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Roblimo posted about 14 years ago | from the you-don't-have-to-be-famous-to-be-here dept.

Linux 284

Hmmm... seems quite a few people (judging from email I've gotten) have figured out that this week's interview guest, Clinton Ebadi, is the 'unknown_lamer' who frequents irc.openprojects.net, not that this was a great secret or anything. Anyway, Clinton has a pretty good sense of humor about himself and this whole thing, and I think it shows through clearly in his answers (below) to your questions.

1) Girls (Score:5, Interesting)
by Stoke (stoke@excite.com)

At the age when most teens seem to be crazy over the opposite sex and dating, how is your situation with girls? Assuming you don't have a girlfriend, do you feel better off without one taking away your free time, or is it something you wish for?


No girlfriend for the unknown_lamer. I'm not cool enough. I really wish I had one, because here is my daily schedule:

  • 6am: wake up
  • 7am: time for school
  • 3pm: home from school
  • 4:40pm: homework done
  • 6pm: food
  • 6:30-10:30 - music / irc / tv
  • 11pm: sleep
Well, You see, I have a bit too much free time on my hands.

2) Just Curious... (Score:5, Interesting)
by Brazilian Geek (akajita@spamyourmama.bigfoot.com)

Are you now or have you ever been a Slashdot troll? If so, please comment on the feeling of being a troll, if not, what is your favorite troll?


I am not, and never have been a troll (but I might be one in the future). Trolling is bad (except when the troll is modded up to 5:funny). I try to only post a comment when I have something worthwhile to say. And, I don't like losing my precious karma(12 whole points). I read at level 2, and I usually don't see any trolls (I used to read at -1...and my browser kept crashing.). IMHO, all trolls are equally funny. Except for the goatse.cx ones.

3) What are your plans for college? (Score:5, Interesting)
by Zachary Kessin (zkessin@script-fu.org)

If you have thought about it what do you want to do after High School? Do you have any ideas about college or further education?


I really want to go to college one day. And, I really want a job. Being poor isn't fun when you have a 4 and a half year old box (and other people are saying their "ancient" p2/500 is slow..try having the newest game consoles be faster than your box).

4) What are you listening to? (Score:5, Interesting)
by geophile (jao@mediaone.net)

When I was 15, my father said, "how can you listen to this? It's noise! There's no melody, it's just boom boom boom!". He was talking about the Beatles. Today, I am horrified to find myself saying the same thing about all rap/hip-hop/whatever, Britney Spears, N Sync, and just about everything else I hear that's been recorded recently. I don't buy much new music, but lately I've been buying CDs to replace my old LPs (The Who, Genesis, and yes, The Beatles).

At least there's Elvis (C, not P), They Might Be Giants, and Komeda.

Is it just me, or my g-g-g-generation, or does new music really suck? What are you listening to?


Pop music isn't bad. It's worse than that. It is horrible. I say, down with pop. I listen to extreme death metal and punk. So, I own the first two limp bizkit albums..but they don't such really bad. I really like independent bands from sites like riffage.com (which is dead now) and BeSonic.com(which is alive and well). I really like bands like cannibal corpse, cryptopsy, NiN, orgy, the offspring, NoFX, rage against the machine, and anything really loud. The words don't matter to me, its all about the instruments. Bands like cannibal corpse == the bringer of evil, but their guitar work is amazing. So, I guess you could argue(and maybe win) that the music I listen to is noise..but at least it isn't filth disguised as good- wholesome- music- for- the- whole- family. It tells you it is bad (but you just have to love the guitar work and the little complexities of the music).

5) How is it? (Score:5, Interesting)
by dbarclay10 (dbarclay10_NOSPAM_@_MAPSON_yahoo.ca)

Hey, what's up? :) I'm not a teenager, but I am a Linux user, and a rather dedicated one. I've come to the realization over the past year or so that, indeed, MS Office is actually a good software packager. Well, relatively speaking, of course ;) I find it fast, relatively lean, feature-complete, and more-or-less stable. I was wondering if you yourself have a particular software favorite that doesn't run under Linux?


