peee
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] Experiment in whoring...
Date sent: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 10:03:49 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0005)

It's good to see you making a go at it again, but I'm
confused as to why you're trying to whore up a
bitchslapped account, because no matter what your
karma is, you'll never stop defaulting to -1 (just ask
warren). Your only option would be to start a new
account -- "DMG" is still available....

James can answer you better than I, but Jon Erikson is
definitely not dead. I'm surprised to confirm that
there aren't any comments on his users.pl page, but I
guess this week belongs to Dan Hayes.

(This is CP0005) [www.aueaa]

Amherst-Fag and the Educated Escort 2 (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880188)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Thank you, thank you, you're too kind
Date sent: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 21:25:56 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0010)

Hooray for me; I made front page on k5. The vitriol
is so thick you can cut it with a spoon (or
something). I don't have time at the moment (and I'm
waiting for another k5 account to come in the mail...)
but the idiots have come forward with such force that
clue-stick beatings must abound or there is no justice
in this world.

First priority: make the idiots realize that the only
reason why they're decrying my story as a troll is
because they recognize "Anne Marie" as its author.
The same thing submitted under a different name
would've been posted or rejected for editorial reasons
without fanfare. In fact, as standards of trolling
go, this one wasn't much of one, apart from the
general inflamatoriness of the topic and the signature
last paragraph (which I mean every word of). Be sure
to note siggy's puerility at the bottom of the article
-- submitting stories just to piss him off is proving
to be enough incentive in its own right. His reaction
on #k5 which I alas don't have archived (running
around with his head chopped off screaming "troll")
was priceless.

(This is CP0010) [www.y]

An Interesting Q&A (5, Interesting)

TrollBridge (550878) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880189)

"Would you consider yourself a Linux advocate now? I consider myself an advocate of whatever allows us to achieve our goals most effectively."

Notice Mr. Belluzzo didn't tack on "as long as it's open source" at the end of his answer. I think that is exactly the right position that business leaders should be taking when deciding what software to use. I think that many times, the more zealous OSS activists refuse to acknowledge that commercial, closed-source software can sometimes be the most appropriate solution.

Re:An Interesting Q&A (2, Insightful)

More Trouble (211162) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880322)

closed-source software can sometimes be the most appropriate solution.

Right up until the company goes out of business. Or decides that they need to increase the price by 2000%. Or decides that they don't want to license to you. Or calls the BSA in for a little "accounting"!

Or, maybe, closed-source software can never be the most appropriate solution, if there's any alternative available.


Re:An Interesting Q&A (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880352)

"Or, maybe, closed-source software can never be the most appropriate solution, if there's any alternative available."

Thank you for so clearly reinforcing my point.

Well, he might like Linux, not their web team (2)

deanj (519759) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880196)

Try to go to Quantum [quantum.com] and see th e nice little error message you get. You'd figure for a company that is using Linux in their work, they'd get the web guys on the stick and fix that.

Re:Well, he might like Linux, not their web team (2)

LinuxGeek8 (184023) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880270)

Heh, I didn't even get an error message in Konqueror. If I'd use Netscape I would have been redirected to http://www.quantum.com/browser_sitemap_page.html
With IE I would have gone to http://www.quantum.com/AM/default.htm (notice the .htm :-) )
Both pages render fine in Konqueror though...

Re:Well, he might like Linux, not their web team (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880284)

I didn't get an error message but I did go to Netcraft and they are definitely using Windows 2000 and IIS5. Go figure.

Amherst-Fag and the Vladinator Prick (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880198)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: <k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org>
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Vladinator needs a beatdown
Date sent: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 20:04:50 -0400
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org
(This is CP0028)

I'm trying to give george his account back
(http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=trolltalk&cid =2755) so I make up an
appropriate throwaway email address and post it. Vladinator, being the
prick he is, sends me this email:

>From Ê"Anony Mouse" <anony_mouse1969@hotmail.com> ÊÊ ÊMon, 23 Oct 2000
>17:44:17 -0500 Subject: Êokay I'm writing you To: Ê
From ??? Fri Feb 19 09: Ê25
From anony_mouse1969@hotmail.com Mon Oct 23 18: Ê46
>X-Originating-IP: Ê[]
>Date: ÊMon, 23 Oct 2000 17
>MIME-Version: Ê1.0
>Content-Type: Êmultipart/alternative;
>boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0009_01C03D18.DD858B 40" X-Priority: Ê3
>X-MSMail-Priority: ÊNormal X-Mailer: ÊMicrosoft Outlook Express
>5.50.4133.2400 X-MimeOLE: ÊProduced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.50.4133.2400
>Message-ID: Ê X-OriginalArrivalTime: Ê23 Oct 2000 22
>okay I (george) wrote you so can I have my account back please?

Now, anyone with a half a brain and a reverse-ip lookup can see that that
originating IP corresponds to postnet.com and Vlad's own account
(http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:home.postnet .com/~wsl3/+vladinator).
If that's a permanent ip address, then vlad deserves whatever he gets
from anyone here who is more learned in the h4xx0r ways than I.

(This is CP0028) [www.u]

The HOW2TROLL Trolling Workshop 1 - Profit (0, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880199)

Dedicated to teaching quality Trolling skillz

STEP 1 : Pick a story and search through for a highly-rated or otherwise prominent comment in which someone uses a nubmered list. For example, you want to find something like this:


  1. Blah!
  2. Blah!
  3. Blah!
For example, I selected this post [slashdot.org] as a prime target. There are only a few things to keep in mind: pick an active story and a comment that'll be seen by a lot of people as the target of your troll. The comment MUST contain a numbered list, similar to the above, although the exact style of numbering can vary. Also, try to pick a comment that hasn't already been trolled this way. Every comment with a numbered list will eventually get hit, so you want to be quick.

STEP 2 : Take careful note of the method of numbering that your target post is using. It really doesn't matter, as long as it's numbered. For example, in this post I use text like "STEP 1", "STEP 2", etc. Note this carefully. This method of trolling makes the most sense when the list is a list of ordered steps (such as this vary document you are reading), BUT if the numbered list is something different, such as "REASON 1:", "REASON 2:", etc., hit it anyway! Your troll will be more esoetric and non-sequitur, but all the better: trolling doesn't always HAVE to make sense. Sometimes it's fun to confuse people.

STEP 3 : Now you'll put the information gained from step 2 to good use, as you attack the target you selected. This is where it gets complicated, so pay attention. This is easiest to explain with a couple of examples. Let's say your target looks like this:


  • 1. I am a Slashbot!
  • 2. Gosh, I hope I don't get trolled!
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Now, to pull off your masterfult act of trollage, you'll want to sneak in, post a reply, and do this:


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Let's say that the post you're replying to is a bit more complex:

Reasons Linix is so great!
*REASON 1: My allowance won't cover expensive software.
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Now you want to come in and do this:

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Note what I did there: I emulated the exact style of his numbered list, and then added to it in order to cleverly troll him. THAT is the key. If he numbers his list using bold, use bold. If your target uses all caps, use all caps. If he uses Roman Numerals, use Roman Numerals (hint: I II III IV V VI VII VII IX X, then everything repeats from there), etc. Make YOUR list seem like an naturally-flowing conclusion to your TARGET's list. Then give him HELL! Here's the general key:

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I know it gets complicated when you throw in the algebra, but you should be able to do it. Keep track of the numbers on a piece of paper if you have to. It's vary difficult, but once you try it out, you'll get the hang of it. It's an aquired skill that can only be improved through hard work and practice. So get out there and troll!

Here's a summary:

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See, I even did it to my own damn list! That's how easy it is once you become a master at this discipline of trolling! Good luck, young Jedi!!! Go out and troll the world, you motherfucking cuntrag bitches!! [www.ghg]

Profound Philosophical Point (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880201)

VLAD FAGodfosppd aoh fod vaggot vlaggot fucking vlad faggot [www.ngp]

Amherst-Fag and the Prick Vladinator (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880203)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: <k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org>
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Vladinator needs a beatdown
Date sent: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 20:04:50 -0400
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org
(This is CP0029)

I'm trying to give george his account back
(http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=trolltalk&cid =2755) so I make up an
appropriate throwaway email address and post it. Vladinator, being the
prick he is, sends me this email:

>From Ê"Anony Mouse" <anony_mouse1969@hotmail.com> ÊÊ ÊMon, 23 Oct 2000
>17:44:17 -0500 Subject: Êokay I'm writing you To: Ê
From ??? Fri Feb 19 09: Ê25
From anony_mouse1969@hotmail.com Mon Oct 23 18: Ê46
>X-Originating-IP: Ê[]
>Date: ÊMon, 23 Oct 2000 17
>MIME-Version: Ê1.0
>Content-Type: Êmultipart/alternative;
>boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0009_01C03D18.DD858B 40" X-Priority: Ê3
>X-MSMail-Priority: ÊNormal X-Mailer: ÊMicrosoft Outlook Express
>5.50.4133.2400 X-MimeOLE: ÊProduced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.50.4133.2400
>Message-ID: Ê X-OriginalArrivalTime: Ê23 Oct 2000 22
>okay I (george) wrote you so can I have my account back please?

Now, anyone with a half a brain and a reverse-ip lookup can see that that
originating IP corresponds to postnet.com and Vlad's own account
(http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:home.postnet .com/~wsl3/+vladinator).
If that's a permanent ip address, then vlad deserves whatever he gets
from anyone here who is more learned in the h4xx0r ways than I.

(This is CP0029) [www.i]

Amherst-Fag and the Educated Escort 1 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880208)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] What better way to spread the holiday joy...
Date sent: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:10:17 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0009)

What better way to spread the holiday joy than to vote
up Anne Marie's new k5 article on pornography?
(http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2000 /12/25/225554/21&mode=mo
Pornography: it's what we do, so it's what we should discuss.

(This is CP0009) [www.sk]

Amherst-Fag and the Anonymous Cowards (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880211)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: <k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org>
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] New Opportunity
Date sent: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 19:38:48 -0400
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org
(This is CP0021)

No, that's no good either. As it stands, "post as AC" is good for making contributions that are important but punished by the capricious whims of moderators (and is currently the only option for people who want to post something at 0 instead of defaulting to 1). It doesn't stop the ones intent on posting crap; if anything, it forces them to go into a separate "post nothing but crap" mode, where they would proceed to post, you guessed it, lots of crap.

One compromise that I wouldn't mind so much (but which Taco wouldn't implement) is an option for posting at 0 under one's username but not having negative moderation affect one's karma in that mode. Alternatively, there could just be an option for posting at 0 without the karma aspect, but while that'd be much easier to code and sounds like a good idea, it is itself subject to an enormous abuse: karmawhoring at the 0 level -- stuff that is halfway decent would be netting karma just by modding up to 1. That could be fixed by having only moderation above 1 affect total karma, but that's another level of complexity that Rob probably doesn't want.

Mendax Veritas <mendaxveritas@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Okay, so what do you think of the converse option, of
>removing the "Post Anonymously" option when a user is
>logged in? You'd have to log out to post AC, which
>would make it a little less convenient to protect
>one's precious karma. Is that a good thing?
>I don't think any single change to Slashdot's policies
>is going to magically do away with spammers,
>jackasses, or idiots. But if a minor change like this
>would be more positive than negative, then it's worth
>considering, and might do some good as part of a more
>comprehensive solution.

(This is CP0021) [www.eaueuo]

Not on Linux for long (5, Insightful)

tomk (20364) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880212)

In the interview he states:

Do you think Linux will be an obstacle to an effective partnership between Quantum and Microsoft? If Microsoft gives us a better idea and a better alternative, we could change.

I'd say it's pretty likely that MS will use a carrot-and-stick approach to force him onto Windows. Quantum is looking for a big deal with MS and with a high-profile ex-microsoftie singing the praises of the competition, I'll bet there's a threat that the deal will fall through: that's the stick. MS will probably also offer Quantum a much-discounted price on embedded Windows NT: that's the carrot.

In the end, Quantum will do whatever they need to do to help their bottom line. (not that I blame them.) If the deal with MS is worth more than the cost of Windows licenses, they'll be on Windows before you know it.

low life... (2, Insightful)

johnliscombhotmail.c (631121) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880213)

I was going to say, isn't this the guy who used to be CEO of SGI and sold out all kinds of IP to M$ and moved the company to NT shit a few years back? We all know the financial problems that surfaced for a once great company after that. I get the feeling that this guy would sell his own soul for a few extra bucks, much like Bill Gates has.

Cock Enhancement (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880215)

I have, I suppose, like all men, wondered what it would be like to have a larger cock. I have, once again, like a lot of people seen the 'freaks' in porno movies who have horse like dicks and thought to myself - 'That can't be normal, most people aren't like that surely.'

But in the back of your mind, you always wonder. Now let me say from the outset that I have nothing in my pants to brag about and although through the years I seem to have been able to satisfy most of the women I have been with, there has never been more than one or two who have, afterwards, made favourable comments either about my length, girth, performance or stamina although they have commented favourably about the over all performance. Perhaps they were just being kind not saying much at all.

Yes, I could say it is because they were so fucking exhausted, they couldn't say anything, but of course that would be lying. I suppose though, if I think back amongst all the women I have had sex with, similarly, there have only been a few that I have thought to be outstanding for one particular reason or another and with them, I have made that very obvious.

I don't think any of them have had particularly small cunts - all the more reason for doubting myself. There has, however, been a couple that have had particularly well-developed cunt muscles and that has made all the difference for both of us. Once again, I now wonder why that was necessary.

There was another whose cunt inner walls were very ribbed and that was sensational. The only trouble with that was that those ribs were made to make you come and come I did. Luckily she was in the days when I was young enough to recover quickly and start all over again and again.

There was another who much preferred me up her arse mind you she had a huge cunt. Her husband once told me "It was like chucking a bit of string in a Cathedral."

There was another who had bushes of body hair everywhere she could cover up. That I found to be magnificent; I couldn't get enough of her.

I suppose that brings me inevitably on to the issue of size and my size in particular. Well here goes. As I have, for as many years as I can remember, been aware of my size and the issue of whether or not I was big enough, I can tell you that I always seem to have been around 7.5 - 8inches long with 4.5 - 5 inches in girth (that girth measurement is not around the head of my dick because I know that is bigger by about another half inch or so and therefore does not give the true measurement over all).

I therefore thought it was about time to go in search of facts and figures of prick sizes and on methods of improving what I have. With the web now so available to us all and virtually anything you want to research on there, I found no trouble in coming up with many different solutions to my 'problem'.

However, a new problem then developed. Did I want to spend a lot of money on contraptions for the outside of my body and tablets and potions for the inside of my body that might not work anyway? Many years ago, I had had one of those suction pumps that were great fun and made your dick look VERY impressive for as long as you had it on, but as soon as it came off, you were back to square one.

I really did give that one a go for a long time simply because I could see the result I wanted to achieve when it was in operation, but try as I might, it just didn't work for me. One of my friends who I confided in (after a particularly fine foursome where it was difficult for everyone not to be exposed to everyone else) suggested pills.

After some thought, I really couldn't understand how any pill would be able to aim just for your prick and enlarge that, surely there were other similar muscles in your body. And in any case all the pills were 'natural' or 'herbal' and easily available without prescription and that made me sceptical as well.

But then I came across a couple of exercise programmes on the web that were not going to cost me anything and could easily be done in a few minutes of privacy. I won't tell you the names of the sites I got these off otherwise you are going to think this is some kind of advert and not fact at all. However, if anyone wants to contact me, they can and I will give the name of the site to you then.

I started about three months ago and it seems to be having an effect. You can't just do the exercises on their own, you also need to strengthen up the muscle between your balls and your arse for the greatest effect - I will go in to that later.

Each day, I do a warm up whereby I take a shower and whilst still in there, I lather up the old tool and put my thumb and forefinger in an 'O' around the base and pull away from me. I found it best to have my hand the way round that kept the rest of my fingers furthest away from my body when I pulled.

I didn't pull my dick straight out from my body, it always felt most effective when I pulled it almost straight down. I would take each pull slowly so it took me about five seconds to pull down from the base to the head.

I, of course, have always found this to be quite stimulating and would become semi erect by the twentieth to thirtieth pull. Unfortunately, I have never been able to determine if this will slow down the effect I am having on my size or not, perhaps someone could let me know.

After I have done it with one hand about fifty times (always lathering him up frequently as I go) I change hands and pull it down the other way. I am not suggesting that you should pull it slowly down to one side and then the other, I always try to pull it straight down as I have never had any kind of bend on mine.

I suppose that if yours has got a bend in it and you don't like that, (heaven knows why, I have always thought that looked great on blokes, but there again, I don't know if it effects the way you can fuck) you could always slowly pull your dick in the opposite direction to the bend and see if that helps.

Once you have done about fifty pulls with both hands, you need to then gently play with your dick, (not a bad thing) whilst still in the shower to kind of let it get over what you have just done to it.

Just a couple of words of warning, if you are going to give it a try but have had in the past or can get hold of any professional advice now that suggests that, for what ever reason you shouldn't try it, then don't, it just might not be for you. But if you feel confident that it is safe for you and you would like to give it a try, build up to the exercise, don't go mad and do too much straight away.

I must admit, I did it too hard, for too long to begin with and it damn well hurt. My prick went a bruised colour and I felt sure I had done some kind of permanent damage. Luckily I hadn't, but it taught me a very good lesson. I started the second time with just ten pulls with one hand and then the next day, ten pulls with the other.

Soon, I was up to ten pulls per day with both hands and gradually, I have tightened my grip to pull harder as the weeks have gone by, also increasing the number of pulls.

Obviously, this is what works for me and everyone is different. If your prick is used to a lot of battering then you should be able to start stronger that if it isn't, but take it easy and take it steady.

I have now been able to graduate to being able to do it anywhere at anytime I have privacy, I no longer need some kind of lubricant, but my first pull of the day is always in the shower, with the warmth and with the soap, that kind of warms me up for the day. It doesn't take long to whip the old trousers down, say when you go for a pee, instead of standing at a stall, go into a cubicle and you can do a quick pull as well.

The other main thing to watch out for is where you are pushing the blood that is already in your prick as you begin each pull down from the base. Obviously, as your grip gets tighter and you pull down harder, you are going to trap the blood and try forcing it out the end - ouch!!!

For those of you like me who have a foreskin, you will find that it tends to have a semi permanent redness about it as though it is sore and to a certain extent it is. For those cut guys, I don't know what to say because I don't know any cut guys who are doing the same exercises.

What I have tended to start doing as the girth has improved is to continue with the downward pulls, with an ever increasing grip, but not go to the knob end. I now usually stop half way down, pull my foreskin back and then continue with the pull. I only ever go as far as the head. I have never continued my pull over it.

My pulling sessions now normally finish with an extended pull for the final time. That is to say, when I decide I have had enough and things are starting to get a bit tender (which they can if you don't always use lube), the last gripped pull reached the head and I stay there, still pulling for say another ten or fifteen seconds and then slowly let go.

My relaxation period (when I am not at home) always tends to be taking hold of him and gently squeezing him a dozen or so times until things feel back to normal (don't forget, this can be quite exciting and when you leave the loo, you don't want to be walking around the office with a damn great lob on, do you - or do you?).

What effect has all this had? Well, I think it has changed me in several ways, both physically and mentally. First of all, the one you have all been waiting for, what has it done to my dong?

Well when you consider that all these 'enlargement' sites tell you that although you will see change in a few weeks, for the best effect, you must keep doing it for at least a year. I can report that there is not much change in length - you remember I used to be 7.5 - 8 inches (could I really claim 8, well sometimes, just perhaps, maybe if I was quick enough with the ruler) well now, on many occasions there is definitely eight, perhaps a tad more, or is that just my imagination?

But it is the girth where there has been significant change - you remember it was 4.5 - 5, well now I can truly claim an increase to 6 inches at least and you can really feel the difference. When it is flaccid, it used to be about 3 - 3.5 inches, now it is 4 - 4.5 inches dependent on the temperature, you men will know what I mean by that.

And it seems to have been noticed as well (and this is where the mental effect comes in), because the girth has changes size, so has the head, although I have not measured the head yet when fully erect, taking into consideration the increased girth measurement, I would say that it is now in the region of 6.5+ inches, and that shows!!!

When I now have sex, there is a lot more squirming takes place by my partner when we are trying to get me up inside her. She can definitely feel that something is very different and when I am fully up inside of her, she shakes gently, holds me perfectly still as far up inside her as she can get me and squeezes him a lot more with her cunt wall muscles.

When she finally lets him go so that we can start moving, she now loves the feeling of the rim of the head of my dick scraping along the inside walls of her fanny. She also seems to be a lot noisier when she cums.

Now the other thing I thought I better mention is that muscle just behind your balls - I can't remember what it is called but I think it was once referred to as the PA muscle, but there again, it doesn't really matter what it is called as long as you exercise the right one.

All the sites I have found say you must exercise this along with the other pulling exercises and the way to do this is by clenching your arse cheeks together time after time after time. The way I checked which one it was, was to wait until I went for a pee and stopped myself from peeing once I was in full flow. Now the one you can feel yourself clenching is the one you have to exercise.

The sites also say that you can do this at anytime and in any position, laying down, standing up or sitting down. When I went for a pee and stopped myself, the muscle I felt was directly between my balls and my arse but when I started exercising, in certain positions it felt as though I was exercising a completely different muscle up inside my arse.

I don't know if this is the same muscle or not, but to be sure, I feel far more confident exercising when I am sitting down, particularly upright say when in the office or driving. And you really can do it anytime, anywhere no one will ever know what you are doing.

I can't recall any of the sites actually explaining why it is necessary to excise this thing but I have gathered from the way the sites are written that it will help us with our self control and the stiffness of our cock when erect - so exercise I do.

They also suggest that you need to build up to where you are clenching it hundreds of times a day in batches of say fifty at a time. This may sound a lot, but it really isn't IF YOU CAN REMEMBER TO DO IT. It is so easy to forget, but I have now got myself into a frame of mind where it just cums to me second nature now and I almost don't have to think about it, I just find myself doing it.

I do it slowly now but I started where I didn't hold the clench for very long because I found that if I did, it didn't take many clenches before it started to hurt as though I had strained it. Now, fifty takes me about ten minutes, that's all, and if I want to, I can start another fifty straightaway.

Obviously, I don't count them, otherwise I would never be able to concentrate on what anyone around me was saying or what other traffic was doing, I just know how long I have been doing it for each time, but I can really feel the difference in the size of the muscle, now all I have to do is learn how to use that better muscle to my advantage. Once again, if anyone could help me out on that one, I would be most grateful.

All these 'enlargement' plans claim -

Permanent penis enlargement - well, we will see, so far, so good

Experience multiple orgasms - can't say that one has worked on me yet

Curvature straightening - never had a curve

Increased sexual stamina - I can certainly last a lot longer now, maybe too long, you have to be careful here.

Cures and prevents impotence - cleaver one this, I suppose they can always turn round and say you might have suffered if you hadn't exercised.

Bigger penis head - definitely and it's great.

Rock hard erections - haven't needed too much here although I would say there is certainly an improvement.

Increased levels of semen - hard for me to judge because I love to cum so frequently, but that's another story, however, the girlfriend did go away recently for a couple of days and I was able to leave myself alone (except for exercising) for that time, when she got back and I whipped her straight off to bed, I nearly drowned her.

More confidence and better sex - definitely, when you can't sit down with your legs together or you are always having to make yourself comfortable down there, you know you are doing SOMETHING right and that transfers over to when you get her into bed. And it's great when you can sense that she feels the difference, you almost want to smile. With the increased flaccid state, you feel far more confident getting caught around the house. But the best bit is when you are on top of her and in a press-up position so that she can look down you and she sees what is about to hammer her and she makes that quiet little noise in the back of her throat and can't wait to get her hands around it and guide it into her slowly so that you don't hurt her -That's fucking brilliant.

Anyway, that's how if has worked and is still working for me. If you feel it can benefit you, why not give it a go. If you have tried something else and it has worked, why not share it with the rest of us so that we can all benefit.

Until someone cums up with a better solution on how to get your hands on your own member and make big improvements to its size - all free of charge, I am just going to keep pulling away and clenching with my exercises and see what I can achieve. I hope for some improvement to the length, more than I have achieved so far, and a continued improvement to the girth and head - I will measure it sometime for you if anyone is interested.

Please let me know what free improvements you have been able to make to your own meat and how you have been able to make them. Please don't exaggerate, hopefully you can see that I have tried to be as factual as possible with no exaggerations as at the end of the day, we are only trying to make ourselves act and feel better in life and that can't be a bad thing.

I really hope this helps some of you guys out there who have felt like I have in the past.

Good exercising and good luck.

ooo ooo I've got a story for you (1)

Flamesplash (469287) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880216)

Where I work we use Windows and Solaris, cause each provides something useful to us. Will someone please put a story on /. for us now? I think everyone should know this.

If it helps my credibility I interned at Microsoft twice.

IN SOVIET RUSSIA (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880219)

.. Linux prefers YOU!

Amherst-Fag and the Jailbait (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880220)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] why k5 is scary
Date sent: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 03:07:45 -0500
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0039)

jlb <jlb@io.com> wrote:

>So, being bored tonight, I decided to play around with k5. It's nothing
>really noteworthy - I was pretending to be a stupid 13 year old girl
>(13/f/pakistan) in k5 and asking lots of dumb questions.

Lies, all of it. I was there, and all lb did was solicit sex chat in a real high drunk squeaky voice (which was hard to convey on IRC, but you et the idea). In fact, none of it looked at all like this:

Session Start: Wed Nov 29 21:31:38 2000
[9:31:45 p] <Maarken> I doubt that'd going to help much.
[9:31:52 p] <Maarken> see what I mean?
[9:32:4 p] <ugly13f> its okay its kind of funny
[9:32:10 p] <Maarken> really?
[9:32:27 p] <Maarken> anyway, if you really want somthing answered, let me
know. [9:32:27 p] <ugly13f> they kept asking me for my picture !! [9:32:43
p] <ugly13f> thanks !! [9:32:45 p] <Maarken> well, it would be nice to
know who we're talking to. [9:35:51 p] <Maarken> think of them as a group
of adults that don't like children. the only way to become accepted is to
grow up. in this case, age=knowledge. [9:39:38 p] <Maarken> my, you sure
are silent. [9:39:52 p] <ugly13f> i think inoshiro knows my brother!!
[9:40:8 p] <Maarken> who's your brother? [9:40:23 p] <Maarken> make0?
[9:40:25 p] <ugly13f> he said his name [9:40:29 p] <ugly13f> no! [9:41:4
p] <Maarken> what's his name? [9:41:39 p] <ugly13f> im not supposed to
talk about that stuff!! [9:41:45 p] <Maarken> shaw? [9:41:58 p] <ugly13f>
no [9:41:58 p] <Maarken> wargwolf? [9:42:4 p] <ugly13f> lol no [9:42:6 p]
<Maarken> :) [9:42:26 p] <Maarken> did Inoshiro say his nickname for his
realname? [9:42:34 p] <ugly13f> his first name !! [9:42:47 p] <Maarken>
and you know, it's ok to his your brothers first name. [9:42:55 p]
<Maarken> Mine's Eric. How that? [9:43:7 p] <ugly13f> i dont know if he
really knows him or if he found it!! [9:43:45 p] <Maarken> what is it?
I'll know if he knows them or not. [9:43:49 p] <Maarken> we're friends.
[9:44:13 p] <ugly13f> he said chris ~~ [9:44:45 p] <Maarken> ah, then.
No, he found it. on philber.org I'd bet. [9:45:5 p] <ugly13f> whats that
!! [9:45:42 p] <Maarken> what IRC client are you using? I can tell you
where to look to explain it. [9:45:52 p] <ugly13f> i dont know !! [9:46:5
p] <Maarken> are you in windows? [9:47:9 p] <ugly13f> no im using his
thing [9:47:14 p] <ugly13f> its really hard to read !! [9:47:35 p] ->
[ugly13f] VERSION [9:47:54 p] <Maarken> I think you're in NetBSD. Cool.
[9:49:3 p] <ugly13f> that sounds okay [9:49:31 p] <Maarken> well, [snip]
is the hostname that you're connecting from. [9:49:39 p] <Maarken> and it
has a website. [9:49:49 p] <Maarken> that i guess mentioned Chris [9:49:58
p] <ugly13f> okay [9:50:37 p] <Maarken> by the way, kuro5hin isn't a
snowboarder channel. it goes with the website www.kuro5hin.org [9:51:44
p] <ugly13f> oh so k5 isnt snowboards?? [9:52:7 p] <Maarken> nope. it's
deep technical stuff about computers. [9:52:16 p] <Maarken> and whatever
pops up. :) [9:52:43 p] <ugly13f> so you ar ehackers??? [9:52:55 p]
<Maarken> depends what you mean by "hacker". [9:53:17 p] <Maarken> do we
break into computers? no. are we *very* knowledgable about them? yes.
[9:53:37 p] <ugly13f> so you dont put viruses on computers?? [9:53:41 p]
<Maarken> no! [9:53:53 p] <Maarken> and if I were you, I wouldn't call
them hackers. [9:54:11 p] <ugly13f> why not [9:54:44 p] <Maarken> because
they'll think you mean "cracker" which means to break into computers, and
they'll get really mad. [9:55:7 p] <ugly13f> i thought thats what you call
white people lol [9:55:22 p] <ugly13f> lol inoshiro keeps spelling fuck
wrong!! [9:55:50 p] <Maarken> no, fsck is the linux command to make sure
your computer is ok, but it's become a geek swear. [9:56:38 p] <Maarken>
because it *looks* like fuck, but it's not frowned open because most
people don't understand. [9:56:55 p] <ugly13f> lol! [9:57:30 p] <ugly13f>
im hungry:(( [9:57:37 p] <Maarken> eat. [9:58:12 p] <ugly13f> so why do
you fuck your computers instead of naming it something else?? [9:58:39 p]
<Maarken> it's FileSystemChecK [9:58:46 p] <Maarken> hence, fsck [9:59:20
p] <ugly13f> dont people get confused ??? [9:59:31 p] <Maarken> not
really. [9:59:40 p] <Maarken> it's a context thing. [10:0:7 p] <ugly13f>
why not just fsc?? just to be rude??? [10:0:21 p] <Maarken> if you
complain about having to fsck your linux machine, they know you mean check
it's filesystem. if you say "FSCK!" then you're swearing. [10:0:37 p]
<Maarken> it's just what they guy named the command [10:1:0 p] <ugly13f>
he was probaly a pervert!! lol!! [10:1:18 p] <Maarken> maybe he just had a
sense of humor? [10:2:20 p] <ugly13f> not a very good one!! lol!! [10:3:1
p] <Maarken> most geeks think it's funny. [10:3:9 p] <Maarken> or atleast
amusing. [10:6:17 p] <Maarken> you know, I've tryed to be helpful, but I
think you're being lame for a reason. [10:6:35 p] <ugly13f> youre lame not
me!! [10:6:46 p] <ugly13f> lol! [10:6:51 p] <Maarken> <sigh> I'm done
here. [10:7:33 p] <Maarken> I think I'll show the rest of the guys this
log, so they know how lame you are. [10:7:35 p] <ugly13f> whyd you call me
lame??? [10:7:40 p] <Maarken> because you are? [10:7:45 p] <Maarken>
that'd be a good reason. [10:8:15 p] <ugly13f> you said you wouldnt tell
who my brother is!! [10:8:35 p] <Maarken> they know. [10:8:47 p] <Maarken>
Inoshiro said it. [10:9:30 p] <ugly13f> im sorry :(((

[10:11:28 p] <ugly13f> said you weren't hackers!!
[10:11:35 p] <Maarken> we aren't.
[10:11:43 p] <ugly13f> inoshiro just said my address!!!
[10:12:8 p] <Maarken> street address?
[10:12:17 p] <ugly13f> yes
[10:12:46 p] <Maarken> sure, it's
[10:13:6 p] <Maarken> common knowledge.
[10:13:9 p] <ugly13f> What are you doing???
[10:13:17 p] <Maarken> heh

(This is CP0039) [www.eeeeaayoyeu]

Amherst-Fag and the Lockwood Betrayal (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880223)

From: Ceee Peee
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] Vlad needs to be terminated
Date sent: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 01:32:20 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0012)

Did you guys get to it before vlad deleted the img tag to hello.jpg? Apparently authors are given free reign to put all sorts of html in their stories.

I wouldn't worry too much about vlad fucking things up. Our own slash site would be ideal, of course, but short of that, I'm in favor of using a site where we have registered authors who can clean up the crap and play with the settings. Today, I gave myself god mode (such wonderfully secure stuff, slashcode is) and created author "gbd" for the purpose of posting gbd's communism article (vlad'll shit a brick, I'm sure) before deleting the author to clean up -- it's not out of the question to create other authors for the rest of you guys, though the polite thing would be to run it by vlad first. I also got ahold of vlad's slashdot password, though I don't plan to do anything with it (he already metamodded). He's not the brightest in the bunch, but he's tame, and I'm not sure he's figured out the db enough to track us down.

I'm still working out the details so don't quote me, but a potentially workable scenario by my metric is: we each get author status, we post a hidden section article on geekizoid as no-comments (like zengan did with the iraq article way back when), and since we're all authors, we can override the "no comments" aspect and post away. Someone might still be able to find t, but at least the signal/noise level won't be any orse than we ourselves make it.

--- jlb wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, John Montoya wrote:
> > And actually, his "Alan Greenspan" story was quite
> > funny.
> Just found out, that was by cp, fyi.
> You didn't think vlad came up with it, did you? :)
> --
> "Is this real?"
> "Does it matter?"

(This is CP0012) [www.nrx]


Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880226)