My favorite software that doesn't run under linux...starcraft. Or rather, all of the blizzard games. They are amazing, and I love them. Why can't blizzard port them! I'd pay for all of them again if I could play them under linux (WINE can play them..but at a really low frame rate, and Battle.net doesn't work).

6) If you were stranded on a desert island (Score:5, Funny)
by dattaway (dattaway@attaway.org)

...and could only have one cd to load a blank computer, what would it be?


Well, Debian GNU/Linux! Well, that is almost 5 cds now..but I can count it as one, right? It comes with everything I'll ever need too.. with about 6000 packages to choose from.

7) Childhood toys? (Score:5, Insightful)
by Ralph Wiggam (ralph@springfield.com)

Pretty much every geek I've asked remembers loving construction type toys as children. I know my fave was Capsella because of the motors and gears, but there was always a big box of Legos in my house, too.

Did you play with toys like that in your 5-12 years?

What were your favorites?


I liked to play with legos. And k'nex. But I discovered the computer at age 7... and learned some BASIC when I was 8 (using a precomputer 1000 from vtech. Thank-you vtech). My mom brought home a laptop from NASA when I was 7 (end of 1993), and it was hooked up to the internet. I got a book on how to use lynx and SLIP and stuff a few weeks later, and I was on the net using a dialup SLIP @ 14.4k baud, on a win 3.1 running 486 from IBM (it was nice..except win 3.1 confused me). So, I guess my favorite toy was that little government owned laptop..then my mac (The mac actually is what got me really in computing..the learning curve was so small that I was able to explore deeper with things like ResEdit, MPW, and macsbugs easier), and finally my humble 166Mhz linux box (which I got a new 20GB drive for tuesday..finally, free space).

8) Times Change (Score:5, Interesting)
by HRbnjR (chris@hubick.com)

When I was a geek in high school (10 years ago)... it was not cool at all. The computer club was definitely frowned upon by the "cool" people. My question is, with the rise of the internet, and computers becoming pervasive in "normal" peoples lives...has this changed? Or have geeks gained some respect?

I read an article somewhere (Wired?) that said geeks were the new sex symbols...doctors and lawyers used to represent power and success and where what men stereotypically wanted to be, and what women stereotypially chased after. But now, as it is suggested, do you think geeks have invaded some of this position? Do you see any attitudes like this in school?


I don't really think geeks have taken the position of doctors, but I think we have moved up a bit. I'm not taunted anymore, I'm just understood. People understand I'm not like them, and they don't care. They are still a few people who won't stop making fun or picking up me, but I can deal with them (because I'm bigger than them now). I really have noticed that "normal" people have invaded my High School CS class.. most of them are trying to learn C, and can barely use AOL. It is very sad (and the teacher are worse... quote from teacher: "Linux!? That's just a graphical shell on top DOS like windows is. Everything has to use MS-DOS to run" and "Since when has their been a version of UNIX for the intel processor? What? Since the early 90s? What is this BSD UNIX you speak of?").

But still, I get made fun of sometimes for using linux ("Linux sucks. You suck"). But I can ignore it, since a few of my friends use linux as well (hmm...at my school I know of..4 linux users. 2 debian ones (mike and I) and a BSD user..but only Mike and I in the CS class). My rant has gone on long enough now. Yep, everyone has gone up the ladder. Nope, IMHO geeks aren't like doctors.. if the "average" geek is anything like me.. (the one who uses IRC 11 hours a day, has lots of fun and gets excited after being on slashdot (and makes his non-geek friends read it too), and doesn't ever go outside).

9.)Now answer honestly! (Score:4, Interesting)
by OlympicSponsor

In 8th/9th/10th grade I was unpopular (hung out with the losers, didn't go to dances, etc). 11th and 12th grades I was merely neutral (went to some dances, knew a lot of people, but I wasn't a jock or anything). I bring this up not out of relevance, but to show that "I've been there."