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[bc_dvd] bye :)
[momocrome] hi
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[county] Hi and bye to all of you, as appropriate.
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[county] cyndrekit, hello.
[cyndrekit] hello county
[cyndrekit] did bc actually get a dvd?
[cyndrekit] I am shocked.
[cyndrekit] ;)
[county] I wonder what it is.
[me0w] Hello
[county] Greetings, me0w.
[me0w] Good day
[cyndrekit] hi hi
[em] http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/021 115/168/2oxdj.html
[cyndrekit] is there a story to go with it?
[em] yes
[cyndrekit] oh cool, found it
[em] the photo is just too cool.
* momocrome moans
[momocrome] too much drunk for one night
[county] It's not night!
[me0w] Soon it will be.
[momocrome] oh last night's what I mean
[county] You didn't seem that drunk.
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[wsl3] Has anyone in here actually had a child?
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[wsl3] Has anyone in here actually had a child?
[me0w] I have a cat ...
[me0w] She's kind of like a child.
[bc] hello!
[me0w] hi!
[bc] damn, missed cyn
[bc] that film was great
[county] What was it?
[bc] it was "Contact", county
[bc] I liked the way it explored revelatory experiences
[county] Have I mentioned that I've nursed an infatuation for Jodie Foster?
[bc] and scepticism as opposed to faith
[bc] you know what? I was just thinking about that
[county] About what?
[bc] I never really used to like her, because she seems quite sharp nosed and hard faced, in that way
[bc] but now, well, now I see. She seemed so vulnerable in that film
[county] I like well-defined faces.
[county] I can see why her's might be too sharp for you, though.
[bc] and you just wanted to protect her against the world
[momocrome] i hate kitten, but I am hung over and foggy headed
[bc] it is quite sharp, but I see beyond that now
[county] I like faces with character, not just formless fleshy masses, that so many other girls seem to have.
[county] Don't hate kitten, momocrome.
[county] There's no point.
[county] I just don't understand how he thinks he's different than the people he's always railing on.
[county] It's really funny, actually.
[bc] hehe
[bc] it's true, county
[bc] he constantly moans about people being "arrogant", or "narrow minded"
[county] I try to point it out now and then, but he just doesn't see it.
[bc] and you think "whaaa?"
[county] I think stouts are my favorite.
[bc] kitten is the most narrow minded & arrogant chap on the internet
[me0w] I am going out drinking tonight.
[county] One of my bus infatuations, the one who was being picked on, has a somewhat sharp face.
[county] Actually, I love her face.
[bc] I hope you have a voice of reason, me0w
[county] It's pretty, but not beautiful, by normal standards.
[county] But it just looks so carefully crafted, somehow.
[bc] is the sharp faced bus infatuation the same girl as the one with the limp?
[county] It looks like someone wanted her face to look just like that, and they invested endless time in carefully crafting it.
[county] You know what I mean?
[me0w] bc: I do, although this voice of reason is a little suspect ..
[county] (No, the limping girl is someone else, and she doesn't generally limp.)
[bc] why me0w, is this voice of reason American or something? I know you hate Americans. An American Voice of Reason would probably advice you to lick the most repugnant people in the room, as retaliation.
[bc] county: yes, I do know
[bc] interesting faces are nice
[county] When I see her, I want to hold her face in my hands and kiss it.
[county] But that's not a polite thing to do on a bus.
[county] You're wrong about us American's, bc. An American voice of reason wouldn't feel any ill will toward me0w, despite her hatred.
[bc] get to know her first, and do it later. Have her melt
[county] It would just feel sadness and hurt.
[county] "Americans"
[Sylvain] hey bc
[bc] county, my impression of Americans is that they are friendly and kind, and idealistic, but that if you cross them they take a just vengeance
[bc] hey em
[county] Cross us, yes. Simply hating us but doing nothing about it is not crossing us.
[bc] that seems fair enough
[bc] though who knows, me0w yank-hatred is such that it wouldn't surprise me to find she has crossed the line
[me0w] bc: this voice of reason has been my friend since HS, and on several occasions, while I was not quite in the right fram of mind, he got me to do silly things.
[county] It's mean and hurtful, yes, but that's not enough. We Americans only retaliate when actual harm is done.
[me0w] I do not have individual-yank hatred.
[county] I hope she hasn't crossed the line. America's wrath is great toward those who hurt her.
[bc] he sounds like a splendid chap, me0w. He should tell you to lick a lovely, yooung 16yo with lots of acne
[me0w] bc: He would tell me to go and make out with girls.
[bc] what?? That's only because he gets off on it himself, the weirdo perv
[county] Lesbian sex must be the least arousing thing in existence.
[bc] agreed, county, but I understand many chaps find it appealing
[county] But oh, man.
[county] This is nice.
[bc] generally ones with supressed homosexual urges themselves, I understand
[county] I have that warm, content feeling that comes with a few boozes and just finishing a delicious salami and pepper jack sandwich.
[bc] I want to have faith in something
[bc] I don't know what, but it seems to make people happy
[bc] so it must be worth a shot
[me0w] He likes to make me do these things and take pictures
[bc] he's sounding more&more sick
[county] What sort of things?
[me0w] He teases my SO with the pictures.
[county] I'm only asking so we can get a good idea of how sick he is.
[bc] "teases"? If I had a gf who french kissed girls in strange clubs, and a friend who took pictures of this and then showed them to me, I'd be jolly well angry, and likely explode in anger and start shouting at people
[bc] It takes all sorts, eh county
[county] I wouldn't want a girl that french kisses other girls.
[Sylvain] is it just me, or has this channel become too serious?
[county] This channel is a joke, Sylvain.
[bc] Sylvain, it's great. Since the regulars left, the channel has become more&more&more fun
[county] I like this channel. It's a lot of bullshit, a lot of heartfelt confession, and a lot of fighting.
[county] I can't think how it could be improved.
[bc] that's pretty much why I like it. What makes it tolerable is that a lot of the time, you can't really tell which is which
[county] For example, I quite like my online relationship with luisa.
[bc] serious? or bullshit? serious fight? bullshit fight? confession or or bullshit? fight? mixing it up to cause a fight? Who can tell.
[county] It's all fighting mixed with lies and truths.
[bc] I hope ubu has extensive logs of #kuro5hin
[bc] actually, do you, county?
[bc] going back a year or so?
[county] Well, I log whenever I'm in there.
[bc] I wish to find something
[county] I should point out that I've only been online for a month or so.
[bc] yes, but I understand you are friendly with someone who was here before, it was just on the offchance he gave you his logs
[county] Well, I have #k5 logs going back over a year, yes.
[bc] what size are they when zipped up would you guess?
[bc] nothing vast, right? not 50mb or something absurd?
*** dmg (~dmg@cloaked.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #adequacy
[bc] hello dmg
[dmg] whassup bc
[Sylvain] hey dmg
[bc] not much
[dmg] hey sylvain
[bc] I just watched "contact" dmg, which has led me to believe I need faith in my life.
[county] I have a bit over 100mb of #k5 logs, bc.
[bc] em probably hates that film, for its inclusion of arecibo and the airbrushing out of native 'Ricans, only mentioned in passing for their superstitious beliefs about the telescope
[bc] crap, that's loads county
[bc] bugger it
[dmg] contact ? Is that with whatshername from silence of th e lambs
[Sylvain] superstitious beliefs indeed
[bc] yes dmg
[dmg] I dont like her voice
[Sylvain] the visiting scientists don't leave ALL that much money as they think
[county] Silence, dmg.
[county] She is my infatuation of the moment.
[bc] yes. She was mine first though
[bc] I spent the film marvelling at her vulnerability
[county] I liked her before you watched the film, bastard!
[dmg] you would like "the accused" then...
[dmg] she is more vulnerable in that.
[dmg] I just cannot stand her voice
[bc] She only came to my notice during the film, really. She fits the archetype that I like in women, so it can be said that I have always liked her, as long as I have been alive.
[dmg] eurrgh
[county] Her voice, or her accent?
[dmg] her voive
[dmg] voice
[dmg] it just annoysh me
[county] I never found it annoying.
[county] hmm.
[dmg] itsh sho annoying
[bc] I like it. It seems to have a nice burr
[me0w] My SO's drunken sister keeps messaging me. =/
[bc] she's like a female sean connery
[dmg] bc: exactly
[dmg] she shertainly ish
[bc] me0w, give her my aim and tell her to msg me
[county] Have her msg me.
[bc] I think I'd enjoy talking to a drunken woman!
[me0w] bc: She is on Y!
[dmg] get her on #adequacy
[county] I want a drunk girl to torment.
[county] ARGH
[bc] that's okay, I'm on yahoo too me0w
[me0w] I don't think she knows how to irc.
[me0w] She does use that horrible habbo hotel junk
[county] Huh?
[bc] trillian just connected me to aim, yahoo, msn and icq. Now tell her to msg me! My ID on yahoo is tinyp3a. DO IT.
[county] ]:(
[me0w] Be nice
[county] I am a fragile angel.
[me0w] she is my future sister-in-law
[bc] I'm always nice :\
[dmg] trillian can connect to msn ?
[dmg] wow!
[dmg] I never realised that.
[county] bc steals every woman I want.
[county] Every one :(
[me0w] bc, I gave her your id
[bc] wow!
[bc] she really is drunk
[Sylvain] paste example
[dmg] bc is from www.girlfriendstealers.com
[county] dmg, he did steal my girlfriend.
[county] Actually.
[dmg] http://www.girlfriendstealer.com/
[bc] [censored]: helloo?1
[bc] tinyp3a: hello!
[bc] [censored]: howw s u?
[county] I can't believe I forgave him for that.
[me0w] bc, please keep in mind that she is only 17
[dmg] women come and go.
[county] dmg, I loved her!
[county] And bc stole her :(
[dmg] those are the breaks.
[dmg] bc is irresistible to women.
[dmg] he is like Sam Sloan in that respect
* Sylvain looks at a list of ebay sections, notices "charity"
[county] Yeah. And when I cut his hands and feet of, burn his face off with acide, and leave him to die, those will be the breaks, eh?
[dmg] well yes.
[county] "acid"
[dmg] bc takes full responsibility for his actions.
[bc] [censored]: LoL AWW U SHOULDA!!
[dmg] he is an anarcho-capitalist libertarian
* bc ROFL
[dmg] who was this woman anyway ?
[dmg] she cannot have been in love with you if she let bc steal her away
[county] me0w's SO's sister.
[bc] county, I asked to speak to her first
[bc] so I didn't steal her at all
[bc] she is verrry drunk
[county] I thought of it first, bc, but my intoxication is slowing down my typing.
[Sylvain] bc: i don't think that will appease county's perception of entitledness.
[county] Ask her for naked pictures of Jin Wicked, bc.
[dmg] I have some of those
[county] Yeah? Lucky you.
[dmg] she keeps crapflooding my mailbox with them
[dmg] attention-seeker.
[county] She's a pain, in that respect.
[county] And every other respect.
[dmg] its like,
[county] With no respect.
[dmg] stop spamming me with nude photos.
[dmg] If I wanted to see that sort of thing I would get a girlfriend.
[county] I want to see it, and I can't get a girlfriend.
[county] You're attractive, confident, and wordly.
[Sylvain] dmg: you'd get a girlfriend to see nude *photos*?
[county] I'm a geeky pud.
[dmg] no if I wanted to see nude women
[dmg] Id get a girlfriend
[county] Or you'd just sleep around. Slut.
[dmg] aha the old double standard
[county] Not all nude women were created equal, though.
[dmg] we are all equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT) apart from the Infidels
*** dmg is now known as Abu_Nidal
[county] There's only one girl I want to see naked, actually.
[bc] damn
[bc] she's too drunk to realise that when I say I'm living under a glacier, I'm joking :\
* me0w giggles
*** Abu_Nidal is now known as dmg
[dmg] Scotland is an icy barren wasteland though, bc
[me0w] time for showering
[dmg] she could be forgiven
[Sylvain] bc maybe that's not drunkenness.
[bc] also, she speaks like a black Londoner with hyper estuary english
[Sylvain] it's perhaps stupidity augmented by adolescence and drunkenness.
[dmg] hold on one moment. if she is 17 and drunk, is she not guilty of an offence ????
[Sylvain] nope.
[dmg] Should not we be reporting her to the authorities
[dmg] ???
[dmg] or the person who supplied the alcohol
[bc] LOL
[Sylvain] somebody else is
[dmg] In the UK the alcohol age is 5
[dmg] for consumption in the home
[county] You must be kidding.
[dmg] how enlightened compared to our other stupid laws.
[dmg] no, its 5
[dmg] seriously
[county] Why have an age at all?
[dmg] Ill find a web page if I can to PROVE it
[county] Yeah, because web pages are always right!
[bc] she's away now
[bc] [censored]: BywebYE!!
[bc] which is sort of a relief
[bc] hehe
[county] I bet you got lots of fantastic drunken cybersex ]:(
[bc] don't be revolting county
[bc] I am a people person
[dmg] http://www.icap.org/pdf/report4updated.pdf
[bc] people interest me, and I like to find out all about them
[bc] there is no other motivation
[county] I'm not going to try to read through a pdf in this condition.
[dmg] one moment
[dmg] fucking cut-n-paste doesn't work
[county] I think I'd like another salami sandwish
[dmg] In bars and off-licensed premises the MDA and MPA are 18. The MPA for
[dmg] beer and cider is 16 when purchased for consumption with meals
[dmg] (except when in a bar). Children over five may consume alcoholic
[dmg] beverages at home with their parent's consent.
[bc] pdf sucks
[dmg] basically if you have cool parents you can get pissed once you start infant school
[dmg] but if you are over 18 and want to drink after 11pm, you are shit out of luck
[dmg] its a contradiction to be sure...
[Sylvain] there are some exceptions to alcohol laws here in USia IIRC
[Sylvain] e.g. it's allowed to give a child some wine if required by a religious ritual
[dmg] * In 19 states alcohol consumption by youth under 21 is not specifically
[dmg] illegal.
[dmg] ** Exceptions to the 21 law in some states include possession for
[dmg] religious purposes when accompanied by a parent, spouse or legal
[dmg] guardian; medical reasons; in private clubs or establishments; in the
[dmg] course of lawful employment by a duly licensed manufac
[Sylvain] e.g. catholic communion frequently involves a bit of wine.
[bc] I remember when I first got drunk
[bc] I thought "I want to spend the rest of my days in this condition"
[bc] it was a revelation
[bc] I think I have found my faith already
[dmg] I was about four when I first got drunk. on Babycham believe it or not. My mum did not realise it was alcoholic :-)
*** Sylvain changes topic to '[ bc] I remember when I first got drunk || [ bc] I thought "I want to spend the rest of my days in this condition"'
[bc] I had a good swig of scotdch when I was 6 months old and got drunk
[bc] that was quite impressive. I saw the glass of double scotch, grasped it in two hands, and swigged it right down
[bc] well, I can't in truth remember if it got be drunk, or anything about it at all, but I'm sure it must've
[dmg] thats pretty funny
[dmg] you could have died however.
[Sylvain] he wouldn't have understood it.
[bc] nah, I took it like a baby
[Sylvain] no trauma for him
[Sylvain] what's the problem with dying when you're a perfectly innocent being?
[Sylvain] it's only when we grow old and come to appreciate that life is valuable that we have a problem with it
[county] I am a perfectly innocent being.
[dmg] what about original sin ?
[Sylvain] 16:31 [ county] I WANT A DRUNK GIRL TO TORMENT SO MUCH
[bc] you'll note he didn't actually do it, em
[bc] county has control of his desires
[county] I actually don't even think I wrote that.
* Sylvain sings: Nwel a rive pou nou pa pedi lespwa nou!
[county] The wind has really picked up here.
[county] It's almost violent.
[dmg] im going to bed
[dmg] its past my bedtime
* bc bought a bottle of Appleston Estate 40 year old today,Sylvain
[dmg] bloody IRC
[bc] night dmg!
[dmg] night night everyone
*** dmg has quit IRC (Quit: Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com))
[county] What's that, bc?
[Sylvain] bc: wow.
[bc] it's an excellent rum
[Sylvain] how much was it?
[bc] a bloody fortune
[Sylvain] fuck. the oldest rum i've ever had is 12 years.
[county] Ah, a rum.
[Sylvain] any words on how good it is beyond "excellent"?
[county] The oldest rum I've had was also 12 years.
[bc] it tastes nice. Older rums seem to become more whiskyish, somehow, it is hard to explain
[bc] much more complex
[county] Now you just need some forty year old coke.
[bc] it is aged in the tropics, too
[bc] apparantly that means it ages more rapidly
[bc] at about 3x the rate of a spirit aged in, say, canada
[bc] anyway, I don't know. It tastes very nutty, somehow
[Sylvain] but how expensive was it?
[bc] em: £10,000
[bc] http://www.canoe.ca/LifewiseFoodWine01/0314_winewe d_par.html
[Sylvain] yeah, right, like you have 15,795.99 USD
[bc] :\
[bc] it's really nice with coke though!
*** Sylvain sets mode: +b *!*gallus@*.orangutan.dialup.pol.co.uk
*** bc was kicked by Sylvain (Trolling is strictly forbidden in this channel.)
*** Sylvain sets mode: -b *!*gallus@*.orangutan.dialup.pol.co.uk
*** bc (gallus@modem-1926.orangutan.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o bc
[bc] :\
[bc] wouldn't that be lovely though?
*** iat (iat@cloaked.bear.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o iat
[bc] I'd be scared to drink it
[bc] hey iat!
[iat] hey bc
[iat] whassup bc?
[bc] not much
[bc] how's the online dating scene going? =)
[iat] i finally got rid of my woman. she came to get rid of her shit from my flat this evening. i'm getting pissed and then tomorrow im gonna get on with my life
* county sighs
[bc] dmg was telling me about it, er, your troubles with her
* county weeps
[iat] dmg said you're coming to london next month
[iat] heh, someone gave her rohypnol last night!
[county] That's horrible.
[iat] i don't know who would be fucked up enough to waste good rohypnol on her
[bc] did he? He's wrong. I was going to, but something disastrous happened. I may come in January, but not december, that's been off for ages due to commitments
[iat] bah, we all want to meet you
[iat] what did dmg say about me/it/her?
[bc] hehe. I'll come down sooner or later
[bc] he was talking about how you met her on match.com (!)
[bc] which reminds me, I have to search march.com insanely to find her
[iat] yeah, it's either that or start fucking my secretary. i saw it as the lesser of two evils
[me0w] bc, And how was she?
[bc] there really can't be that many overweight, red headed, goth girls from london on mach.com
[iat] you'd be surprised
[county] No more than twenty or so, I'd guess.
[bc] me0w: very drunk. Spoke in estuary english. Seemed good natured though, through the disgraceful mists of her underage drinking
[iat] btw, you forgot moustachiod
[iat] otoh, there are no biologists with pds living in edinburgh on match
[bc] :\
[county] Why on earth did you even have anything to do with her, iat?
[bc] I found one I liked on match.com
[me0w] bc, She is a nice girl ... a little thick at times
[iat] county: i wanted to get my redhead fetish out of the way
[bc] but I'm not showing her to you iat, you'd steal her
[iat] i wasn;t sure if the "ginger pubes" thing was a liberal myth
[me0w] bc, I think there is a picture of her in my gallery
[iat] of course i'd steal her, i'm a stud
[bc] heh me0w. She seemed nice. Drunk for sure, drunk as a Lord, it was terrifically amusing
[me0w] bc, Unfortunately her typing doesn't get much better
[iat] bc: where's your bondage pr0n collection stored on aq?
[county] A stud? You seem like a poorer middle class fellow, somewhat on the ugly side.
[iat] upper middle class, only slightly ugly thank you
[iat] but, i am hung like a mouse
[iat] emr, moose
*** Sulla (gallus@modem-2093.python.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
[Sulla] me0w, are you trying to say that she mayn't have been drunk at all, or was only tipsy, and that she isn't really too different when sober?
[Sulla] iat: I forget. I never look at it, and it isn't "my collection"
[me0w] bc, She was drunk.
[iat] whose collection is it then?
[me0w] bc, But when she is sober I often have a dificult time understanding what she is saying.
[Sulla] it is me0ws and I put it there cos perdida wanted it for some story relating to 80's bdsm pornography for her site
[me0w] bc, she likes to type in some sort of sms speak
[Sulla] hehe
[Sulla] that would explain whey she says "da" for "the"
[me0w] bc, ahaha you still have those pictures?
[iat] who is me0w anyway? there's all these new faces since i last frewuented #aq?
[Sulla] me0w yes, and embrassingly, someone posted the link into my diary and made all sorts of insinuations
[Sulla] mind you, since I've claimed to be a rapist on k5 before it isn't like I can sink much lower
*** bc has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[iat] anyway bc, you never told me where you keep it
[me0w] bc, and they weren't even good pictures
[Sulla] iat, me0w is this bird wot came here from #k5 who is quite nice and stuff, though canadian (french)
[county] Does me0w speak french?
[Sulla] iat, I'll look out the url
[iat] i work with a REAL french canadian, her mother's french and her father's canadian. she's never been near "french candian" territory
[county] Sulla, so you really do have a bondage porn collection?
[county] I thought that was myth.
[Sulla] http://www.adequacy.org/images/bc/violate.me.uk/pi ctures/xxxpics/
[Sulla] it's not my fucking collection!
[Sulla] jesus H christ
[me0w] bc, you know, I've never actually looked at all of them
[county] Yeah, whatever.
[iat] it appears to be quite a copmorehensive collection bc
[Sulla] there are perfectly legitimate reasons the pics are there
[county] So you find this appealing, bc? http://www.adequacy.org/images/bc/violate.me.uk/pi ctures/xxxpics/4ladies/0208.jpg
[Sulla] me0w, neither have I
[Sulla] I just looked at some funny 80's ones
[me0w] bc, I looked at the ones that perdida pointed out
[Sulla] http://www.adequacy.org/images/bc/violate.me.uk/pi ctures/xxxpics/BonkSeries/bonk054.jpg
[Sulla] I'm sorry, that makes me laugh and laugh
[county] These are amusing and sexy at the same time. I love it!
[Sulla] anyway, when I can be bothered, I'll delete the whole lot
[me0w] bc, was there a series of hunchback pictures?
[Sulla] yes me0w
[Sulla] the "bonk" series
[Sulla] http://www.adequacy.org/images/bc/violate.me.uk/pi ctures/xxxpics/BonkSeries/bonk070.jpg
[Sulla] that's also pretty damned hilarious
[county] I'll give you $728 for all these pictures, Sulla.
[Sulla] some of them are funny, but all the rest are just crude and nasty
[Sulla] county, it's a deal!
*** Sulla is now known as bc
[county] Fantastic!
[bc] I love the leer on the guy's face
[bc] so cheesy
[me0w] county, I could just mail you the cd they came from
[bc] that's a nice offer, eh county? You should accept
[county] The truth is, I like nothing more than pictures of bound and tormented women.
[county] However, I prefer not to post my mailing address in the channel.
[bc] then msg it to me0w
[county] Msg? I don't know what you mean by that.
[bc] liar
[county] Oh, that hurts :(
[bc] iat has gone quite quiet since I posted the link, eh?
[bc] I wonder what he is doing?
[iat] heh
[me0w] Wanking?
[iat] smoking and drinking
[county] I'm wanking.
[county] How could I not?
[county] All these photographs of naked women tied up!
[county] It's paradise, from my perspective.
[iat] i love smoking
[iat] i just wish it didn't cost so much
[bc] I thought you were a health freak?
[iat] not these days
[bc] good move
[bc] welcome to the "cool set"
[iat] the pressures of work have turned me into a nicotine-fuelled anorexic
[county] I have never, ever smoked.
[county] I probably should.
[bc] you'd like it
[iat] i have never, ever smoked crack
[bc] everybody with an addictive personality should have many addictions
[county] I don't have an addictive personality.
[bc] You do. Oh god you do.
[bc] You are always looking for a hit
[county] Explain!
[county] I'm addicted to little.
[county] Just alcohol and that girl from work's ass.
[bc] you don't just talk to people. You have angles, you attack and duck and weave, you seek the high of torture and humiliation of others in everything you say
[county] No :(
[county] Not others, women.
[county] I only want to hurt females.
[county] Please keep that straight.
[bc] You do it to vlad often enough, phoneboy
[me0w] I dunno what to wear
[county] Oh, that's different.
[iat] bc: will you stop saying "humiliation"? the "iat" bit interrupts my mp3s by making acidmax make sounds
[bc] hehe, okay iat, I didn't realise I said humiliation so often :\
[county] My motivation for tormenting vlad is entriely different than my motivation for tormenting, say, luisa.
[bc] me0w, wear leather and stuff
[bc] I don't know
[county] me0w, dress chastly.
[county] It's incredibly sexy.
[bc] me0w, wear a denim skirt with a sort of white lacery around the pockets that looks lovely and homely, and a black t-shirt above that is slinky and just has strap things over the shoulders so it is more of a dress, really.
[bc] let your hair hang down forward over your bosom, to each side, following the contours perfectly
[me0w] bc, I don't own any denim skirts
[me0w] and I only have a leather corset
[bc] hmmmn
[county] I told you, me0w.
[iat] bc: what happened to your general knwoledge bot?
[county] Dress chastly.
[county] It will draw guys like you can't believe.
[bc] wear a turqoise top, that is very close fitting and very slightly see-through, revealing a white bra underneath on the edge of awareness, and making men think you are less calculating and more genuine than those other dolled up girls. Underneath, wear black trousers that are practical looking though ladylike, covered in pockets
*** iat sets mode: +o bc
[bc] iat: It's on my hard drive. I got bored with it and moved onto other things
[county] The white bra is a good idea.
[iat] what are you coding now, j00 1337 hax0r j00?
[me0w] bc, I don't own a turqoise top
[county] When I see a white bra, my instinct is to assume it was displayed on accident, becuause my tendancy is to feel white-bra-clad people are pure and innocent.
[me0w] and I don't know if I have a white bra
[county] ]:(
[me0w] wait wait
[me0w] I found a white bra
[bc] I'm writing a new peer2peer filesharing system that will specialise in text, pdf and html documents that the man would like to keep down. it will allow you to search for strings inside the text body, and return results, google like, that show the context
[bc] zool me0w!
[county] she had a blue bra, it was lovely. I hate it now, though I loved it then!
[bc] okay, do you have any slightly see-through tops at all?
[county] Oh god, she looked lovely in it.
[bc] what we are going for here is the thrown-on, unsophisticated but lovely look
[me0w] I have a whole collection of see through wear
[me0w] but I don't think it would be appropriate for the places I'm going this evening
[county] "see-through" should be hyphenated.
[iat] bc "the man" doensn't care about text files
[bc] bugger appropriate. Look like a lost fawn in the wilderness
[bc] he does, iat, more than any other media
[iat] approprIATe interrupts my mp3s. plz stop tnx
[me0w] these pants require a thong
[bc] my filesharing network will have terrorist plans, blueprints, and government leaks and such
[bc] and books
[iat] no-one will use it for anything other than war3zing books
[bc] I will provide that service. It's more than a filesharing network, I intend it to be a peer-2-peer knowledge base sort of deal
[bc] you can do context searches and it will return a few paeges or a chapter from a book say
[bc] and it will allow a wikipedia type self editing bit
[iat] how long have you been programming?
[bc] but everything will be peer-2-peer, the whole encyclopaedia
[iat] aargh, not wikipedia!
[bc] not like that, but that's the model. Imagine a wikipaedia not located on any machine, but spread across a peer-2-peer netowrk. it could hold the Truth, regardless of what government or corporate law tries
[bc] it's a powerful concept for political and informational insurgency
[iat] there is no TRUTH
[bc] you state that like it is a truth
[bc] well, it's not!
[iat] of course
[iat] there is not truth... even to say that is not true... but to say its not true is also not true
[bc] it won't hold any particular truth, many truths and narratives
[bc] it shall be thoroughly decentralised and beyond the control of anyone, that is the point
[county] Quite right, bc. There are many truths, in this modern age.
[bc] must smoke
[iat] why not smoke then?
[bc] I'm ahead of you, iat
[iat] i've smoked 19 since 7:30 and have just 1 left :(
[bc] wow that's lots
[county] are there just 20 in a pack/:?
[iat] yeah, how many did you think there were?
[bc] yes, unless you get Rothman's Royals
[iat] oh yeah
[bc] which have 24, for some reason
[county] iat, I've never smoked.
[iat] or 10 packs, but you can't get those in usia
[bc] just think iat, if you had got Royals, you'd have 5 left now
[iat] heh
[me0w] I have a favour to ask ...
[iat] but they wouldn't taste half as nice as mmy marlboro lights
[bc] what's that me0w?
[bc] yuk
[me0w] bc, I need an opinion
[bc] I don't like Marlboro lights. I'm a Dunhill man
[me0w] bc, you know what my site currently looks like right?
[bc] yes
[bc] yes I do
[iat] dunhill?
[me0w] bc, ok ... do you like that format or this one: http://violate.me.uk/blog/
[bc] I browse it every 20 minutes
[iat] dunhill are for poor people, eight?
[iat] erm, right even
[bc] they are not for poor people
[bc] just the opposite
[iat] heh
[iat] my marlboro light costs me 4.70 a pack
[iat] beat that
[bc] this one has a more traditional bloggy feel me0w, but won't it mean the front page won't change as radically so often? I suppose I like it better in that you can see the previous articles, but less in that the front page doesn't periodically change radically, so that you don't know what will appear. It's prolly more sensible though
[bc] also, the right hand side seems wider somehow
[bc] mine cost £4.95
[bc] suck it!
[bc] and that's without inflated london prices
[iat] bah
[bc] it must be the pics making the right wider
[iat] that's stupid
[me0w] bc, the pics do make it wider
[iat] are dunhills those ones that have the wide packets that don't fit in your pocket?
[me0w] bc, this new system is a modifed blogger
[bc] those are dunhill internationals, iat, which I often get too, and are about £5.40
[iat] i know a gay guy who smokes the methol ones of those
[iat] draw your own conclusions
[bc] I see. Well, me0w, it makes the site less characterful and "homebrew", but probably more sensible and easier to navigate
[bc] depends what you want I suppose
[bc] iat, menthols of any stripe are for the less manly
[iat] heh. yeah
[bc] same as marlboro lights
[bc] female student's smoke, that
[iat] bah
[iat] marlboro lights are for those people who smoke but dont want to admit it to themselves
* momocrome has a crush on Siân Phillips
[iat] which does cover many female students i guess
[bc] you should have a commenting system me0w
[bc] what an ego-site then!
[bc] who, momocrome?
[bc] she sounds suspiciously welsh
[bc] I hope you haven't started liking welsh people
[momocrome] welch
[bc] I might have known it :(
[bc] poor momocrome
[iat] "mr blue sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long!"
[bc] ??
[iat] i'm singing
[bc] I thought it was some sort of prayer
[iat] no, it's ELO
[bc] oh
[bc] Electric Light Orchestra?
[iat] bah, i'm in danger of losing my lightweightedness
[iat] i've had 8 bottles of stella and am not feeling tired :(
[iat] yeah, electric light orchestra
[iat] i've always wondered how the words fit togeth in that phrase
[bc] you should try yourself spirits now that beer doesn't provide the kick it once did
[iat] is it: electric... light orchestra, or electric light.... orchestra?
[bc] look at county, he was drinking spirits insanely, now he is probably unconscious
[iat] i don't like spirits, they give me a hangover
[bc] try a clean ethanol-only spirit then
[bc] like vodka
*** Lumpen (~guest@cloaked.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has joined #adequacy
[iat] an "ethanol only" spirit is surely pure ethanol
[bc] I mean, a spirit without any methanol
[bc] methanol is bad for hangovers
[bc] wine has loads of it
[iat] do they normally put methanol in spirits?
[bc] especially red wine
[bc] and the murkier spirits
[bc] iat, methanol is a natual alcohol of the fermentation process
[bc] there's usually much less of it than ethanol, but most drinks have it to varying amounts
[iat] is it? methanol is just a shorter carbon chain right?
[iat] can you get pissed off methanol?
[bc] I think so. Maybe longer, damned if I know
[bc] yes you can
[bc] it's an alcohol
[bc] but it gives you a much worse hangover
[momocrome] you'll go blind instantly when you get drunk off methanol
[iat] methanol is CH2OH from memory
[bc] which is why booze that has more of it gives you a worse hangover
[iat] ethanl is CH3CH20H
[bc] but generally they have little, but still enough for headaches
[bc] wine for example, I think only 5% of the alcohol in it is methanol
[bc] I forget, but a small amount
[iat] i'm fine off white wine, but red wine gives me shokcing headaches the morning after, as does guiness
[iat] oh dear, craig's gone mad again
[bc] red wine is the worst
[bc] iat: where?
[iat] 20721
[bc] I must look
[bc] I sort of provoked him
[iat] was it you stirring shit bc?
[momocrome] i have done my part as well
[iat] shame on you, vlad must be eliminated
[bc] I did a post attacking craig, yes
[bc] saying he should fantasise about he petrified virgin mary
[bc] and iat, goddamnit, phoning up vlad and stuff is totally over the line
[bc] and he's an insane fucker!
[iat] heh, what about garden gnomes?
[bc] no not me
[momocrome] it is actually illegal behaviour
[momocrome] but more than that, it is supid
[momocrome] suuupid
[momocrome] stupid
[bc] damned right
[bc] and not only that, the fucker posted all our names to the sid
[momocrome] this isn't trolling, it is thug-like cruelty
[bc] fuck him!
[iat] informal #adequacy poll. should iat have another drink?
[bc] yes momocrome
[bc] and yes iat
[iat] 1) no, he should sleep
[momocrome] yes, iat
[momocrome] 2) yes, iat
[iat] 2) no, he has no more fags, and booze with no fage makes iat sad
*** Lumpen is now known as FcmfAC
[iat] 2) yes, he still has too much booze to fit it into his cupboards
[iat] 4) yes, he's still not pissed
[iat] 5) yes, why not:?
[momocrome] pop up to the corner chop and procure a acket of fags
[iat] which one?
[iat] corner shop is not only closed. but it's on the common council estate
[momocrome] do you have a crowbar?
[FcmfAC] Ah, well.
[iat] if i had some rizlas, i could smoke my fag butts again
[FcmfAC] It's going to go down in flames.
[iat] more booze it is then
[FcmfAC] http://www.kuro5hin.org/displaystory/2002/11/16/20 3653/05
[iat] bc, can you dcc me some fags?
*** bc sets mode: +b *!*tarque@*.telesp.net.br
Session Close: Sat Nov 16 20:16:23 2002

Session Start: Sun Nov 17 23:05:59 2002
*** Now talking in #adequacy
*** Topic is ' I remember when I first got drunk || I thought "I want to spend the rest of my days in this condition"'
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short headline (1)

mirko (198274) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880228)

He actually says that Linux offers him some good flexibility and modularity and does the job but he also adds he's open to discussing other solutions with Microsoft and he also points aout that, in embedded appliances, nobody cares about the OS being run.

He doesn't "prefer" it at all... (0, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880232)

Do the editors read the stories? Nice try.

Re:He doesn't "prefer" it at all... (2)

Lysol (11150) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880338)

Exactly! Read the story and i think the prefer is kinda lame. He says in it he'll use whatever works and right now Linux works. How is that preferring? It's like saying Casio preferrs to use WinCE on their handheld XXX.

Fraudativeras (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880237)

Fraudativeras!! [www.stgf]

VLADEQUACY RAW & UNCUT 4 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880243)

[dmg] "http://www.jang-group.com/thenews/sep2002-weekly/ iqra-20-09-2002/#3"
[dmg] "The Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihe wasallam) used to joke, but he never said anything but the truth in his jokes. "
[dmg] "trolling with the truth" is a halal Islamic technique....
[dmg] there we have it.
[dmg] Trolling is sanctioned by Allah (swt(
[momocrome] wonderful
[bc] haha-haaa
[bc] that irc log is hilarious
[dmg] that takest the biscuit
[bc] [bc] vlad... i'2 type 'mo ;but i drunk.
[dmg] I laughed
[momocrome] post the text to 20721
[momocrome] stir the pot a bit
[momocrome] I am going to rise to their baiting
[momocrome] even thoughI haven't been singled out
[bc] haha
[bc] I must read more now
[dmg] "In "al-Adab al-Mufrad", Bukhari reports from Bakr bin Abdullah, who said: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihe wasallam) used to throw melon-rinds at one another, but when the matter was serious, they were the only true men."
[dmg] "
[dmg] So its OK to throw melon rinds at people ?
[momocrome] it is comical, in fact
[dmg] The more I read about Islam, the less it makes sense.
[dmg] that sounds like slapstick humor.
[dmg] do you think custard pies would be ok ?
[momocrome] God Willing, I will get you with this melon rind!
[dmg] are there any hadith on this ?
[momocrome] No you shall not, God Willing!
[dmg] LOL
[momocrome] I like the way they can become the only true men at a moment's notice
[bc] it's amazing how they STILL go on about perdida
[dmg] http://www.world-sex-records.com/sex-076.htm "The Hardy Cocks of Upper Egypt"
[shoeboy] I need to go home
*** dmg is now known as abu_zeqqzeqq
[shoeboy] but I haven't put in 8 hours
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "In the Kinsey survey of more than 5000 men, three or four were found who could ejaculate by deliberately concentrating on sexual fantasies, without any genital manipulation - "In such a case the psychic stimulation is entirely responsible for the result." Two or three males in a thousand are able to suck their own penises to achieve orgasm and ejaculation. "
*** cyndrekit is now known as cyn-away
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.world-sex-records.com/sex-054.htm
[bc] Contemplating suicide everyday, Barry someday hopes to either grow the testicles to off himself or to fall in love with some fat-ankled trash-eating Scottish sow. I don't see a difference between the two fates, but anything is better than not being to tell a dirty joke.
[bc] hahaha
[bc] oh god
[bc] trollaxor is great
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "Masturbation is said to be so widespread among both married and unmarried Muslim females throughout Africa and the East that "it is commonly regarded by the menfolk as customary and matter-of-fact" (A. Edwards & R. E. L. Masters, "The Cradle of Erotica"). "Rubbing" or "pounding" is considered a natural manifestation of feminine nature - for "women's passion is ten times greater than man's." In this spirit it has been suggested
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.world-sex-records.com/sex-040.htm
[bc] hehe
[abu_zeqqzeqq] I feel abused and left out.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] nobody cares enough to parody me.
[bc] wow, and actual troll on listed on trolltalk, only after I've read 200 posts
[bc] 200 posts bashing perdida, adequacy, and everyone in here (but dmg)
[bc] dmg: I never used to get bashed, then I banned trollaxor from here and put him on ignore
[momocrome] I get no love neither
[bc] so that's what's prolly sparked off the names and shite
[abu_zeqqzeqq] I actually like trollaxor's stuff.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] especially the LGC
[abu_zeqqzeqq] momocrome: its just not fair.
[bc] SIR!!! (Score:0)
[bc] by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 13, @11:12AM (#4660016)
[bc] I apologize for revealing your personal information. I try very hard, I truly do, but sometimes my overzealous urges take the better of me. Jesus will not be pleased. I have much contemplating to do regarding Christ and sitting in front of Slashdot all day being a prick.
[bc] SIR, I AM SARRY!!!
[bc] Have a nice day,
[bc] Craig McPherson
[bc] LOL
[abu_zeqqzeqq] tee hee
* bc decides to post a comment
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Did you see my repsonse ?
[abu_zeqqzeqq] about the 10" cocks ?
[bc] I guessed that was you! it was fun
[abu_zeqqzeqq] We need to post a load of ludicrous links to people with the same names.
* bc writes post designed to provoke craig
[bc] Is this a good idea? prolly not, but I don't care
*** First_Incision (~First_Inc@ has joined #adequacy
[abu_zeqqzeqq] hey First Incision
[First_Incision] hello
[First_Incision] who be ye?
[abu_zeqqzeqq] i am dmg
[First_Incision] ok
[abu_zeqqzeqq] abu zeqqzeqq is an Islamic name
[abu_zeqqzeqq] meaning "the father of thrusters"
[First_Incision] haha
[bc] http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=20721&cid=4682 572
[bc] hehe
[bc] god I suck
[bc] hey FI
[First_Incision] I will not discout the possibility that you suck.
[bc] A wise move FI
[abu_zeqqzeqq] bc: if craig is as fucked up as he seemse
[abu_zeqqzeqq] that will push him to new extremes...
[bc] hehee
[bc] I like the idea of adding together his fetish for stone women, and his religomania
[momocrome] heh
[First_Incision] I never understood the stone women thing. Is osm still perving around somewhere?
[momocrome] http://www.clusterlizard.org
[momocrome] osm's site ^^
[bc] yes, though who knows what he's up to
[abu_zeqqzeqq] bc: change your nick to "Abu'l Hayjeh "
[momocrome] he has a bunch of uninspired match.com pseudo-trolls
[momocrome] picking on hapless, lonely women
[First_Incision] clusterlizard, that sounds familiar for some reason. Is that from that "lexx show"?
[momocrome] yes
[momocrome] he has a thing for the first female lead
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.world-sex-records.com/sex-105.htm
[momocrome] it is one of the sections
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Abu'l Hayjeh who deflowered eighty virgins in a single night,
[shoeboy] I shouldn't follow your links, bc
[shoeboy] Click the really excited choir boy!
*** county (midas@cloaked.client.attbi.com) has joined #adequacy
[bc] hehe shoeboy
[county] hey folks
[abu_zeqqzeqq] hey county
*** bc is now known as Abu
*** Abu is now known as Abul_Hayjeh
*** Abul_Hayjeh is now known as Abu`l_Hayjeh
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] that works
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] hi county!
[county] fuckin muslim
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] ]:(
[county] what
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] I did deflower 80 virgins in a single night, county
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] I am due some respect
[abu_zeqqzeqq] fuck off, infidel
[abu_zeqqzeqq] I am the "father of thrusters"
[county] i bet
[abu_zeqqzeqq] #adequacy is teh Islamic IRC channel
[abu_zeqqzeqq] no INFIDELS ALLOWED
[abu_zeqqzeqq] pick an islamic name, or piss off.
[county] well its luky that im a muslim tehn
*** shoeboy is now known as Mohammed_Iqbal
[county] then
[Mohammed_Iqbal] I went to middle school with a Mohammed Iqbal
[Mohammed_Iqbal] don't think he set any sex records
[Mohammed_Iqbal] but then again, I didn't ask
[Abu`l_Hayjeh] hehe
*** Abu`l_Hayjeh is now known as badmash
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Mohammed Iqbal is one of the best URDU poets
*** First_Incision is now known as Abdullah
[abu_zeqqzeqq] but it probably wasn't the same guy you were at school with.
*** Abdullah is now known as Abdullah_Camel
*** county is now known as ivan
*** Abdullah_Camel is now known as First_Incision
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Al-Quaida, Infidels, Zionist, Dirty Bomb, Great Satan etc etc etc
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Did you know that Saddam Hussain's favorite sweets are "quality street" ?
[ivan] i wouldve marked him as an m&m man
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_672471.html?m enu=news.quirkies
[abu_zeqqzeqq] there you go.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] !Tariq Aziz puts HP Sauce on every dinner!
[ivan] are muslims allowed to have sex?
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "After returning from a meeting with Saddam last month Labour MP George Galloway revealed the dictator offered him Quality Street chocolates and spoke of his admiration for British buses."
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Saddam has obviously never been on a British bus in his life...
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_709336.html?m enu=news.weirdworld.sexlife
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "Oral sex is not adultery"
[ivan] ive noticed that here in seatlte an awful lot of carsw ant to get hit by a bus
[ivan] theyre utterly stupid around them
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_700505.html?m enu=news.weirdworld.sexlife
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Some male lawmakers are demanding rights to sex be guaranteed in the domestic violence legislation.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "
[abu_zeqqzeqq] The Minister claimed that some people turned into gays and lesbians because they did not get enough heterosexual sex.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] "It is all because of sexual denial. As a biology teacher, I know how the body functions," he added
*** cyn-away is now known as cyndrekit
[ivan] That's brilliant. Men beat their wives because they refuse sex, so make giving sex required by law!
[badmash] genius indeed
[ivan] What about those of us who can't manage to get married?
[ivan] Aren't we entitled to sex?
[ivan] I should hope so.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] that would be sinful
[abu_zeqqzeqq] and against Allah (SWT)
[ivan] Well, in an abstract sense I would hope so.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] The penalty is stoning to death.
[ivan] I'm terribly afraid of sex, so I don't think it would matter if I were legally entitled to it.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] I suggest you substitute your sexual urges with the urge to pray...
[abu_zeqqzeqq] until you are married.
[ivan] Substitute the urges... How obvious!
*** badmash is now known as bc
[ivan] "Man, do I ever want some sex." "No. You want to pray instead." "Oh, OK."
[ivan] I think one of the secrets of Islam's success must be its keen grasp of psychology.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] Islam rules.
[ivan] No, kidding. Go Islam!
[ivan] woohoo
[abu_zeqqzeqq] you can deny it all you like, but it is the only religion truly in touch with human nature
[bc] county: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=20721&cid=4675 437
[ivan] Ignore the superfluous comma.
[bc] does that seem accurate to you?
[ivan] All of them =)
[ivan] thx
*** First_Incision is now known as fi-away
[ivan] I can't say, bc. I didn't read it.
[ivan] Should I?
[bc] Yes, you should
[ivan] Haha!
[abu_zeqqzeqq] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_686841.html?m enu=news.weirdworld.sexlife
[ivan] It almost looks real.
[ivan] The one problem is that shoeboy is LOLing too much and Vladinator isn't doing it enough.
[bc] I'm kind of insulted. It represents me as a pathetic drunk with delusional fantasies that I'm liked by females, and that seems entirely untrue
[abu_zeqqzeqq] gratuituous kylie pictures. Proof Allah(SWT) and Mohammed (PBUH) are REAL
[ivan] It does seem entirely untrue that you're liked by females.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] bc at least you are worthy of parody
[bc] hehe
[abu_zeqqzeqq] some of us are become stalinesque non-persons.
[abu_zeqqzeqq] airbrushed out of trolling history
[ivan] abu and I didn't even get noticed :(
[bc] craig&osm&trollaxor prolly still like you, dmg
[ivan] "Where's the part where Barry Corrington slags on Jin Wicked for half an hour then kisses her ass when she logs in?
[ivan] "
[ivan] Has Jin ever been in here?
[bc] not afaik
*** abu_zeqqzeqq is now known as Abu_Zeqqzeqq
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] bc: don't lie
[bc] ?
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] "she" is here right now :-)
[cyndrekit] oh my god this is hallarious
[bc] is she?!?
[ivan] Abu is Jin Wicked!
[ivan] I knew it.
[ivan] I always told you guys, but you wouldn't listen.
[bc] Abu has a UKian IP address
[bc] has Jin moved to UKia?
[ivan] Yeah, for better or worse, Jin is a real person.
[ivan] And she's not here.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] Jin is BC
[bc] I didn't see you there Jin. I just wanted you to know, I love your site
[ivan] She is one of those girls you've attracted, though, bc.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] everyone knows that
[ivan] Everyone is wrong.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] jin, stop playing around and attention seeking.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] you are fooling noone
[ivan] Right, everyone is fooling themself.
[bc] :(
[ivan] bc isn't Jin.
[ivan] bc isn't luisa, either.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] yeah, like I am going to believe a troll on #adequacy
[ivan] It's easy to spot bc's real alternate identities, because they're all exactly the same.
[ivan] UE talked exactly like LAT, who talked exactly like KTB, who talked exactly like HW.
[ivan] HW, with a Scottish accent!
[ivan] Well, that was quite the sight.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_691682.html?m enu=news.weirdworld.badtaste
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] The apartment where suicide pilot Mohammad Atta lived and plotted the September 11 attacks is to be turned into an "art happening
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] what about Paget-Paget ?
[ivan] Forgot about that one.
[bc] they were all subtly different
[bc] I can't help it if you have no reading skills :\
[ivan] HW constantly saying "realise" was the best.
*** Lumpen (guest@cloaked.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has joined #adequacy
[bc] eh?
[ivan] Howdy, Lumpen.
[Lumpen] Hasn't the joke gone on long enough?
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] what joke ?
[ivan] Likely. Which joke, though?
[bc] what joke?
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] *BSD is dying ?
[Lumpen] The blank page
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] what blank page ?
*** cyndrekit is now known as cyn-away
[Lumpen] http://www.adequacy.org
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] thats not blank
[Lumpen] Looks blank to me.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] it is actually RGB value #D7D7D7
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] which is patented by adequacy.org
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] and if you wait long enough
[Lumpen] Yeah, yeah.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] you will see some content
[bc] no dmg, it is more
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] I assure you
[Lumpen] So how long do I have to wait?
[bc] the grey colour varies between values #D6D6D6 and #D8D8D8
[bc] encoding a binary string of information
[ivan] Nerd talk alert.
[Lumpen] I think two months is long enough pretending you're gone.
[bc] that holds the entire adequacy site, accessible to the chosen few
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] who is pretending ?
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] keeping a quality site like adequacy going was never easy
[Lumpen] Ha, ha, ha.
[Lumpen] Very funny.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] adequacy is dead. Fact.
[ivan] Well, unfortunately, Lumpen, the Adequacy editors were so damn lazy that even between the forty or fifty of them, they couldn't produce one article a week.
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] dead as BSD
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] ivan: I no longer work for free.
[ivan] Yeah, but do you work it for free?
[Abu_Zeqqzeqq] what ? speak English.
[momocrome] Towards More Powerful Porn: Psychology, CGI and Gradients of Stimulation
[momocrome] sound like a compelling article?
[momocrome] great!
[Lumpen] So Adequacy is just an irc channel now?
[ivan] Is it completed?
[momocrome] no
[momocrome] I just thought of it
[ivan] This channel shouldn't even be called #adequacy, really.
[momocrome] maybe I can use the QPT Editorial Service
[ivan] Mostly it's just bitching at, about, and by women.
[Lumpen] Because it isn't?
*** fi-away is now known as First_Incision
[First_Incision] I think adequacy is a great name for this channel
[First_Incision] Since it is now mostly about people contemplating their (in)adequacies
[ivan] Yeah, "people."
[ivan] Why don't you just say "ivan." We all knew what you meant, anyway.

Whiny Scott Lockwood (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880244)

Scott Lockwood whines just to hear himself.

"You know, I'd stay retired if these fools would just find another target." [sporks-r-us.com]

We did. We had an agreement. We moved on to other things. Scott Lockwood didn't. Scott Lockwood couldn't STAND being left alone. He can't live without negative attention, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to atract it. He had, and still does, have the chance to be left alone FOREVAR, just by shutting the hell up. We gave him once chance, and he flat-out lied to us. We left him alone, and he couldn't stand it, so he started spamming himself all over the Internet and goading us to pay attention to him again.

We put up with it for quite a while, but the frequency and volume of his attention-seeking continued to increase. Well, if he wants attention, he'll get it.

Scott Lockwood, it's all up to you. You can stop it any time you like. You know that VladeKua5y is doomed. Stop fucking yourself over. You can end it any time, if you have willpower and honest. The problem is that you don't. You have no morality as a person.

Is this Scott Lockwood? [winternet.com] No, Scott Lockwood is much wider than that. Is this [winternet.com] Scott Lockwood, or is this [winternet.com] ? There are so many that seem to fit him, I just can't decide.