My question is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What I mean by that is: Many geek teenagers exhibit anti-social characteristics, including: poor hygiene, little or no conversation skills and attitudes (for instance know-it-all-ism) that are off-putting. Do adolescents get into computers because they don't get along and don't understand why, so turn to computers (books, D&D, whatever) as something they can understand/master? Or do adolescents who get into computers/whatever use up so much brain capacity with intellectually challenging tasks they can't learn how to interact with others? Or some third thing?


Well, I think I became anti-social first. They said I had ADD, and they put me on ritalin. I promptly stopped interacting with other people (after I got off of it, I started returning to normalcy). People made fun of me because I never went anywhere, and stayed inside all of the time. So, I got that NASA laptop, and I started to use the internet (wait..that came first..). So, the computer didn't make me anti-social. Yes, I was a know-it-all for a long time. And I have a habit of interrupter people (although it isn't nearly as bad as it used to be). But, I'm not that anti-social. I have friends. The people with yellow and green hair are my friends (you have to love punk rockers), the l33t hax0rs at school, the somewhat-suicidal ones, and my fellow geeks. I am happy. Isn't that all that matters? The pop culture people look happy, but they aren't. They need music and icons to tell them who to be.

10.)Why a new Linux distribution? (Score:4, Insightful)
by Alan Shutko (ats@acm.org)

There are tons of Linux distributions, and each one has a different reason for being. Most distributions seem geared to one major point: learning how to make a distro, supporting a specific niche like small routers, being easier for Linux novices.

What's your vision for MentalUNIX? Why do you feel that you need to make your own distribution, and what specifically will your distribution do to make it fulfill that need better than existing offerings.

(The website seems to lack a clear description of the overall goal, though it has some mentions of new setup tools.)


BTW, a new, actually up to date site will be uploaded once SCP over at sourceforge starts to work again. Lots of the stuff like mdevelop weren't really my idea, but they aren't new programs. Mdevelop is more of a system built around existing apps. Imagine Glimmer + DDD + glade + a lisp interpreter all integrated. IMHO, linux lacks a really good IDE that can do everything you need..edit the code, debug it, and create an interface. Lots of programs come close(like emacs and code crusader), but most can't design an interface / debug your program internally.

My general vision for it is as the Universal distribution -- one that follow the FHS and LSB to the letter, and one that can use all package formats. The package format issue really bugs me. It scares away lots of people(almost scared me away). You have source packages, debs, rpms, slis, slackware tar.gz, and lots more. If one tool could install all of them, then life would be a lot easier for a new user.

Also, installation is getting easier every day now, so it will eventually have a nice installer, but I hope to make it better than the rest. Instead of dumping all of the packages in the entire distro on the user, they only get what they should need(and the all powerful kernel hacker can select exactly what they want). So, a new user who selected the "home" install wouldn't get things like gcc or apache. Now, not giving them gcc is a bit hard to justify, but mpkg will be able to handle source packages(the autoconfigure type), so it would grab the compiler when it encountered the source package / when you wanted to recompile a source deb / srpm / whatever).

Another really big part of mentalUNIX is making maintaining the distro easier. Mpkg will allow the maintainer (or user) to recompile an entire package tree with one command, for any platform their compiler can compiler for. So, it would be feasible for mentalunix to be available in specific versions for every x86 architecture, and make porting to things like PPC easier (you would still have lots of stuff to worry about, but you would know what packages failed to recompile, and you could focus on getting them to compile for the new platform). And, a maintainer could recompile one package, or multiple packages for more than one target platform with one command as well. The maintainer utilities are a big thing, and are going to be the first to be focused on. Making it simple for the maintainer to maintain helps to overcome the fear of trying to help join a project and it makes it easier for developers to make precompiled(or not) packages easier to produce.

"Ain't it l33t?"
All views expressed are IMHO.
Because MHO is better than yours.

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Re:Is this representative? (1)

Anonymous Coward | about 14 years ago | (#1425427)

Everybody is different and victimized though, so 2 out of 4 isn't bad.

Of course, I'm not victimized, I'm one of the elite that is doing the grinding. heh.

Blizzard Games (1)

Chacham (981) | about 14 years ago | (#1425429)

StarCraft and Diablo (1 not 2) can be played under VMWare just fine. If you willing to spend the hundred dollars or so for it, it is very nice.