Oh well. On to the future [slashdot.org] . There's much to be done, and little time to do it. [www.eea]

VLADEQUACY RAW & UNCUT 9 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880245)

[luisa|||] i don't know if i can ever be that weak and female
[luisa|||] i.e. find a guy worth that loss
*** luisa|||| has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 300 seconds)
[county] Why is it weak to confess your feelings to the one you feel for?
[luisa|||] because then they've got you in the knees
[luisa|||] why should i always be the one who cares the most?
[luisa|||] and on top of that, have to cop to it?
[Linux] hey grewat, big cop bust outside
[county] Because, luisa, somebody has to, and if it's them, you'll reject them.
[county] I'm not seeing many other options. How about you?
[Linux] shouting and threatening tones
[Linux] I am going to go walk the dogs past the bust while drunk
[county] What bust?
[Linux] dunno
[Linux] they are shouting at drunks, I think
[county] Who?
[Linux] maybe there will be death
[Linux] cops
[Linux] many of them
[Linux] 8 cars at least
[luisa|||] eek
[Linux] maybe I'll get shot
[county] There are 8 cop-cars full of cops shouting at drunks?
[Linux] yes
[Linux] two drunks by the sound of things
[luisa|||] county, if i find a guy i consider my equal
[luisa|||] it would all work out
[Linux] they are right past the corner of my building
[luisa|||] wait
[luisa|||] eight cops, two drunks?
[luisa|||] that is Not Right.
[Linux] i think so
* luisa||| waits for a cool song to come on
[county] You've never met a guy who you consider your equal?
[Linux] luisa|||, are you actually listening to radio broadcasts of popualr music?
[county] I suppose that makes sense, actually. Most are probably your superior or inferior.
[county] I think it's fairly obvious which side I fall on.
[luisa|||] you could be inferior
[luisa|||] but you probably know lots of things i don't
[luisa|||] and you also are more productive in daily life
[county] I am so far beyond you, luisa.
[county] Come on.
[luisa|||] i love cheesy 80s music
[luisa|||] nah, you are just different
[luisa|||] the measure would be if i made you feel weak and helplessly resentful
[luisa|||] that's inferior
[luisa|||] and only assessable face to face
[Linux] luisa|||, you spin me twice 'round, baby.
[county] If you made me feel weak and helplessly resentful? Haha.
[luisa|||] well, anyone who feels like a lesser person probably is
[luisa|||] or at least is not worth bothering with
[em] you guys still going on about this? God.
[county] Only a few people have made me inferior, and none of them were at all like you.
[luisa|||] it is friday night and neither of us are out carousing, em
[luisa|||] whatever did you expect would occur?
[em] neither am I.
[luisa|||] but you are at uni
[county] em, have you been drinking?
[em] well, I went to a chamber chorale concert.
[em] county: not a drop
[em] maybe I should.
[county] Probably. It makes you more tolerant.
[luisa|||] anyhow, county, it is all moot
[luisa|||] i am not going to bed with you
[luisa|||] so the question of whether you are inferior or not will never come up
[county] I'm not going to bed with you. What of it?
[county] Anyway, it has come up, and it's been settled. I'm superior.
[luisa|||] if you feel that you are
[luisa|||] i do rather want to go to bed
[luisa|||] but i just finished supper
* em wonders if he has anything edible in the fridge.
[luisa|||] i have lovely soup i made from random ingredients
[Linux] katsup is a vegetable
[luisa|||] only for bachelors
[luisa|||] lord, it is four am rising
[county] It's "catsup" or "ketchup."
[luisa|||] okbed
*** luisa||| is now known as gurl
[Linux] night, wheesie
[Linux] I am really nothing like a viking, btw
[county] Oh, I'm sure.
*** Linux is now known as momocrome
*** county has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** momocrome has quit IRC (Quit: )
*** gurl has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 300 seconds)
*** bc (gallus@modem-3167.panther.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
*** bc has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
*** Marco` (nightfall@cloaked.tlv.netvision.net.il) has joined #adequacy
[Marco`] Hi
[Marco`] Anyone alive?
* Marco` 's off
*** Marco` has quit IRC (Quit: Going down now)
[me0w] g'morning
*** bc (gallus@modem-3080.monkey.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
[bc] hello
[me0w] Hi bc
[bc] hellow me0wsy
* bc was just in the pub
[bc] and you know what?
[me0w] What?
[bc] a woman in her late forties started coming onto me something dreadful
[bc] unlike some, I wasn't in the least tempted
[me0w] Ahhh ... So you had no Mr.Buck temptations ..
[bc] certainly not :)
[me0w] Well done!
[bc] it's not a great achievement, I think these things are in your nature.
[bc] Either you adore OAP's, or you don't.
[bc] cool
[bc] scotland beat south africa at the rugby!
[me0w] I think though, in Mr. Buck's case, he may have been wearing some good quality Beer Goggles.
[bc] that's a point. Still, I did have 3 pints, I wasn't entirely sober, but probably not as many Mr Buck. I think alcohol just decreases your reserve, it doesn't make you suddenly find things attractive you don't while sober
[bc] I mean, if you wake up after a night out with a member of your own sex (for example), it prolly says something
* bc has some prawns
[me0w] This is why everyone needs a voice of reason when drinking. I take mine along whenever I am going to be consuming cast quantities of alcohol (the voice of reason is also known as the designated driver).
[bc] hehe
[me0w] cast = vast
[bc] strange, I don't have problems. In fact, I reject much more impressively and fullsomely when drunk than when sober. I don't need no stinkin' voice of reason!
[me0w] When I am intoxicated I run across a problem .... my tongue feels funny and I like to lick things (people). I need a voice of reason to keep me out of trouble.
[bc] haha! I remember you mentioning this before. That's an awful affliction, though prolly pretty amusing
[me0w] And apparently I become quite the mischevious girl and for this I also need the voice.
[bc] to stop you mixing it up too much? Playing tricks and pranks
[me0w] And the licking ...
[bc] this makes you sound like quite the handful when pissed
[me0w] A giggly handful, yes.
[me0w] That's why I need a voice of reason.
[bc] I don't think I'm too bad when drunk. In fact, I'm often the voice of reason for other people, despite that we have all drunk hideous amounts. I'm just the same as usual, but more exhuberantly, I suppose. I think I have a good head for booze by nature, that's prolly why
[bc] mm that was tasty
[bc] post-prandial smoke time
[me0w] enjoy
* bc wonders whether to watch "contact" on dvd, which he has, but hasn't watched, though he read the book years ago
[bc] which I liked, I liked the way it was all about revelation, and its validity
[bc] the woman in it was sort of like a hardcore kurobot at first, you know, utterly logical positivist and materialist and dismissive of anything that can't be proved utterly, of revelation, till it all comes back and bites her when she has her own revelatory experience
[me0w] I don't think I have ever seen this film.
[bc] it's supposed to be decent.
[bc] I think a lot of people hated it, and another lot of people loved it
[me0w] I will have to add it to my must see list of films.
[bc] it's a sort of SF thing, in a way, and I think a lot of the people who disliked it were expecting some usual guns'n'aliens shite
[me0w] I normally don't watch 'alien' movies.
[bc] it's not really like that. The book wasn't at least. It's set present day
[bc] they discover an alien signal
[bc] this woman does
[bc] and there's lots of politics and argument about it
[bc] and she is hardcore rationalist and dismissive of the religious people
[bc] but in the end, she ends up having an experience that everybody doubts she had, a revelation..
*** Captain_Tenille (Captain_Te@64-42-74-104.atgi.net) has joined #adequacy
[bc] hey ct
[me0w] Good Afternoon Captain
[bc] el capitano
[Captain_Tenille] Ahoy
[Captain_Tenille] What goes on in these parts?
* Captain_Tenille finally got some sleep last night
[bc] You are admirably offensive; you have won. I am offended, many times over. Now please, leave me the fuck alone. --infinitera
[Captain_Tenille] ?
[bc] I am not admirably offensive
* Captain_Tenille wades through the k5rap
[me0w] There was nothing interesting on K5 this morning
[Captain_Tenille] Nope. Doesn't look like it.
[Captain_Tenille] Yawn
[Captain_Tenille] All right, time to make breakfast, I think
[Captain_Tenille] I may be on later.
*** Captain_Tenille has quit IRC (Quit: Making breakfast)
[me0w] they leave so quickly
[bc] yes
[me0w] I made coffee, but now I find I'm too lazy to go and pour it.
[bc] Catch 22 then
[bc] you need some caffeine to rouse you to pour it :\
[me0w] I need to hire someone to make it for me.
[me0w] But this person must agree to be paid in post-it notes as I have no funds.
[me0w] My new site format seems to be coming along. I might actually like it.
[bc] hehe
* bc is writing a ranty comment
[me0w] Will it be exciting?
[bc] maybe if you like seeing infinitera being attacked, otherwise it's prolly not your thing
[bc] it will be 0ed though, as usual, by him
[bc] but shant be in the hidden wueue for long
[me0w] I will give it a 5 if it is exciting
[bc] yay
[bc] http://www.kuro5hin.org/comments/2002/11/15/17928/ 674/65#65
[bc] there you go me0w
[me0w] I am giving you a 5 for the number of words you used
[bc] woohoo!
[bc] I quite often start typing, and type and type and type in fury
[bc] and I don't really attack him personally till towards the end
[bc] infinitera is a twat
[me0w] Well, I think the "I think you a cunt" might be a bit insulting
[bc] it's possible ;)
[me0w] For some anyway
[me0w] I might take that as a compliment.
[bc] I'd just laugh and respond in kind
[bc] I don't understand the people who get so worked up about lack of civility on the internet
[bc] it's all just a laugh
[me0w] It is all for my amusement
[bc] when ubu and I met, we were calling each other cunts immediately, and being dreadfully insulting. We knew instantly we liked the other
[me0w] That is when you know it is true love.
[bc] indeed. I don't love ubu like a brother, I love him like the homosexual partner I never had
[me0w] I should send flowers to celebrate your relationship.
[bc] that would be very nice of you. The anniversary is very soon, actually
[me0w] Brilliant!
*** gurl (~happy@dialup- .net) has joined #adequacy
[bc] hi, gurrrrl
[gurl] hullo, you
[me0w] Hello
[gurl] christ i overslept
[bc] what time is it where you are? 11:30?
[gurl] twelve thirty
[bc] damn firemen
[bc] striking bastards, is what they are
[bc] there was a housefire here, the soldiers had to break the picketlines, and 6 people were injured due to smoke inhallation. The firemen deliberately tried to stop the aid going out to the fire
[me0w] That isn't good.
[me0w] I can understand the strike, but preventing aid is not ethical.
[bc] the fire service should be shut down and replaced with a nice big charity
[bc] they get £21,000 as a starting wage, the firemen, which is well above the national average wage, After a few years, it rises considerably further, and they have already been offered an 11% raise and rejected it - they are going for 30% (!)
[bc] for what? 99% of the time they are sitting about playing cards
[me0w] 21,000 is far too little
[bc] the fire service should be like the RNLI
[bc] me0w, that's a starting wage for a newly qualified fireman
[bc] the national average wage for everyone is £17,000
[bc] this isn't a rich country like America, with its closer embrace of capitalism, where the national average is more like £30,000
[me0w] I guess I just know people who make more than that.
[me0w] I still think 21,000 is rather low
[bc] £21,000 is perfectly decent as a starting wage
[bc] nurses get £14,000, soldiers £16000, as starting wages
[bc] policemen £17,000
[me0w] Nurses should get more, as well as police men
[me0w] The train people should get less.
[bc] well, ideally I'm sure everybody would be getting £1,000,000 annually, but I'm not willing to see the government take more than half my earnings away to give to these people. If they don't want to work for those wages, they can switch to the private sector.
[bc] and yes, the train sods especially suck
[bc] they went on strike at glasgow underground forcing me to walk 6 miles through highly dodgy parts of glasgow in the rain
[me0w] I think that there are certain professions that should be paid more ... firefighters, police, nurses, teachers
[bc] I think it is fine, as long as the money isn't stolen by threat of violence off others to do so.
[gurl] er, no.
[bc] a free market would sort them out, it is only ever public sector workers that strike anyway.
[gurl] nothing teachers do warrants more money
[bc] they'd pay fairly
[gurl] nurses get paid very well for their hours and labour
[me0w] nurses are underpaid
[gurl] at least, if the flooded nursing schools are any indication
[bc] also, funnily enough teachers in scotland just got a 25% increase a couple of years ago. There is now a big "brain drain" of the best teachers from england to scotland. heh!
[me0w] Which is why there are a shortage - they go places where they will be better paid
[gurl] yes, and that is the hospital down the road
[gurl] it is a highly paid but stressful job
[gurl] not everyone can hack it
[gurl] thus, the shortage
[bc] here, all the best doctors and nurses go to America
[bc] where they get paid decently
[me0w] A large number of nursing students in Canada go to the US, and the Middle East - they are usually paid more than double what they make here
[bc] we in turn import from India and scandinavia
[gurl] haha
[gurl] but scanadinavia is supposed to be the perfect country!
[gurl] all socialist paradise and whatnot
[gurl] well, the countries in that region
[bc] not judging by the delectable nurses at my local hospital, loads of whom are danish, norwegian, swedish
[gurl] well, being raised socialist apparently doesn't kill the desire to earn a fair wage for services and all that
[bc] norwegian especially, but I think that is because lots of norwegians come to scotland anyway, cos it is quite close
[gurl] lord, i don't want to go bed shopping
[bc] it certainly doesn't, gurl
[bc] shopping in bed, or shopping for a bed?
[gurl] for a bed
[bc] get one that doesn't creak or have annoying springs
[bc] the best bed I ever had was one that was a platform of wood planks, with a really thin mattress on top
[bc] that thing was great
[bc] prolly quite cheap, too
[gurl] i just want a futon
[bc] never tried one of those, are they good?
[me0w] Get a sturdy futon
[me0w] Over time the frame can bend
[gurl] i was thinking a metal one
[me0w] You'll want a thick mattress on it (if they give that option)
[bc] cool
* bc watches Only Fools and Horses
[gurl] actually, i will go tomorrow since i cannot carry the sodding thing home with me
[bc] hehe
[gurl] i think i'll just take the bed frame from my old bed
[gurl] and buy a new mattress
[bc] heh. Sounds good
*** Sulla (gallus@modem-385.llama.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
*** bc has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
*** Sulla is now known as bc
[gurl] it's a gorgeous day
[gurl] but utterly cold and crystal clear out
[bc] I love that
[bc] cold and clear
[bc] and sunny
[bc] perfect weather as far as I'm concerned
[bc] gurl, how did it go with that chap?
[gurl] he friend zoned me
[bc] ah hah
[bc] I did that to a girl week last week after a date. It's surprisingly hard. Requires delicacy
[gurl] so i have a perfectly nice male friend
[bc] well that's something at least
[bc] I have a nice big fillet steak and some English mustard
[gurl] i have a hearty beef stew
[bc] oh splendid
[gurl] haha
[gurl] i am reading about the french foreign legion
[bc] oh yes. That's France's only *professional* section of the army eh?
[bc] I know someone who served in it for 21 years
[gurl] it is terribly intensive
[bc] yes
[bc] long marching through the desert and stuff
[gurl] and no girls allowed!
[bc] http://britishsas.8m.com/training.html
[bc] ^I think that is about the globally hardest training&selection for any regiment
[bc] they are insane
[bc] as part of it, they have the applicant (after a week of insane marching and activity) look after a pet rabbit in the mountains for a while. he is completely alone, and must forage for his own food and protect the rabbit for ages. Then, he recieves an order to kill and eat the rabbit
[bc] quite sadistic ;)
[gurl] haha
[gurl] there's a kill house?!
[bc] they are special forces
[bc] anti-terrorist stuff is one of their duties
[bc] storming embassies, say, like when they stormed the Iranian embassy and freed all the hostages in London in the 80's
[bc] they were the first special forces unit in the world, created during WWII
[gurl] lordy
[bc] Delta Force in the US was founded in the 70's by an American officer who lobbied for it after seeing the SAS and serving in an exchange program in the UK army
[bc] but they aren't as good. They have a slightly different ethos. Delta Force peeps tend to be really big and brawny, and their modus operandi is to be flown in on a big helicopter and shoot everything up before being flown away again
[bc] the SAS are different, in that they believe in more traditional marching and approaching the target on foot. They tend to get dropped far away, sneak about hundreds of miles, attack, and sneak away. And they operate in teams of 8 generally
[bc] http://home.hccnet.nl/22.sas/Operation%20Nimrod.ht ml
[bc] ^that was mad
[bc] I remember watching it on tv
[gurl] so the sas do it properlike
[gurl] well, more like people think such things work
[bc] of course! ie, no hostage deaths, all terrorists dead, seemingly miraculously
[bc] it's sort of amazing
[bc] another famous one was the scud stuff during the gulf war
[bc] one of their missions went wrong, they were given wrong maps
[bc] and they were euipped for desert conditions, but it was frequently -20C and snowing etc
[bc] and they got discovered and stormed by two lorry loads of iraqi tropps, tanks, etc, from a local base
[bc] so the 8 of them killed ALL of them, then walked 100km overnight carrying 80lb bergens in freezing conditions
[bc] they are sort of insane those people. Not qute normal, but very good at what they do (wholesale, efficient slaughter)
*** Captain_Tenille (~jeremy@216-210-218-82.atgi.net) has joined #adequacy
[gurl] damn
[bc] and also, cos it is UK army, it is not just UKians, they select from many countries in the commonwealth
[gurl] reminds me of stephen king's gunslinger
[bc] so canadians and australians and NZers and Nepalians can see the SAS as the peak of their career, if they are good enough to make it through selection
[Captain_Tenille] SAS?
[bc] yes
[gurl] british special forces
[Captain_Tenille] Aha
* Captain_Tenille always thought MI5 and MI6 were cool acronyms
[bc] hehe
[Captain_Tenille] Although for the longest time I thought it was M16
[Captain_Tenille] Which seemed odd
[bc] ct, during WWI it went from MI1 all the way to MI20
[bc] also, MI5 & MI6 didn't officially exist until very recently
[Captain_Tenille] I was just about to ask what happened to MI1-4
[gurl] heh
[bc] having no constitutional checks, the government is free to deny they exist at all
[gurl] haha
*** county (midas@cloaked.client.attbi.com) has joined #adequacy
[gurl] oh look@
[gurl] er, nevermind
[Captain_Tenille] The US gov denied the existence of the NSA forever.
[bc] same as SAS, which didn't officially exist till the 90's,, and is still v.secret
[Captain_Tenille] I don't think they officially acknowledge the Delta Force
[bc] the SAS are fun because they are the first special forces group, and most other western country's special forces groups were founded, usually much later, on that model, often by officers who saw the SAS in exchange programmes and thought it a jolly good idea
[bc] Delta Force being a case in point, in the 70's. Same with Germany's, france's. Greece's, Israel's, etc etc
[bc] but SAS are teh best!
[gurl] it is impressive what humans can be taught to do
[Captain_Tenille] Is SAS just Green Beret style special forces, or does it include PSYOPS and Civil Affairs type stuff
[Captain_Tenille] ?
[bc] that's the other thing with the SAS, the complete lack of traditional army discipline, which was very new
[bc] ct: it is mostly military and anti-terrorist
[bc] there is another group that specialises in civil intelligence
[bc] that sometimes work with the SAS, but the SAS are purely a military machine
[Captain_Tenille] Civil Affairs handles the military's relations with the governments of the countries they're in.
[Captain_Tenille] Should said government fall, they set up a caretaker government in it's place.
* Captain_Tenille 's dad did that for a long time
[bc] coo
[gurl] bc, my sibling is all rotting in the county jail
[bc] haha
[bc] what'd he do?
[gurl] his warrant caught up to him
[bc] damn
[gurl] he owes about 400£ in fines
[Captain_Tenille] I just found out yesterday, actually, what my dad did after he worked as a codebreaker during the Vietnam War.
[county] bc, you've millions, get gurl's brother out of the clink.
[bc] he deserves it, county
[bc] Contributing to the skill of the SAS is the Operations Research Unit which develops unique equipment for use by the SP team.
[county] That's beside the point. She'll be indebted to you.
[bc] ^^hehe, that's like "m" in james bond
[gurl] bc, he found a job
[gurl] and now he will lose it
[gurl] because of extended absence
[bc] damn it
[bc] what's he fined for?
[Captain_Tenille] Aren't you guys going to ask what my dad did?
[bc] isn't that classified, ct?
[Captain_Tenille] He didn't tell me much.
[gurl] speeding ticket, i think
[Captain_Tenille] Just enough to make me boggle.
[Captain_Tenille] zuul, he?
[zuul] he is not
[bc] but he was army, eh? mad
[Captain_Tenille] Wouldn't tell me what he did
[gurl] then why build us up so cruelly]?
[Captain_Tenille] NSA. That's all we would say.
[Captain_Tenille] er, he
[county] Come on, bc, give her brother a chance.
[county] He's trying to turn is life around!
[county] He's in jail because of ancient history.
[bc] you're right county. I will bail him right away.
[county] Good man.
[county] I'm sure gurl will be very grateful.
[gurl] some woman is presently trying to adopt me
[county] But you're too old for that.
[bc] is she older, and with grown up children who have flown the nest?
[gurl] yeah, pretty much
[gurl] except her grown kids are still in the nest
[county] And she wants more.
[gurl] she thinks i'm a unique snowflake
[gurl] and wants to feed and clothe me and all that
[bc] weird, gurl
[gurl] aye
[bc] weird weird weird
[gurl] and the annoying guy at work who kept trying to pay me to go out with him
[county] So are you going to take her up on it?
[gurl] he got in a horrible car wreck and was fired
[gurl] she is rather like mother
[gurl] except less manipulative and deceitful
[county] Did he get fired for getting in the car wreck?
[gurl] not quite
[gurl] he was fired for trying to come back to work
[gurl] with a broken neck
[bc] he offered you money? heh, how desperate
[gurl] well, he is married
[gurl] and also i don't want him
[gurl] but he just couldn't seem to accept that
[bc] "Please come out with me?" - "No." - "I'll give you £500."
[county] That's really harsh.
[bc] it's damned right, gurl
[county] He was so dedicated to his work that he wanted to come in, but he got fired instead!
[bc] I'm proud of you!
[county] Couldn't they just tell him to go home and sleep it off?
[gurl] he got in the accident whilst drunk
[gurl] and it was off duty anyhow
[gurl] so they can easily get him on inability to perform
[gurl] and he could hardly even sit down
[gurl] the doctor hadn't signed a release
[gurl] so however cruel it sounds, they had every reasonable right to fire him
[county] Still, to be unemployed and mangled in these times is difficult. He'll probably end up on the street.
[gurl] no, his wife is utterly devoted and loving
[gurl] and makes piles of money
[gurl] she wanted only to take care of him
[county] He has a devoted wife who makes lots of money, but wants a little on the side too?
[county] That seems risky.
[gurl] but he wanted to go drinking and sleep with other women
[county] I should find a rich, devoted wife.
[county] Having one could be convenient.
[gurl] it was the only thing that saved him
[county] Some guys have all the luck.
[bc] hehe
[gurl] i am sure bc would happily arrange for you to acquire a wealthy wife
[bc] it's true. There's a lucky sod I know who's wife is a civil engineer making tons of cash. All he does is footer about spending her money on computers and crap. They love each other very much and seem very happy. Sickening, it is.
[county] Yeah, I need someone to take care of me!
[county] I'm tired of being responsible.
[bc] BRB, mobile shop
[gurl] have a beer
[gurl] actually, have five or six
[county] What's a mobile shop?
[county] Anyway, that's too many beers.
[gurl] well, however many will intoxicate you
[gurl] women like to help men in that state
[county] Haha!
[county] What nonsense.
[county] Women hate drunks.
[gurl] depends on the drunk boy
[gurl] i find some of them endearing
[bc] damn it's cold
[county] Well, what do you expect? Your house was built before heat was invented
[county] What's a mobile shop, though?
[bc] I am an endearing drunk boy. My cold reserve melts away, revealing a vulnerable and heartbreakingly fascinating character. I find that women are much more interested in me when drunk, than when sober.
[county] uh huh
[bc] county, a shop on wheels that drives around selling things. It parks outside my front door
[county] What sort of things?
[bc] in this instance, I got dunhills and Irn Bru, and a bottle of Gin
[county] So you've gone back to the bottle.
[county] tsk tsk.
[bc] all sorts, county. There are many of them, in fact. Soem are mobile butchers, others mobile grocers and fishmongers. This one sells everyday necessities
[county] Like I said, though, some guys have all the luck. When sober, I'm undesirable. When intoxicated, I'm undesirable in a different way.
[county] Everyday necessities like dunhills, Irn Bru, and gin.
[bc] Yup.
[county] dunhills sound like cigarettes. What's Irn Bru?
[bc] they sell what's sold most in the local community
[bc] county: http://www.bevnet.com/reviews/irn-bru/index.asp
[gurl] what's a good poll topick before i hotfoot it elsewhere?
[bc] poll? hmmn
[county] I don't think I've ever seen any of that, bc.
[bc] favourite spirit?
[gurl] irn bru is only in scotland
[county] That would be all you can think of.
[bc] county, well, it is actually illegal in the US, the FDA won't allow it to be sold there
[bc] so it isn't surprising
[county] gurl, "Favorite condiment to lick off nipples?"
[bc] it contains too much iron, or something
[county] Be sure to include horseradish as an option.
[wsl3] county: Hot Thai Red Curry
[bc] it's very very popular in russia though
[Captain_Tenille] What on earth is it? And why is it illegal?
[bc] ct, it's just a soft drink. It's illegal cos the FDA don't like it's iron content
[wsl3] What is?
[Captain_Tenille] Ah
[gurl] man, i suppose i am not cut out for daytime drinking
[gurl] my tummy hurts now
[wsl3] gurl: Have some nice cock. That should solve the problem, but only if you get all the way down and get the protien suprise at the end.
[gurl] i don't see how
[gurl] protein makes my tummy hurt
[wsl3] They'll cancel each other out.
[gurl] i somehow doubt this.
[gurl] i love my diary.
[wsl3] Nah, I can show you if you want! :-)
[county] Give up, wsl3. The fact is, you can only score with fatties.
[wsl3] give it up county, the fact is, I don't care what you think. :-)
[county] That doesn't make any sense, idiot. I wasn't trying to influence your opinion.
[bc] I love your diary too, gurl =)))
[gurl] hehe
[wsl3] county: Uh huh.
[gurl] there is nothing wrong with fatties, if they have attractive features
[gurl] and don't look like useless lumps of crap
[wsl3] Bingo!
* wsl3 is a FFA
[gurl] fatty fucker anonymous?
[wsl3] LOL
[wsl3] FFA == Fullfigured Female Admirer
[gurl] oh god
[county] Vlad's fatties look like useless lumps of crap, gurl.
[gurl] i HATE those
[wsl3] county is a useless lump of crap
[county] These women aren't fat, gurl, they're disgustingly hyper-obese.
[wsl3] gurl - hate what? Voluptous women?
[county] 300lbs.
[gurl] a girl can be voluptuous without being heavy
[bc] FFA give BBWs TLC and have a GSOH
[county] A three hundred pound woman isn't voluptuous.
[county] She's hyper-obese.
[wsl3] county: I know lots of attractive 300lb women.
[gurl] no, that's a porker
[gurl] i don't know any.
[county] You don't know any!
[county] You're delusional.
[wsl3] Depends - what if she's like 6' tall?
[gurl] and i know some decent looking big girls
[gurl] then she shouldn't exceed 250
[wsl3] gurl: Top size?
[gurl] and that only if she is super muscular
[wsl3] gurl: Nah - I've seen women as high as 400lbs that I'd do.
[gurl] well, men are less picky about that
[county] I'm not.
[county] I'm not interested in girls much over 150.
[gurl] well, that leaves the taller ones out
[gurl] unless they are very slim
[Captain_Tenille] Tall girls are overrated
[wsl3] gurl: That depends - in general I don't find a woman attractive under 175 or so unless she is stunningly beautiful and has a personallity to match.
[Captain_Tenille] *under* 175?
[gurl] that is a shame for you, wsl3
[county] I don't much like taller girls, gurl.
[wsl3] under, yes.
[gurl] i personally think too many people are heavy
[county] Much beyond 5'6" is too tall, I think.
* Captain_Tenille 's gf is 5'
[wsl3] gurl: I don't find it a shame at all! I have a full, active, loving sex life, thank you very much. :-) lol
[gurl] but that said, i don't mind heavy people who don't whine about it
[gurl] of course you do
* wsl3 doesn't whine - he has no cheese to go with it.
[gurl] i know lots of plain couples that can't get enough of each other
[Captain_Tenille] Off to get a hair cut.
[Captain_Tenille] Ta ta.
[gurl] which is great for them
[gurl] hasta
*** Captain_Tenille has quit IRC (Quit: Off to get hair cut)
[bc] woohoo
[bc] there's nothing wrong with plain people. Or even ugly people, if they are self confident enough and interesting and especially good natured enough
[gurl] ok, i have to fix someone's cd rom
[bc] happy hacking!
[gurl] well, that is true of anyone
[county] Aye, and there's the rub, bc.
[gurl] there is no hacking involved!
[county] It's easier to become beautiful than it is to become interesting or good natured.
[gurl] it's purely a mechanical issue
[county] If one isn't already.
[bc] you are fixing a technical computer device
[gurl] bof, i am fixing a thingy with serrated wheels
[bc] with what, you say?
[bc] that sounds complicated
[gurl] little wheels with chopped bits
[county] A serrated wheel? Isn't that a gear?
[bc] I'm a man, I don't understand technical things, I just leave it to women
[gurl] yeah, i guess
[gurl] two little gears that aren't spinning the drive out
[county] Well, get that cute little can of yours over there and start fixing things!
[county] Chop chop!
[gurl] i have to finish my beer
[gurl] ;P
[county] bc, what should I do with myself today?
[bc] I think you should go to the pub
*** gurl is now known as cdromgurl
[county] It's kind of dismal out.
[bc] and drink beer, play darts, and watch the match
[cdromgurl] yes, do go, since i cannot
[cdromgurl] wave
[bc] that's why I didn't suggest the park, county
[bc] bye happy hackess!
[county] I don't know where any pubs are. In fact, I think they're illegal in Seattle.
[bc] http://www.nwbrewpage.com/wabpubs/WestSea.html
[bc] go there
[wsl3] lol
[bc] though I must say, the huge billboard sign at the front puts me off
[bc] here, they just have a tiny sign
[bc] I suppose Americans insist on the 25foot billboard treatment
[county] That's really far away.
[bc] get the metro then!
[county] Anyway, going to a pub is way too social.
[bc] you don't need to talk to anyone
[bc] clearly, you aren't very familiar with pubs at all
[bc] they can be profoundly antisocial
[county] Of course I don't, but I feel odd being out by myself.
[county] There isn't any point in going out to be anti-social.
[wsl3] Go nude. That will get some attention.
[county] Shut up.
[wsl3] no
[wsl3] You can forget about that.
[wsl3] If I'm in front of my computer, and I see something I want to respond to, I will - same as you.
[county] Shut up, really.
[wsl3] No.
[wsl3] really.
[bc] blargle
[wsl3] bc: What's new with Kip? Has anyone seen him?
[bc] heis in London, that's all I know
[county] I'm going to go shower.
[county] When I come back, I'm going to have some booze, a pastrami sandwich, and pour at my innermost hopes and dreams.
[county] "out"
[wsl3] ah
[bc] looking forward to it
[wsl3] Well, I'll be quite for that.
*** Sulla (gallus@modem-2383.lemur.dialup.pol.co.uk) has joined #adequacy
*** bc has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
*** momocrome (~momocrome@cloaked.client.attbi.com) has joined #adequacy
[Sulla] hey momo