Re:Blizzard Games (1)

Chacham (981) | about 14 years ago | (#1425430)

Yes. I've seen it run a a PentiumPro 200. Yeah, I know it's a bit better, but Linux will run it just fine, especially NT. It's really memory that you need to dedicate.

Pop (1)

slim (1652) | about 14 years ago | (#1425435)

"Extreme Death Metal" *is* pop -- at least, it seems to be mass-produced for an eager and huge American audience. IMHO...

Re:am I that old? (1)

Anthony (4077) | about 14 years ago | (#1425438)

Omigawd. When I was his age we were marking up APL cards using HB2 pencils and sending them off to the one computer for entire State Education Department.

Re:No Such Thing (1)

Fyndo (11748) | about 14 years ago | (#1425440)

Well, actually, there isn't an average anything (american, woman, lawyer, fireman, whatever :).

Assume "average" means "in the middle 10%". If you measure, say, the IQ of people in any group, it will probably fall along a bell curve, so the IQ of the "average american" is about 100 +/- 5.

Now if you take the bell curve for how much americans can bench press, and take out the middle 10% you'll have how much the average american can bench press. But assuming there's no correlation between bench-pressing and IQ tests, 1% of the american populace is "average" for both of those. Add a third measurement, and 1 in 1000. get up to 9 measurements and it's one in a billion. Which means, that if you measure americans in 7 different things (wealth, IQ, the amount they can bench-press, their political affiliation, sexual activity, height, hair color) the odds of them being "average" in all, are 10 million to one. The "average man" (or "average anything" does not exist it's a fictional person you cmpare everyone to, but the more closely you look (the more variables you study) the harder it is to find someone who's really average in all of them.

Re:Ritalin (1)

Coplan (13643) | about 15 years ago | (#1425447)

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is a common name for a psycological disorder -- in english, mind you. It only seems natural that it might be called something different in Europe. The clinical terms used in the US might differ from that of the rest of the world.

I wouldn't call it "bad science" necessarily to diagnose someone with ADD. In certain situations, ADD is definately a serious problem. In a certain amount of those cases, things like Ritilin might be necessary. But the truth is, most diagnoses are incorrect -- and most properly diagnosed cases do not need drug such as Ritilin to solve the problem. Severe cases might, but other cases can be solved with somewhat more physical / natural means.

Re:You call THAT free time? (1)

Jethro (14165) | about 14 years ago | (#1425448)

Actually, I assume that like most teenagers he considers weekends to be so obvious free time, it goes with out saying... just wait till he gets his first job where he gets to wear a pager.


Re:Is this representative? (1)

nd (20186) | about 14 years ago | (#1425456)

Everyone wants to believe that they're different/special/smarter/victimized.

Good answers (1)

Ratface (21117) | about 14 years ago | (#1425457)

I'm glad to see that unknown_lamer isn't *such* a lamer! Personally I don't think that IRC'ing with friends during one's free time is worse than sitting around drinking cider with one's friends - which what what I was doing when I was 15.

Good to see an appreciation for punks is still around :-)

Finally, I was glad to see a better explanation of MentalUnix. Personally I'm not sure that the project isn't too ambitious - but hey, if you can't try and ambitious project and fail spectacularly when your 15, when can you try one? (OK - so it might succeed too!).

Congrats to unknown_lamer for being more mature than the average Anonymous Coward!

"Give the anarchist a cigarette"

Help a young brother out (1)

Ralph Wiggam (22354) | about 14 years ago | (#1425459)

Hey all you dot-com millionaires (I'm sure there are a few left), buy this guy a new computer. Or better yet, send him a grand and let him build a new Athlon box.


Re:Is this representative? (1)

Maniac_Dervish (22463) | about 15 years ago | (#1425460)

Lucky for us though that a vast majority of the country is willing to put up with that as long as they get their TV and Rush on the radio. Who else would mow our lawns, babysit our kids, and wash our cars. It's good to be rich it sucks to be a slave.

so which rush are we talking about?

yes, i know what you meant. :)

ehh (1)

raffe (28595) | about 14 years ago | (#1425466)

Should I comment on this? Is this really an average user? I donnt think so.

Re:Music (1)

DirkGently (32794) | about 14 years ago | (#1425468)

This is true. You can't bash personal taste. And I will admit that a few select NiN tunes are mainstream. But if you've heard his newer work (The Fragile), I think you'd have to retract that "NiN is Pop" statement. POPular, maybe, but Trent isnt about album sales. I'm sure he likes music, but we aint gonna see him on a lunchbox.

I'd buy a Trent doll, tho...

PS: Here's the obvious point where the AC Troll whips out the 'faggot' remarks.

Re:Music (1)

DirkGently (32794) | about 14 years ago | (#1425469)

Err...I meant he likes money.

unixpunx and the average slashdot reader (1)

badbrains (33379) | about 14 years ago | (#1425470)

While I don't think that Clinton's musical tastes are typical of Slashdot users, I do know that there is a growing group of us out there. I think to say that Clinton is a typical Slashdot user is probably quite inaccurate.

I would also like to say that as a visibly "extreme" punk rocker the geek community can look at me just as scournfully as the rest of the world. I was the co-founder of a LUG, and always felt that some people did not come back because of me. I have also visited other LUGs and experienced some odd looks... "you don't belong here".

I think most "geeks" are accepting of anyone, but there is definately an element of "geeks don't look like you" in the community.

If you are interested in punk and unix, check out http://www.unixpunx.org [unixpunx.org]
and #unixpunx on irc.unixpunx.org or efnet.

Metal and other such stuff... (1)

nip (36373) | about 14 years ago | (#1425472)

I'm not really a metal kid(more into punk and emo) but you should checkout some of these bands:
Old Cave-In: Until your heart stops is one of the best metal CDS ever.Coalesce,Combat Wounded Veteran, Isis,Nhile,Pig Destroyer, Discordants Axis(sic),Purity's Failure, Converge, Bane and a bunch of other bands like that. You can get all this stuff at Interpunk [interpunk.com] or No Idea Records [noidearecords.com] which is definatley cheaper($6-8 a CD).

Re:Slashdot Demographics (1)

mvc (38569) | about 14 years ago | (#1425473)

"Now representing Planet Earth - SlimeMold!"

My, that was a yummy slime mold!


This is a .sig.
Now there are two of them.

Re:Plural of LEGO is LEGO (1)

queef (39232) | about 14 years ago | (#1425475)

Tell me, is there a hyphen between anal and retentive?

Re:A missed opportunity... (1)

macbert (51931) | about 14 years ago | (#1425480)

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) :


The third person singular of the substantive verb be, in the indicative mood, present tense; as, he is; he is a man. See Be.

Re:Music (1)

antf (68630) | about 14 years ago | (#1425488)

Secondly what does the independent bands moniker contribute to the music?

First, I agree with your thoughts on popular vs. unpopular. However, I don't think that independent equates to unpopular. There are many independent bands that enjoy vast popularity. One example is Fugazi. There are plenty of others so take your pick. I think independent music contributes to music in general because it provides a platform on which the artist can enjoy greater freedom to experiment. They are not constrained by making money as most commercial labels force upon bands.

Re:Old computers and death metal (1)

phutureboy (70690) | about 14 years ago | (#1425490)

Old computers also force you to code well. I wrote a game on my Mac IIfx once, and went to great lengths to optimize it as much as possible just to get it to run acceptably on the fx. When I finally recompiled it for PowerPC... my god did it run fast. I ended up adding in a framerate setting so it could be played comfortably on everything from a IIfx to a G3.


Try Mr. Bungle (1)

Wordman (79573) | about 14 years ago | (#1425496)

Based on Clinton's musical preferences, I think he would really like Mr. Bungle's first album (which is also called Mr.Bungle). Extremely tight composition (by John Zorn) and you just can't loose with songs like "Girls of Porn" and "My Ass Is On Fire". Cannibal Corpse, on the other hand...