OT: Signal to Noise Ratio = ~0 (-1, Troll)

purrpurrpussy (445892) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880246)

WTF!! What is all this Vladinator shit??? A coupla web searches turns up more crud than I can be fucked to read. There's masses of it. I have a feeling that a couple of unemployed script kiddies are simply causing chaos... Whatever it is it is REALLY pissing me off! I'm not sure what to do.... do we ask the editors to kill anonymous posting (bad idea) OR hope that these fuckwits go away... OR.... well... give up.... what a bunch of arseholes....

ANYONE?!! What the hell is going on?

Re:OT: Signal to Noise Ratio = ~0 (1)

ContemporaryInsanity (583611) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880269)

Ralsky's revenge ?!?

Re:OT: Signal to Noise Ratio = ~0 (0)

purrpurrpussy (445892) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880299)

Nice idea but I doubt even he is a big enough idiot for that! Seriously - ifd you go searching for this stuff you'll get thousands apon thousands of hits including a lot of apparent slashdot "parody" sites (not the right word but I was trying to avoid swearing!!!) smokedot.... blah blah... This really seems to be a concerted effort by (presumably) more than 1 person to just cause chaos.

I often wondered whether the internet would die this way - too many idiots launching automated attacks on each other until the signal disappears in the noise.... it's a frightening idea and doesn't even require intelligence. The code is written it just takes an irresponsible person to launch it. Like virii - fun to write... VERY BAD to let them out!

I wrote one for my QL. It tagged my boot menu to microdrive cartridges... very handy but I'm glad my machine was not on a network!

Re:OT: Signal to Noise Ratio = ~0 (1)

droid_rage (535157) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880371)

I think you're right. These things are coming out way to fast to be a real person. This is some script kiddie's bot.
I thought there was a way for the /. editors to block a specific IP... Maybe they haven't noticed yet?

Amherst-Fag and the MOMOCROME (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880259)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] gbd on #trolls
Date sent: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 22:06:25 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0004)

Right now, "gbd" is on #trolls. His host is
remarkably similar to momocrome's: gbd is
(george), whereas momocrome is
~natalie_p@cloaked.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net (MOMOCROME).
Yet, he's able to present compelling evidence that he
is the one who currently holds the "gbd" usernick on
slashdot, who I do consider to be the real gbd in
light of the circumstances surrounding how I gave him
the account. Gbd's address looks like it's from SF,
whereas momocrome's is from LA, so that would suggest
they're not the same. But does anyone else have a
pacbell.net address that we know?

(This is CP0004) [www.ioye]

Amherst-Fag and the GDB 1 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880260)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: <k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org>
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Let's try this one again: gbd et al
Date sent: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 18:22:12 -0400
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org
(This is CP0030)

cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com> wrote:

From ??? Fri Feb 19 09: 25 Date: Thu Oct 26 2

>I've been in touch with gbd via email. (He doesn't want me to share his
>address with anyone, and I'm respecting that.) Apparently, the fellow
>has big plans, but he's aufully vague and evasive about everything, so
>it's hard to say what's what. I do have his physical location nailed
>down to a certain one of the fifty states, and it's an odd one.
>I asked him about his scheme of capitalization, and this was the best
>answer I could get from him: "as far as why i capitalize things i do it
>to EMPHASIZE things that should be stressed, i know that you can do this
>with html but i am too lazy, hehe."
>Yes, he stays true to his form, even in email. The upshot is, I gave him
>his account, and he's all squared away with that.
>What an odd fellow!

(This is CP0030) [www.stk]

Amherst-Fag and the Text of Lameness (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880265)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: <k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org>
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] Alyssa Milano
Date sent: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 19:20:14 -0400
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@methlab.nothing.org
(This is CP0020)

She was that kid from Who's the Boss (and a Schwarzenegger flic), right?
Damn, she's aged gracefully. So how'd she get stuck doing 1800COLLECT ads
with Arsenio Hall, while Leonardo Dicaprio moved past Growing Pains and
into great roles like Total Eclipse? It's states like Ohio that do it, I
tell ya. Our nation is without taste.

Marc Stauffer <marc@ksac.com> wrote:

>THe Alyssa Milano E! true holywood story just started for anyone
>interested in her pouting breasts. 7:30 Eastern Standard. rev

(This is CP0020) [www.aieooioaea]

Malda! (3, Funny)

HaloZero (610207) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880267)

Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon? GET OFF THE COMPUTER, MAN! :-P

Happy New Year B (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880271)

MAUREEN: I think we need an agent!
JOANNE: That's selling out.
MARK: But it's nice to dream.
MAUREEN: It's network TV, and it's all thanks to me.
MARK: Somehow I think I smell the whiff of a scheme.
JOANNE: Me too!
MAUREEN: We can plan another protest.
MAUREEN: This time you can shoot from the start, you'll direct, starring me!
ALL: 5, 4, 3... Open sesame!! Happy new year, Happy new year Happy new...
BENNY: I see that you've beaten me to the punch.
ROGER: How did you know we'd be here?
BENNY: I had a hunch.
MARK: You're not mad?
BENNY: I'm here to end this war. It's a shame you went and destroyed the door
MIMI: Why all the sudden the big about face?
BENNY: The credit is yours; you made a good case.
ROGER: What case?
BENNY: Mimi came to see me and she had much to say.
MIMI: That's not how you put it at all yesterday!
BENNY: I couldn't stop thinking about the whole mess. Mark -- you want to get this on film!
MARK: I guess.
BENNY: I regret the unlucky circumstances of the past seven days.
ROGER: Circumstance? You padlocked our door!
BENNY: And it's with great pleasure on behalf of CyberArts that I hand you this key.
ANGEL: Golf claps.
MARK: I have no juice in my battery!
BENNY: Reshoot!
ROGER: I see -- this is a photo opportunity!
MAUREEN: The benevolent god ushers the poor artists back to their flat. Were you planning on taking down the barbed wire from the lot, too?
ROGER: Anything but that!
BENNY: Clearing the lot was a safety concern; we break ground this month but you can return.
MAUREEN: That's why you're here with people you hate, instead of with Muffy at Muffy's estate
BENNY: I'd honestly rather be with you tonight than in Westport --
ROGER: Spare us old sport, the soundbite.
BENNY: Mimi -- since your ways are so seductive,
MIMI: You came on to me!
BENNY: Persuade him not to be so counterproductive.
ROGER: Liar!
BENNY: Why not tell them what you wore to my place?
MIMI: I was on my way to work!
BENNY: Black leather and lace! My desk was a mess; I think I'm still sore!
MIMI: Cause I kicked him and told him I wasn't his whore!
BENNY: Does your boyfriend know who your last boyfriend was?
ROGER: I'm not her boyfriend; I don't care what she does!
ANGEL: People! Is this any way to start a new year? Have compassion, Benny just lost his cat!
BENNY: My dog -- but I appreciate that.
ANGEL: My cat had a fall and I went through hell.
BENNY: It's like losing a -- how did you know that she fell?
COLLINS: Champagne?
BENNY: Don't mind if I do! To dogs!
ALL: No, Benny -- To you!
ANGEL: Let's make a resolution
MIMI: I'll drink to that.
COLLINS: Let's always stay friends.
JOANNE: Though we may have our disputes,
MAUREEN: This family tree's got deep roots;
MARK: Friendship is thicker than blood.
ROGER: That depends.
MIMI: Depends on trust,
ROGER: Depends on true devotion,
JOANNE: Depends on love,
MARK: Depends on not denying emotion!
ROGER: Perhaps...
ALL: It's gonna be a happy new year.
ROGER: I guess...
ALL: It's gonna be a happy new year.
ROGER: You're right!
ANGEL: It's gonna be a happy new year!
ROGER AND MIMI: I'm sorry.
ROGER: Coming?
MIMI: In a minute -- I'm fine -- go.
THE MAN: Well, well, well. What have we here? It's gonna be a happy new year... [www.uuooaieu]

2003 Sneak Preview (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880274)

The new year is almost upon us and I thought it might be a nice gift to the faithful
readers of trolltalk to offer this sneak preview of upcoming movies, scheduled to be
released in 2003. Enjoy!


The story of a troubled man whose Momma was tormented by prank callers. The phoning
episode leaves young Scott scarred for life and spawns a dark alter ego, "Vladman", who
fights peaceful, quiet internet communities with his grossly obese superpowers and
profound lack of intelligence. This film is a sure-fire hit, starring Roseanne Barr
as "Momma" and Ernest Borgnine in the title role.

Vlad Max

This low budget action film comes from Australia. Food is scarce in a post-war society
and a band of roving maniacs find a treasure-trove of food in the Lockwood family. Vlad
escapes the pack of cannibals and swears revenge. With a blood-red bib and a giant salad
fork, Vlad goes on a feeding rampage! Starring Marlon Brando in the title role.

Jaws IV: The Attack of Vlad

After defeating three shark attacks, the residents of Amity Island are besieged by a new
behemoth from the deep. In this latest installment in the Jaws series, a giant,
man-eating monstrosity rises from the depths to devour entire ships and then pollutes
the shoreline with its massive feces. Who will be brave enough to stand up to this
new threat?

Vlad and Reza's Excellent Adventure

In this comedic masterpiece, our heroes travel through time in a makeshift deep-freezer
to sample culinary delights throughout the ages. But what will Vlad and Reza do once
their mass exceeds the capacity of the freezer?? I won't tell, but you can bet it is

Enter The Whale

An action-packed martial arts movie. You will be amazed at Vlad's special style of
martial arts in this film. It's almost as if the attackers bounce right off of Vlad
before he even moves. One criticism I have of this movie, however, is the makeup.
Throughout the picture, Vlad appears flushed and excessively sweaty.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a special preview of a new CD where your
favorite rabbis cover some of America's greatest pop hits!

Minimal friction (1)

pjmorse (630859) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880277)

Sounds like that low-friction, win-win side of him coming out. Any bets that his new software geeks are /. Linux fans and he just didn't want to argue with them?

Amherst-Fag and the Sleeping Girlfriend (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880306)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Have you ever had one of those days?
Date sent: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 22:46:41 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0036)

I'm sitting here, waiting for my gf to wake up enough
to go finish getting ready for bed and go to sleep.
Does that make any sense to anyone? How come they
don't put this stuff in the manual?

(This is CP0036) [www.eooaieu]

Exactly (5, Insightful)

rgraham (199829) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880311)

From reading the interview, Belluzzo seems to be pretty amicable to whatever will get the job done, and in this case, it's Linux.

Yes, use what will get the job done. People (pro-MS/anti-Linux, anti-MS/pro-MS, repeat for Solaris, Mac, BSD...) get so blinded by their allegence to one type of technology they don't realize or refuse to accept that there might be something better out there for a given use. Sitting on my desk right now I have machines running Win2k, OSX and RedHat 7.1 all of which I use for different tasks. Could I use just one OS for all my tasks? Sure, but I perfer to use what works best in a given situation.

2003 Sneak Preview (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880317)

The new year is almost upon us and I thought it might be a nice gift to the faithful
readers of trolltalk to offer this sneak preview of upcoming movies, scheduled to be
released in 2003. Enjoy!


The story of a troubled man whose Momma was tormented by prank callers. The phoning
episode leaves young Scott scarred for life and spawns a dark alter ego, "Vladman", who
fights peaceful, quiet internet communities with his grossly obese superpowers and
profound lack of intelligence. This film is a sure-fire hit, starring Roseanne Barr
as "Momma" and Ernest Borgnine in the title role.

Vlad Max

This low budget action film comes from Australia. Food is scarce in a post-war society
and a band of roving maniacs find a treasure-trove of food in the Lockwood family. Vlad
escapes the pack of cannibals and swears revenge. With a blood-red bib and a giant salad
fork, Vlad goes on a feeding rampage! Starring Marlon Brando in the title role.

Jaws IV: The Attack of Vlad

After defeating three shark attacks, the residents of Amity Island are besieged by a new
behemoth from the deep. In this latest installment in the Jaws series, a giant,
man-eating monstrosity rises from the depths to devour entire ships and then pollutes
the shoreline with its massive feces. Who will be brave enough to stand up to this
new threat?

Vlad and Reza's Excellent Adventure

In this comedic masterpiece, our heroes travel through time in a makeshift deep-freezer
to sample culinary delights throughout the ages. But what will Vlad and Reza do once
their mass exceeds the capacity of the freezer?? I won't tell, but you can bet it is

Enter The Whale

An action-packed martial arts movie. You will be amazed at Vlad's special style of
martial arts in this film. It's almost as if the attackers bounce right off of Vlad
before he even moves. One criticism I have of this movie, however, is the makeup.
Throughout the picture, Vlad appears flushed and excessively sweaty.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a special preview of a new CD where your
favorite rabbis cover some of America's greatest pop hits!

Why (-1)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880321)


People prefer (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880323)

gaysexwithdogs to Bill Gates 8 to 1, spread the word, not your seed!

William Scott Lockwood III Exposed! (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880325)

Before you visit the new crapflooder website, www.sporks-r-us.com [geekizoid.com] , there are a few points you should review about the owner and administrator of SRU, Vladinator. Scott (Vladinator's "real life" handle he goes by in public) won't tell you any of the following facts because he's afraid you'll be put off by his sordid, depraved, criminal past and close your browser window before he can log your IP address and password!

It is my duty to you, gentle reader, to make sure all of the relevant knowledge is out in the air before you do something you may regret, like registering an account or posting in a discussion on www.sporks-r-us.com [geekizoid.com] .

PLEASE review the following facts about Vladinator:

  • morbidly obese!
  • "recovering" alcoholic!
  • "recovering" smoker!
  • swings (i.e., seeks promiscuous sex with strangers!)
  • divorced three times!
  • current wife (#4) weighs over 400lbs!
  • can't hold employment for more than a few months!
  • high-school dropout!
  • dishonorably discharged from the Navy after eight years of failure!
  • leader of the Slashdot crapflooder gang!
  • incites others to hack innocent websites!
  • perpetually flatulent!
  • prescription and illegal drug abuser!
  • uses the following aliases all over the Internet!

    ( and often posts communications between them to make them appear to be more than one person!!! ):

    • Lonesome Cowboy Burt
    • Pinkerton Floyd
    • Quick Star
    • Reza ( supposedly his wife!!! )
    • William Scott Lockwood III
    • wsl3
    • Vladinator

  • restraining order against him by his own children!
  • callous software pirate and user of hacker tools!
  • uses Linux, a known homosexual operating system!
  • laid waste to message forums on Kuro5hin, MacNN, MacSlash, MsGeek, and Slashdot!
  • paid over $50 for tools to abuse Kuro5hin into mojopacolypse Hell!


Kuro5hin Abandons Democracy for Censorship (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880326)

It's time to add Rusty Foster to "the list" of people who shouldn't be breathing.

Kuro5hin, "the democratic news site", has abandoned all pretenses of Democracy and has gone into full Fascist/Censorship mode.

These are the recent deeds of Kuro5hin.org:

1. Deleting numerous comments entirely, circumventing the site's established ratings procedure. Many of the comments deleted were highly rated at the time of deletion, indicating that THE PEOPLE wanted them to stay.

2. Disabling numerous user accounts. Many of these accounts were disabled before they even posted anything.

3. Enacting IP bans against several users, and adding additional IP bans as these persecuted people kept changing IPs to avoid censorship.

4. Deleting many diaries, including several that contained no abusive/offensive content, for no reason and with no warning or notice.

5. Keeping all this secret, because Rusty Foster knows he would be lynched by his readership if his Nazi-like practices were evar revealed.

Disabling dozens of accounts... deleting dozens of comments... banning dozens of IPs and several entire subnets... is this Democracy??

Rusty Foster is going to be second against the wall when the revolution comes, right behind his gay lovebuddy William Scott Lockwood III. [www.io]

The Incredible Troll FAQ (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880330)

Although fragments of this most classic and infamous piece of troll history have been found and preserved throughout the ages, the complete document has been missing for many years and was thought to have been lost or destroyed during the last year of the previous millennium. Well, here it is: the first EVAR Slashdot Troll FAQ, dated March 16th 2000.

* * * *

God help us all ... (Troll FAQ) (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on 05:15 AM March 16th, 2000 CST (#810)

But mainly help me. I had a long, dull business trip Tues. and Wed., and as a result I wrote the following (5000 words and still unfinished) Slashdot Troll FAQ. I haven't been able to build on 80md's original due to lack of connection, but the doct. below still needs revised. Specifically, it needs to be made more entertaining. See whatcha think.


Slashdot troll FAQ

  1. What do trolls do?

    We post inflammatory, satirical or just plain weird comments on slashdot, aiming to draw attention to ourselves and to distract discussion away from the matter at hand. We use satire, wit, art and other cultural weapons to give fun to the clueful and embarrass the clueless.
    1. What are the characteristics of a good troll?

      A good troll is a statement designed to inflame the passions of a certain type of reader. A troll is a contrary or controversial statement, which attacks a preconception of someone who is likely to read it, causing them to suspend their normal standards of critical thinking, and to fire off a combative response, without thinking that they are being had. This is the "classic" troll, aimed at enticing someone to make a fool of themself.
    2. Are there any other kinds of troll?

      Yes. The "surrealistic" troll is a piece of prose, rambling, comic or just downright weird, inserted into a discussion where it seems at once utterly irrelevant and curiously in place. The common thread linking the types of trolls is that a certain kind of personality (read - far too uptight) gets irrationally annoyed by them.
    3. What are "characters"?

      Some kinds of trollish statement have been proven to work again and again, so naturally, some trolls have taken advantage of this fact to repeat them again and again. Certain individual trolls are more or less identified with certain types of trollish statement, and thus we have the idea of a "character" - a fictitious entity which is supposed to actually hold the views which are expressed in the troll's posts. Some of these characters have distinct personalities and maintain narrative coherence from troll to troll (see the "Microsoft Linux" episode between streetlawyer and DMG); some of them show up expressing the same or similar points of view again and again (the RWM and derivatives).
    4. What are some of the characters?

      The number one maximally 1337 troll character is the RWM; the most established troll, with the most solid track record behind him. Opensource man and his creations is the oldest surreal troll; gnarphlager and auntfloyd also adopt this style. Paranoid Man is getting off the ground, and DMG and streetlawyer have their fans. Mindless Bastard is more of a style of trolling than a character per se. There are lots more people posting trolls than are listed here; these are just the repeating characters.
    5. What is an RWM?

      RWM is the Right Wing Maniac, a character with a hotch-potch of (often mutually incompatible) libertarian, Christian, and Objectivist views, who typically (mis)applies the general principles of his world-view to various slashdot topics. He tends to be keen on referring to people as "socialists", particularly if they consider themselves to be conservatives. Sometimes he's more of a religious nut; sometimes it's more the free market which rings his bell. There is also a Left Wing Maniac with a yen for spouting dialectical materialism, but he hasn't done much recently. It's worth noting that it is very rare to find a RWM troll thread in which at least one participant doesn't agree with most of RWM's views.
    6. What is a DMG?

      DMG is the Dumb Marketing Guy. He claims to have been involved in Linux for "at least four years, since the very beginning", and offers unsolicited "open source" marketing advice on Linux advocacy to the members of the community. He often takes a rather hurt tone in response to the welter of abuse which is the usual response to his advice.
    7. How about the other characters?

      For crying out loud, they ought to be self-explanatory, surely to heck?
    8. What's with the "cheese" thing?

      Buggered if I know. Lots of trolls mention cheese, and seem to indicate that cheese has some sort of significance. Maybe it does.
    9. Why does streetlawyer swear so much?

      Because he had a hard life, dragging himself up from the streets to get his fucken law degree from fucken Hah-vud, OK?
    10. What you said really offended me!

      Well, sorry. But really, nobody cares (see below). You're too easily offended. Now purge the post from your board, log our IP address and go back to drawing your "After Y2K" comic (which is shit, by the way).

  2. What don't trolls do?

    We don't do boring, uncreative shit which just makes slashdot harder to read. We're not into denial of service attacks - they aren't very funny. We're probably harsher opponents of the spam bunch than you are, because anything which encourages people to browse at levels above -1 makes our work harder.
    1. Those cut & pastes which fill up the forums, are those you guys?

      Nope. Nezh.
    2. How about that obscene ASCII art I just saw?

      Nope. Nada.
    3. Thank God you've got nothing to do with "open source Natalie Portman", or "naked and petrified"!

      Errrr, well actually yes we have. Both of those ongoing trolls were written by regulars on the troll forum, and you're not going to find condemnation of them in this FAQ.
    4. What?

      Read them. Untwist your underwear, stop fulminating over the momentary interruption to your terribly important discussion about Slackware and have a look at some of these posts. Open source Natalie Portman was a fine piece of Burroughsian prose and if you don't agree that it was, then you're wrong. The whole "Naked and petrified" thing was an absolute triumph - it provoked a huge amount of reaction, entertainingly interfered with a few people's heads by sexualising the context of slashdot and is still talked about, several months after the original author stopped bothering.
    5. But that naked and petrified stuff was really sick!

      Sick to you, but that was actually the guy's genuinely held sexual fantasy. He was erotically excited by the thought of women turned to stone, and was letting the world know about it. Don't pretend that you weren't interested - it's absolutely fascinating.
    6. You're kidding me!

      Nope. I was taken aback myself, but there are several sites on the Net with active discussion boards on this very subject. It's not that very different from the subject of "The Fermata" by Nicholson Baker, where the hero has the power to stop time, effectively turning women into statues. And that is quite a common paraphilia.
    7. Well, I thought it was offensive to women. Wasn't it tantamount to a rape fantasy?

      No, it was a petrification fantasy. Which is something rather less threatening, because harder to act out (how many people really believed that anyone could actually turn Natalie Portman to stone?)
    8. What does Natalie Portman think about being "open sourced"?

      I'm sure she's not wonderfully happy about being the subject of someone else's tawdry sexual fantasies, but it kind of comes with the job. I doubt she loses much sleep.
    9. You keep saying I should read this stuff. How can I?

      Opensourceman's works (including the Star Wars series and Fat-time Charlie) are available online at: Craig MacPherson has a website at: , which probably has a few things on it to do with the petrification thing.

  3. So gritsboy and scooby doo are trolls then? And Trollmastah?

    Wellllll .... they're a step above the cut 'n' pasters. And sometimes they can be funny if you're in a silly mood. But they don't contribute to the troll forums, and it's not what I personally would call incredibly creative. Some people like running jokes and some don't. The original Trollmastah has contributed some good material, but there's a lot of imitations about.

Why, for God's sake?

For a variety of reasons, but mainly to puncture the self-importance of a few people who deeply deserve it. Slashdot has a lot of very clever people posting, but vastly more individuals with a serious perception/reality gap with regard to their own intelligence. People who believe themselves to be perceptive, clueful, even deep thinkers while merely reciting lists of conventional wisdom deserve to be taken for a ride. And there's the sheer Skinnerian joy of it - if somebody, or some group of people have buttons, it's inhuman not to take delight in pushing them.

  1. Why do you spend such effort on being assholes?

    In order to do it properly.
  2. What's your problem with moderation?

    No problem. Whining about moderation is for the moderation thread. Several trolls moderate more or less frequently (and meta-moderate - be very afraid), and there is very little genuine complaint about moderation on the troll threads. Any remarks about $3 crack are meant in a spirit of fun and affection, and are usually merely cris de coeur when a finely crafted troll has been rumbled in the first few seconds and down-modded.
    1. What about "Portrait of a Moderator"?

      That was funny.

  3. Why don't you go and troll somewhere other than slashdot?

    Where is there? We've had a token go or two at Nitrozac and kuro5hin, and an abortive attempt to troll some of the statuephilia discussion boards with discussions about technology, but it just doesn't feel right. If you ain't on slashdot, you ain't, basically, trolling.
  4. No, why don't you fuck off? You contribute nothing to this site.

    That isn't even true. Several of the troll regulars have enough Karma to post with the +1 bonus when they use their regular identities, which puts them in the top decile, according to Rob Malda. And there is a definite audience for quality trolls. Have you just been trolled? Is that why you're so angry? Calm down, it'll be someone else's turn in the barrel on Friday.
  5. Don't you have anything better to do?

    To paraphrase gnarphlager, yes, we have many better things to do, but we're not going to do them.

How can I recognise a troll?

If you want to spot a troll, then you're basically entering into a game, played against us. You have to keep your guard up, adopt a critical attitude to what you read and decide whether it is plausible that someone is actually posting that view. For our part, we will intermingle fact and fiction, invent plausible-sounding references and (always) attempt to attack your emotional involvement in a topic in order to make you drop your guard. The more ridiculous the proposition we sneak under your guard, the more we win. The angrier you get, the more we win. And you? As the computer said in War Games "The only way to win is not to play".

  1. What are the characteristics of a troll?

    Usually, a troll will resemble a normal slashdot post, but will contain at least one thing which is not true. A good troll will contain material which obviously couldn't possibly be true, and would not fool anyone who gave it a moment's thought. The troll will also contain an inflammatory or controversial statement, designed to make sure that nobody does give it a moment's thought. Criticism of Linux, strong or offensive political views, mockery of "computer geeks", claims about the inferiority of women/Canadians/Perl, all of that stuff. Interestingly, having experimented with using outright, Bell-Curve-like racist statements to act as the controversial part of the troll, I've found that they never offend anyone, which I guess shows what a lily-white place slashdot is.

    Obviously these rules apply more to the classic satirical model of a troll, but there is a strong family resemblance in the surrealist model. Looking at the best work of osm, gnarphlager, auntfloyd et al., you pick up a strong sense of the underlying form. There is the (often highly tenuous) link to the subject matter, the building sense of cognitive dissonance and then the denouement in which the troll moves into the realm of pure surrealist prose (or "gets silly", depending on how you look at it). Typically, when reading such a troll for the first time, and in the context of the thread, the reader's reaction goes through stages.

    At the opening of the troll, in which the technological subject matter is being obliquely referred to, the reader is curious. There is an unconscious assumption that what is being used is a metaphor, which appears opaque but will actually make an argument clear (in such a way the surrealist trolls subvert the category of metaphor as used in scientific discussions). Then, the tension between the what the reader wants to read and what he/she sees on the page grows, but the reader still tries to hang on to the idea that he/she is reading "News for Nerds". Finally, when the reality (that is, the unreality) of the troll is revealed, the reader is outraged at having been tricked.

    Thus, we can see that the distinction between the classical and surrealist trolls is one of inversion; metaphor versus metonymy. The classical troll traps the reader in metaphor, creating the "character" or authorial fiction, which the reader takes as a metonymy for "The Other" - the fictional creature on the screen is espousing Microsoft, or Libertarianism, or something else which must be ritually reacted to, rather than read as if it were a metaphorical text. The surrealist troll appears to use metaphor, but creates no authorial fiction. The piling up of the metonymic symbols of trolldom (cheese, Natalie Portman, the Troll itself) draws the reader into the pure text, looking for a meaning (or metaphor) which is always deferred. The reader wants to create an authorial fiction, but this is denied - and it is this denial which is the source of his/her rage. The surrealist troll lets the reader down with a bump - the satirical troll, in its purest form, never lets the reader out at all, leaving him/her stuck in a world which is false, because he/she is being manipulated by the authorial fiction. Classical trolling is about the use of metaphor to create metonymy; surrealist trolling is using metonymy to create metapor.

    1. Wow, that's pretty deep.

      YHBT. YHL. HAND. (Ha ha, only serious)

  2. Do you always list the trolls in these forums?

    Pretty much so, yeah. There's been "trolltalk", "trolltalk2", "31337troll" and a bunch of others. It's good to be able to see other people's work, to discuss trolling, and on occasion to have a way of proving for sure that something you wrote was a troll, to a particularly persistent mark.
  3. What's the current 31337 forum?

    If I could tell you, I'd have to kill you. There have been a few problems with people stalking some of the trolls, and spamming the troll forums with whitespace to make them unusable. There's no big secret or anything, it's just that we'd like to think that finding the troll forum requires a modicum of commitment and ingenuity. There's one pretty well-trafficked troll forum which is listed in most of the usual indices. Look, fuck it, you used to be able to find BBSes, didn't you? This is no different.
  4. Isn't that a bit hypocritical, to keep moving the troll forum because it gets trolled?

    Yada yada yada.
  5. But if I know the sid of the 1337 forum, I can read the trolls as they happen?

    Welllllll ..... yeah ... I suppose that technically you can, and you need never be taken in by a troll again. But that's a bit lame, don't you think? This is meant to be a game, after all.
  6. What should I do if I suspect a troll?

    Write a nice, long post, beginning with the phrase "I'm sure this is a troll, but ....", get really angry, call everyone a bunch of assholes and always reply to follow ups : -) Nahhh, that's what we'd like you to do.
    1. Well what should I do, then?

      The only approved, correct, 1337 way to deal with a troll is not to reply at all. Don't say anything. Just sit back and feel smugly self-satisfied that you caught the troll. Go on. People always seem to say the word "smug" as if it were a bad thing, but how can something that feels so good be wrong? Smirk. Once the troll is "dead" (once the author has taken credit for it and admitted the troll), you might want to post a message about it. You'll probably get a nice reply.
    2. Should I alert others to the troll?

      Wellllll .... if you really must, I suppose you can, but it is a bit lame and lacks eliteness. For one thing, it makes you look like a bit of a spoilsport. For another, it gives unfair clues to people who have no idea of what to do with them. For yet another, it's quite possible that the people you warn will ignore you. Either that, or start arguing with you, saying things like "Well it may be a troll but ....". In which case, you're now the one who's wasting bandwidth by starting fruitless discussions; ie, you've turned into a troll yourself. If you must go through this, however, just post up "This is a troll", or something. Don't link to the troll forum post claiming credit - that is truly lame.
    3. How about if I reply to the points made in the troll, but preface my post with the words "I'm pretty sure this is a troll, but in any case"?

      Then you should be prepared to live with being a laughing stock. We live off people like you, who simply can't stop themselves from pouring out conventional wisdom, even when they know they are being made monkeys of. And no, the "I'm pretty sure ..." disclaimer doesn't make you look ironic and knowing.

  7. Why shouldn't I link to the troll forum post if I spot a troll?

    Well, fundamentally, it lacks class. For one thing, you're feeding the troll while pretending not to feed it, which is dishonest. For another, you're encouraging lots of enraged people to visit the troll forum. This means that the troll forum gets spammed, the trolls move, and you now will be forced to spot trolls for yourself rather than reading them off the list, lamer. Also, the trolls can't tell who it was who brought the spammer there, so all the other people who used to enjoy reading the daily trolls don't find out where the new forum is.

How can I start trolling for myself?

"Just do it", as that noted provider of employment to Indonesian children once said. Your first trolls are unlikely to be offensive enough to draw many responses, but once you lose your disinclination to be unpleasant, results will follow. Of course, you may incipiently be a natural trolling genius like dmg, who got huge pops from the get-go. Choose a story which will get a lot of traffic, try to get an early, top-level post, etc, etc (here might follow a whole load of shit from the Karma HOWTO which I'm not going to reproduce). And, offend. You might want to start off with a right-wing maniac troll.

  1. What are the key elements of an RWM troll?

    RWM is the source from which it all flows. Like an origami master building everything from a folded base, or a woodworker turning a chair-leg, the entirety of the art is encapsulated in this one element. It is possible to dedicate your entire trolling career to the perfection of the RWM (troll gods 80md and 70% more or less have done). If you can't write an RWM troll, you can't write a troll.

    The key to the RWM troll is to realise its heritage from Usenet. Usenet trolling was all about cross-posting controversial statements to start flame-wars between different newsgroups. On slashdot, you can't cross-post, so you have to identify people who can be brought into conflict where you are. The beauty of the RWM troll is not so much that he sets rightwingers against leftwingers, but that he creates cognitive dissonance in rightwing readers, because they want to agree with his conclusions (or at least, his less obviously mad ones), but can't bring themselves to accept his reasoning (or simulation thereof). RWM also exploits the fact that a lot of people with right-wing views haven't necessarily thought out those views very comprehensively, and so are vulnerable to cognitive dissonance caused by the inconsistency of what they believe. Among the elements of right-wing mania are:

    • Libertarianism. Everything should be legalised, even obviously destructive things. All government regulations should be removed. The market will protect your privacy, as firms which don't give you privacy will go out of business. Everything which is, is for the best, otherwise the market would have got rid of it. Yes, free speech does include child pr0n. Etc.
    • Corporation-worship. Capitalism works, boyeee. Big companies are the lifeblood of the country and the technology industry. They're successful, so they must be good, so they should be given all those responsiblilities which currently belong to the government. Only the government can censor (it's probably in the dictionary definition), so anything a corporation can do is morally right. The property rights of companies are more important than any rights you think you have.
    • Religious nuttery. Everything is potentially Satanic, even things which seem quite innocuous. The liberals, relativists and communists are indoctrinating our children. There is a conspiracy afoot against Christians, and the downward moderation of this post just goes to prove it. Evolution is by no means proven.
    • Americanism. USA! USA! USA!

    Obviously, everyone who disagrees with a RWM is a socialist, even if they don't think they are.

  2. What are the key elements of a "character" troll?
  3. I think I want to do a surrealist troll, what should I do?
  4. How much effort should I put into a troll?
  5. How can I get more replies?
  6. Should I "feed" my trolls?
  7. When should I admit to being a troll?

Further information

  1. Other FAQs
  2. Useful research sites
  3. Credits.


Amherst-Fag and the Poor Judgement (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880332)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] Sorry about that, all
Date sent: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 00:51:12 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0006)

Demonstrating poor judgment on my part, I lobbed
another at the k5 queue
(http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory&sid=2000 /12/20/01446/325).
It's not half as big a troll as the last one, but,
well, I guess people are still angry about the last
one. Let's just say the only thing geeks defend more
than their porn is their smokes.

JSM, I'm disappointed you didn't show some guts and
just mod it down. Have I pissed enough in your
swimming pool yet? Heck, they're slandering you in
there, equating the two of us. Even rusty's annoyed,
and he has a sense of humor (though his reasoning
isn't so hot).

I think I'll leave k5 alone for a while. I'm leaving
town in two days and won't be back for a couple weeks,
though I'll have net access in between. Maybe when I
get back, I'll have developed some maturity. 'Night,

(This is CP0006) [www.vzl]

ZDNet Video (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880337)

The same guy on tape at ZDNet talking about microsoft and why he...left.



Amherst-Fag and the Educated Escort 1 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880342)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] What better way to spread the holiday joy...
Date sent: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:10:17 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0009)

What better way to spread the holiday joy than to vote
up Anne Marie's new k5 article on pornography?
(http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2000 /12/25/225554/21&mode=mo
Pornography: it's what we do, so it's what we should discuss.

(This is CP0009) [www.shtph]

Taking Over Microdot Duties (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880346)

2002 December 6

Dear Sirs and Madams:

My friend Purple [kuro5hin.org] / Red [kuro5hin.org] / Blue [kuro5hin.org] / Green [kuro5hin.org] / Cyan [kuro5hin.org] / Violet [kuro5hin.org] / Orange [kuro5hin.org] / Black [kuro5hin.org] / Crimson [kuro5hin.org] Microdot [tiscali.co.uk] has just informed me that he has recently been IP banned from Kuro5hin. Consequently, the onus has temporarily fallen to me of carrying out the sacred duties of the Microdot until he can resolve the situation and resume operations as before.

I know that I have big shoes to fill, and I won't claim that I'll be able to live up to the accomplishments of my predecessor. I won't even claim that I'm qualified for the job, however, I know that Kuro5hin needs a Microdot, and I will do anything within my power to adequately fill in for the true Microdot while he is indisposed.

The true Microdot wishes me to convey his sincere regrets to all of you over being temporarily forcibly separated from you. This is a situation that was beyond his control, and he is doing what he can to find a workaround. Until then, I'll do my part to try to fill the void, because Kuro5hin without the Microdot is just not Kuro5hin. (We won't even mention a certain Yellow [kuro5hin.org] imposter, who is an embarrassment to the Microdot [kuro5hin.org] name and to himself [winternet.com] .)

I can never be the original Microdot, but I'm going to try my best to get into the Microdot mindset, and find my own personal style as well. If you like me, then perhaps when the real Microdot overcomes his IP-ban, I'll continue to work side-by-side with him. If you don't like me, then e-mail [mailto] some [mailto] certain [mailto] people [mailto] and request/demand that the original Microdot have his IP-ban removed as soon as possible.

This is all that I have to say at the moment. Until the services of the Standing Junior Microdot are needed again, I wish you all good night... and Godspeed.

Warmest Possible Regards,

Teal Microdot [kuro5hin.org] [www.sthstc]

Other Things Being Equal, (0)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880347)

Adequacy Still Sucks Ass! [www.lrhpdp]

Amherst-Fag and the Educated Escort 5 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880351)

From: Ceee Peee
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] the real anne marie stood up
Date sent: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 20:24:36 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0016)

Agreed, but I have to find better ones. As much as I liked the dementia-causes-popmusic-preference one, the k5 crowd just didn't care. Like on /. after a long series of trolls, it's time to whore [the queue] again.

One of these days I'm going to write an op/ed meta story called "Hi, I'm Anne Marie. You're all hypocrites." But I think I'll hold back, now.

BTW, the ktb=educatedescort cries are hilarious, at least to me. Soon, rusty'll have to change k5's motto to "Technology and culture from the trenches and stuff about Anne Marie". I'd feel remorse, but a) I like the attention and b) I give k5 more credit than that; it's more resilient than /. ever was. My intentions and hopes aren't to destroy k5 but to become a watershed event in its history, fit to go into next year's year-in-review. Looks like I'm succeeding.

--- jlb wrote:
> As those of you who are interested have probably
> already seen, the real
> anne marie has posted a story on k5 saying that
> she's not the AM account
> on k5 or slashdot. She apparently put something in
> the html source of her
> educatedescort site saying as much.
> My advice to cp: keep posting stories like nothing,
> at all, has changed.
> -lb
> --
> "Is this real?"
> "Does it matter?"

(This is CP0016) [www.eooi]

Vlad - Official Position (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880353)

It is time to set the record straight regarding the situation with respect
to Vladinator/JCB/Reza/Lonesome Cowboy Burt/Whatever other aliases he may be
using. The situation has been confused due to the recent world-wide influx
of Vlad-haters, helper-cells, interested third parties and the occasional
Vlad sympathizer [kuro5hin.org] .

Let us start with a basic tenet of the Association of Anti-Vlad Avengers:
There is no difference between William Scott Lockwood III and those who
aid him, give him comfort, and/or use him as a substandard, "Always Save"
hosting solution.
Though we may have no direct quarrel with you, Mr. "Trollaxor",
you appear to be friendly with Mr. Lockwood and - by your own admission - are
using him as a substandard "Always Save" hosting solution. Consider the fact
that if you were using a respectable host for your web site, you would not be
having the difficulties you are having now. Also, with this attempt at
ferreting out information for Mr. Lockwood, you are aiding and abetting our
sworn enemy and have aligned yourself in direct oposition to a powerful
internet force (that is, the AAA and its splinter groups).

This brings us to a primary characteristic of the AAA which has
been detailed elsewhere, but which I will repeat here in interest of
completeness: no single cell, as an entity, is aware of the members of
any other cell.
The structure of our association works as follows. Each
cell is composed of no more and no less than three members who all reside in
a roughly similar geographic area. One of the three members is designated
as a messenger. This messenger is the only member in contact with a messenger
from exactly two other cells. In this way, the members of each cell remain
anonymous to the members of any other cell. If a messenger has been compromised,
the corresponding cell is responsible for "cleansing" that messenger and
replacing him or her with a new messenger. Such a cell will remain on
probation - meaning they will only be allowed contact with a single other
cell - until such time as the new messenger has been operating for no less
than six months.

Our activities are clandestine and even if another cell wanted to
share the information you request, it would not be able to because it
would not be privy to said information.

As you can see the AAA, though very loosely connected, operates
in a highly efficient manner and is deadly serious about the stated goals
of the organization: namely, the complete, unconditional eradication of
Vladinator, in any and all forms, from the internet.

We have been following the current situation with Vladinator's hosting
service quite closely and we estimate the damages to be severe at this point.
However, we cannot agree to end our champaign any sooner than already decided
upon. We may have shown mercy in this, our second major attack, if Mr.
Lockwood had shown the proper degree of humility at our hands. Instead,
Mr. Lockwood responded with his usual barrage of
lies [kuro5hin.org]
and vitriol [kuro5hin.org] .
For this reason, and the fact that we are otherwise bored, we have extended the
length of this attack. We realize that Mr. Lockwood's hosting company will try
various tricks to deflect our attack, things such as firewalls and IP banning. Eventually,
they will succeed in eliminating the current attack at which point we will rest for
a period of not less than seven days prior to initiating another attack.

We predict that the end of this second wave will result in another round of
cockiness from Mr. Lockwood, given the highly reactionary character that he is.
The next attack, which will be the "third wave", will be far more subtle than the
current attack and will undoubtedly shake Mr. Lockwood's faith in his current
alliances and dealings. This cycle of attack/end attack/Lockwood gets cocky/
attack again is necessary to wear down Mr. Lockwood's self-confidence and
general desire for continued existence.

As for the fate of Trollaxor.com, I would suggest you find a more suitable,
respectable host for your web site. Had you chosen your hosting solution more
wisely to begin with, you would not find yourself in the same sinking ship with
the rest of Lockwood's "customers". We would also like to remind you that it
is not we who are the enemy, it is William Scott Lockwood III who has
brought this upon himself and those who do business with him.
Yes, our attacks
have been harsh and our dealings with Mr. Lockwood have been merciless, but simply
going over Mr. Lockwood's internet history shows that our cause is just and in the
best interests of the internet community at large. If we must sacrifice "innocent"
sites such as yours and kuro5hin, then so be it. It is a very small price to pay
for a truly Vladinator-free internet. An internet where true innocents can browse,
write and engage in discussion without fear of being choked at the hands of a
slobbering troglydite [geekizoid.com] with bad glands
and a spastic colon.

Stop with this stupid milestones! (2)

ShwAsasin (120187) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880354)

It gets rather irritating to see headlines every day about a couple of people converting. Must every little action in the Linux community be treated as a major milestone?

I like linux, but honestly it is not the best OS in existence. There is no perfect OS in this world, although some would have you believe different.

Rather then always point out the same ridiculous arguments that Linux is better, Windows sux, open-source is better then closed source, why not just accept that people use what they need to get the job done? Yes both OS's can do the same stuff, but I can do certain things 10x faster in Windows then linux, and vice versa.

Announcing every day that people some people are converting really seems pointless when almost all the desktops come with Windows. Consider this, if you wait till the end of the month and announced 10,000 people converted to linux, Microsoft could do the same and say that since there were 1,000,000 desktops sold in the month, 1,000,000 people chose Windows. My point of all this.

WHO CARES! Let people chose on their own, don't advertise every single person, because the general population doesn't give care.

What I Am All About (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880359)

Hi. My name is Theodore "Teddy" Devon, and I'm a 32 year old single gay
white male, who just happens to be an Aquarius/Pisces cusp. If you know
anything about astrology, it fits me perfectly. I'm 6'1" (without my heels),
and 160 pounds. I have (for now) kinda short pink hair. But the style and
color are always changing!!! I am origionaly from Detroit, MI. But I moved
here to Joliet from Missouri. I've lived all over the Chicago area in
general. You get the picture. Oh, and just for all you ignorant bastards out
there who don't like "femme" guys, you won't like me. If you couldn't tell
by the pic above, yes, I act like a fag. I'm a queen, The Queen to be exact,
a flamer, you name it, I've been called it. I am who I am, and I'm not
ashamed or embarassed. And I will not censor or change myself for anyone or
anything. So if you can't deal with that, I'm sure you can't deal with me.

Cher, Cher, and more Cher. Cher is my idol, my hero, my god, my everthing. I
love her so much. She has had such an impact on my life. Along with Linda
Hamilton. They are beyond fierce. So yes, music and movies are a big part of
what I'm about. I'm a pop princess when it comes to music. Cher of course,
Geri Halliwell (ex Ginger Spice), Madonna, the A*Teens, and Tina Turner.
When it comes to movies, I worked at a video rental store for three years so
I've seen just about every one. But I usually see movies for who is in them,
not what they are about. You see some pretty bad movies that way, but a lot
of really amazing, interesting ones that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

My best friend, my other half, my life, my soul, my everthing, William Scott
Lockwood. I love you more than you will ever know.

Amherst-Fag and the MOMOCROME (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880362)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] gbd on #trolls
Date sent: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 22:06:25 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0004)

Right now, "gbd" is on #trolls. His host is
remarkably similar to momocrome's: gbd is
(george), whereas momocrome is
~natalie_p@cloaked.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net (MOMOCROME).
Yet, he's able to present compelling evidence that he
is the one who currently holds the "gbd" usernick on
slashdot, who I do consider to be the real gbd in
light of the circumstances surrounding how I gave him
the account. Gbd's address looks like it's from SF,
whereas momocrome's is from LA, so that would suggest
they're not the same. But does anyone else have a
pacbell.net address that we know?

(This is CP0004) [www.hh]

Scott Lockwood The Oathbreaker (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880364)

Thoughout history, many names have been used to describe those who are on the wrong moral path in life: coward, criminal, fiend, monster, vagrant, lunatic. It's without question that William Scott Lockwood III is all of these things, but these are things that can be forgiven. William Scott Lockwood III's sins run deeper.

In many cultures, the greatest moral offense a man can commit isn't murder, robbery, rape, arson, or even blasphemy. In these cultures, there's a word for someone who is even lower than the murderers and rapists, because he has demonstrated with clear finality his lack of moral character. This one word, never used carelessly, reserved only for the lowest of the low is oathbreaker.

Many societies value personal honor, honesty, and integrity above anything else. People can make mistaks, and still maintain their honor if they take accountability for their actions. But the oathbreaker is the lowest of the low, never to be forgiven, and never to be trusted. This is because he has voluntarily sacrified the only thing that every man brings with him into the world, and the only thing that every man (hopefully) takes with him into the grave: his honor.

When a man's honor is gone, he has nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen, William Scott Lockwood III has nothing. If our society were still built on the concept that a man's word is sacred and that honoring others with the truth is a noble goal, William Scott Lockwood III would be dead right now.

A man's word is his bond, and when he breaks his word, he's no longer a man at all. He's worse than a coward, worse than a liar, and worse than a thief, but he's all these things and more. He's an oathbreaker.

In the past, oathbreakers become nonpersons. They stand below even murderers and thieves. Even beggars would not give or recieve comfort from an oathbreaker. Quite often, they were simply killed outright. Sometimes, they were merely cut off from honest society, trusted by no one, alienated until the day they died. After their death, their families were shunned and distrusted forever, because a man holds in his hand no only his own honor, but the honor of his family as well.

The Lockwood family has no honor left. The Lockwood family has no place in honest society, among civilized humans, because they have no honor, and they are not a part of civilization.

Killing an oathbreaker was considered to be an act of mercy, sending a tortured soul on to final judgement instead of forcing him to live an empty, hollow life.

Maybe it's time that we bring back the practice of killing oathbreakers, and ensuring that their bloodline does not propogate. Maybe a lack of honesty is what's wrong with our society. Maybe that's why everything is falling into chaos around us. When you can't trust a man's word, what basis is there for civilization?

I think upon consideration that you will agree: William Scott Lockwood III is less than a gentlemen, less even than a man, less even than a human, less even than an animal. William Scott Lockwood III is an oathbreaker. [www.yi]

Amherst-Fag and the Bacon (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880366)

From: cptroll <cptroll@linuxstart.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] why the internet rules
Date sent: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 17:29:43 -0500
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0037)

Did you get that from ilovebacon.com? Because if you did, then I'm disappointed you didn't note how those industrious Germans are at it again. Who else could pick up on the failure of dogs to read their 'no pooping' signs (http://ilovebacon.bla-bla.com/noway/110300.shtml) and pioneer an entirely PICTOGRAPHIC version (http://ilovebacon.bla-bla.com/noway/112100c.shtml ).

Without such innovation at home, it's little wonder Amerika is scraping
the bottom of the corporate barrel abroad.

jlb <jlb@io.com> wrote:

(This is CP0037) [www.euie]

Amherst-Fag and the Kuro5hin Abuse (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880368)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] advice?
Date sent: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 04:34:58 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0013)

Indeed, whimsy is an open account (for posting whimsical diaries) whose password is 'whimsy'. I've contributed some diaries (principally, "I was there watching the world go by" and "How to calculate your social security income") and so have felt free to abuse the account for comment posting in Anne Marie stories. My guess is the other whimsy poster is tewl, since she posted something about "oh, I didn't realize annemarie=cp" in k5tt a while back.

I share your incredulity. Anyone who reads through k5tt would know the truth. Anyone who suspected could do a search on my (cp's) comments and see I only post in anne marie's stories. Oh well. It's fun to see rusty defend me.

--- James <spiralx@spazmail.com> wrote:
> --- =?iso-8859-1?q?I=20am=20Troll?=
> <i_am_troll@yahoo.co.uk>
> > wrote:
> >I thought that you were Whimsy? Why did you just
> out
> >yourself and then ask us to mod it down? Explain
> now,
> >or I'll moderate the comment up.
> Nah, Whimsy is an open account anyone can use if
> they know the password, which is lost to me, but
> could be "whimsy". So at least one other person
> remembers the password and knows that cp is anne
> marie.
> What I'd like to know is how on Earth has cp managed
> to keep the fact that he is Anne Marie quiet so
> well? I mean, he hardly tried to keep it quiet with
> trolltalk posts and so on, and yet very few seem to
> know who Anne Marie actually is...
> J
> P.S. I really want to smoke. Bugger. Giving up
> sucks.

(This is CP0013) [www.st]

The History of William Scott Lockwood (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880369)

WSL throughout the ages!

William Scott Lockwood 1 - Born 1924 to unknown parents. Abandoned in a trash can in New Orleans by his opium-addicted prostitute mother just minutes after birth. Raised in a Catholic orphanage staffed by pedophile priests. Named himself "William Scott Lockwood 1", combining the names of his three favorite Priests/lovers at the orphanage. After puberty, the priests started to ignore him in favor of the younger boys, and he felt jealous and alienated. He ran away at age 14 and lived in the gayest part of the French Quarter, sucking cocks for spare change. At age 17, his first and only sexual encounter with a female (a woman on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras who claimed she was actually a male Drag Queen) resulted in the conception of a child. The woman, Fannie Sassaman, quickly left town and gave birth to the child in secret, without telling WSL1 that they had conceived a son together. WSL1 died in 1949 when his herpes infection migrated to his brain.

William Scott Lockwood 2 - Born 1942 to Fannie Sassaman by WSL1. Originally named Ezekiel Sassaman and raised as a good Jewish boy. A botched circumcision by a drunken Mohil left him with an almost nonfunctional penis. From the ages of 3 to 8, he was forced by his mother to shovel coal on a railroad for a living. At age 8, he learned of the true identity of his father, converted to Catholicism, and went to New Orleans to search for his father. (Fannie Sassaman's story doesn't end there, but we'll save it for a later date.) Ezekiel Sassaman renamed himself William Scott Lockwood 2 after his father, who he found lying dead in a gutter when he reached New Orleans. He joined up with a railroad hobo gang, and spent the next two decades riding the rails and carrying out a string of brutal rapes and murders around the country. His damaged penis kept him from conceiving any children, but in 1969, God blessed him with a miracle: one of the women he raped conceived a child. He married her, and shortly thereafter, WSL3 was born. WSL2 quit the railroad gang after his son's birth and settled down with his victim/wife. He is still wanted by the FBI as one of the most notorious serial killers of this century. He is considered heavily armed, extremely dangerous, and morbidly obese. Let the FBI know if you have seen this man. [geekizoid.com] They have offered a $1,000,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest, capture, or death. After a recent sighting at an Illinois hospital, he is once again at large.

William Scott Lockwood 3 - Born 1969 to a nondescript obese housewife by WSL2. Much has already been written about the life of this man [slashdot.org] , so I won't cover territory that has already been excellently covered by others before me. Oh, and he runs an obscure website [sporks-r-us.com] , but only about 5 people actually visit it. Currently struggling with AIDS, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic stress, liver disease, herpes, genital warts, crabs, the Clap, bad acne, morbid obesity, hypertension, and several unidentified illnesses.

William Scott Lockwood 4 - Born 1992 to Wife #2 by WSL3. Mentally scarred by the abuse and molestation he suffered at the hands of his father at a young age. At age 3, he convinced his mother to divorce WSL3, but that didn't stop the abuse, as WSL3 began a campaign of stalking against Wife #2 and WSL4. WSL4 holds the world record as the youngest person to independently get a restraining order issued against his own father, in 1996 at the age of 4. WSL3 lost interest in WSL4 on his sixth birthday, reportedly saying "they're just not sexy anymore when they get that old." His father left him with an AIDS infection, though, and he isn't expected to last much longer.

William Scott Lockwood 5 - ???

William Scott Lockwood 6 - PROFIT!!! [www.drpcnshph]

Happy New Year A (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880370)

MIMI: How long till next year?
ROGER: Three and half minutes...
MIMI: I'm giving up my vices. I'm going back -- back to school. Eviction or not, this week's been so hot; as long as I've got you I know I'll be cool. I couldn't crack the love code, dear, til you made the lock on my heart explode! It's gonna be a happy new year! A happy new year!
MARK: Coast is clear; you're supposed to be working, that's for midnight, where are they? There isn't much time.
MIMI: Maybe they're dressing. I mean what does one wear that's apropos for a party -- that's also a crime?
MAUREEN: Chips, anyone?
MARK: You can take the girl out of Hicksville, but you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl!
MAUREEN: My riot got you on TV, I deserve a royalty.
MIMI: Be nice you two, or no god awful champagne.
MAUREEN: Don't mind if I do. No luck?
ROGER: Bolted plywood, padlocked with a chain. A total dead end
MAUREEN: Just like my ex-girlfriend Honey...? I know you're there ... Please pick up the phone. Are you okay? It's not funny. It's not fair. How can I atone? Are you okay? I lose control, but I can learn to behave. Give me one more chance; let me be your slave! I'll kiss your Doc Martens, let me kiss your Doc Martens; your every wish I will obey!
JOANNE: That might be okay. Down girl, heel...stay! I did a bit of research with my friends at legal aid. Technically, you're squatters: there's hope. But just in case...
MARK: We can hoist a line --
JOANNE: To the fire escape --
MARK: And tie off at...
MARK AND JOANNE: That bench!
MAUREEN: I can't take them as chums.
JOANNE: Start hoisting...wench!
ROGER: I think I should be laughing, yet I forget, forget how to begin. I'm feeling something inside, and yet I still can't decide, if I should hide or make a wide open grin. Last week I wanted just to disappear; my life was dust, but now it just may be a happy new year. A happy new year.
COLLINS: Bond -- James Bond!
ANGEL: And Pussy Galore -- in person!
MIMI: Pussy -- you came prepared!
ANGEL: I was a boy scout once, and a brownie, til some brat got scared.
COLLINS: Aha! Moneypenny -- my martini!
MIMI: Will bad champagne do?
ROGER: That's shaken -- not stirred.
COLLINS: Pussy -- the bolts.
ANGEL: Just say the word!
MIMI: Two minutes left to execute our plan.
COLLINS: Where's everyone else?
ROGER: Playing Spiderman.
MARK: Ironic close up: tight. On the phone machine's red light. Once the Boho boys are gone, the power mysteriously comes on... [www.zs]

whats this vlad shit? (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880373)

apparently some lamer doesnt like some other lamer and now many a mod point will be wasted...

Komm Susser Todd (-1, Troll)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880377)

I know, I know I've let you down,
I've been a fool to myself,
I thought that I could live for no one else.
But now, through all the hurt and pain,
It's time for me to respect,
The ones you love mean more than anything.

So with sadness in my heart,
Feel the best thing I could do,
Is end it all, and leave forevar.
What's done is done, it feels so bad,
What once was happy now is sad,
I'll never love again,
My world is ending.

I wish that I could turn back time,
'Cause now the guilt is all mine,
Can't live without the trust from those you love.
I know we can't forget the past,
You can't forget love and pride,
Because of that, it's killing me inside.

It all returns to nothing,
It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.

It all returns to nothing,
I just keep letting me down, letting me down, letting me down.

In my heart of hearts,
I know that I could never love again.
I've lost evarthing... evarthing...
Evarthing that matters to me matters in this world!

I wish that I could turn back time,
'Cause now the guilt is all mine,
Can't live without the trust from those you love.
I know we can't forget the past,
You can't forget love and pride,
Because of that, it's killing me inside.

It all returns to nothing,
It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.

It all returns to nothing,
I just keep letting me down, letting me down, letting me down.

It all returns to nothing,
It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.

It all returns to nothing,
I just keep letting me down, letting me down, letting me down. [www.u]

So Much for Openness.. (2, Funny)

gik (256327) | more than 12 years ago | (#4880380)

"We have determined that your Web browser and/or computer's operating system may not support the navigation system of Quantum.com. We recommend that you either upgrade your Web browser to the most recent version or use our site map to browse our site."

That's Moz1.2 folks.


Amherst-Fag and the Educated Escort 1 (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880386)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: [k22320inchfan] What better way to spread the holiday joy...
Date sent: Mon, 25 Dec 2000 20:10:17 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0009)

What better way to spread the holiday joy than to vote
up Anne Marie's new k5 article on pornography?
(http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2000 /12/25/225554/21&mode=mo
Pornography: it's what we do, so it's what we should discuss.

(This is CP0009) [www.oyu]

Amherst-Fag and the Hijacked Account (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | more than 12 years ago | (#4880387)

From: Ceee Peee <cptroll@yahoo.com>
To: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
Subject: Re: [k22320inchfan] talk about smoking crack...
Date sent: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 23:26:33 -0800 (PST)
Send reply to: k22320inchfan@lists.io.com
(This is CP0007)

Hi. I couldn't stay away, so I scrounged up some 'net
access. Hi.

I was talking with rusty indirectly about this, last
night. He was asking me why I wanted k5 Anne Marie's
nick -- that is, why I wanted to carry that "slashdot
baggage" over with me to k5, the same way siggy did.
It's funny, that way. I wanted k5 Anne Marie because
it's a lovely character troll of mine. Siggy wanted
"Signal 11" because it's the only way he's ever gotten
a lot of (any) attention. He's afraid to be just
Bojay Iverson, and it really comes across.

(This is CP0007) [www.wdshct...tnzstjndst]
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