Re:Try Mr. Bungle (1)

rotor (82928) | about 14 years ago | (#1425497)

The composition on the first Mr. Bungle album was not done by John Zorn. He produced the album, and if you're lucky enough to have the studio outtakes from the recording sessions for that album you can hear him take a sax solo on Love Is A Fist. All composition was done by the band themselves. I do agree that Clinton might like them though. He seems to like extreme stuff with good musicianship, and this is the about the best. Also, check out Dog Fashion Disco. Similar stuff from the D.C. area (perhaps a bit of a cross between them, Faith No More, and Clutch), and their first CD on Spitfire records should be out this spring.
Oh, and if you don't have the studio outtakes from Mr. Bungle, try to find it - the version of Platypus that appears on it is worth it alone, and there are some true gems on there (picture them doing Tom Jones' Thunderball =)


Re:I'm a bit suprised... (1)

Rares Marian (83629) | about 14 years ago | (#1425498)

Maybe that's cuz there's no pr0n on the net anymore. Just pr0n used to advertise pr0n that doesn't exist.

Re:Pop (1)

supabeast! (84658) | about 14 years ago | (#1425499)

"...it seems to be mass-produced for an eager and huge American audience."

Death metal is not mass produced. While there are plenty of crappy death metal bands out there, there are not nearly as many of them as there are half-assed-pop-star-wannabes. Take a look at death metal album sales sometime as well, the big sellers barely rate as mass produced in comparison to what would be considered a commercial flop for a pop artist.

On top of that, the audience for death metal in the US us nearly nonexistant. With the exception of Slipknot and Morbid Angel, death metal bands are lucky to ever play a good club, much less a stadium, and usually end up playing to half filled metal bars.

Re:Missing time? (1)

s.a.m (92412) | about 14 years ago | (#1425504)

You know I was wondering the same exact thing. Hrmm, maybe there is some time shifting that occurs and then he is sucked into a portal into another dimention where there are infinitly beautiful women to pleasu....... oh wait nm that's my fantasy ^___^

Re:Blizzard Games (1)

AGTiny (104967) | about 14 years ago | (#1425511)

Heh, on his P166?

Re:Go To School (1)

Niles_Stonne (105949) | about 14 years ago | (#1425513)

[Philosophy Mode]

Money is not the key to life...

[/Philosophy Mode]

It is nice... But it's more important to be happy...

am I that old? (1)

aap (108982) | about 14 years ago | (#1425518)

I was on the net using a dialup SLIP @ 14.4k baud, on a win 3.1 running 486 from IBM

When I was your age, I didn't even have my 300bps Commodore modem yet.

my humble 166Mhz linux box (which I got a new 20GB drive for tuesday..finally, free space).

Disk space is good. Long live disk space!

Re:'Beatnik' is a fraud. (1)

jaxn (112189) | about 14 years ago | (#1425520)

Yeah, Yeah...

Big shocker. In my oinion it was never about the movement... but more about the incredible writings that were finally being recognized.

Where the hell did you find that anyway?... and why did you post it here?

Re:pop, what about hip-hop? (1)

Grahf666 (118413) | about 15 years ago | (#1425521)

I tend to agree, though I think that rap is more mainstream than techno these days. At least where I live, I hear a lot more rap than electronica. Almost all my friends like rap, but few like any kind of techno.

As far as playability, the scales certainly turn in the dance scene. Granted, most of what I hear at dances is "popular" techno, like Prodigy, Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim; granted, those are the bands that paved the way for all the wannabe techno around these days, but that doesn't make them bad.

We can both blame and praise the internet for this. There's tons of crap techno bands on mp3.com, but there's a few great ones too, like 303infinity and DJ Xealot. In the end though, the net is good for all music, I think; the more artists, the better.

Re:am I that old? (1)

haus (129916) | about 14 years ago | (#1425527)

Man, I remember being so happy when I got my Mighty Moe 300bps modem for my C64 that I could hardly contain myself. Right about that same time I say an article in AHOY magazine that Commodore was rumored to be designing a machine that would be capable of running a full 512K of RAM. I was convinced that there was nothing that could not be done on a Commodore that had 512k and a 300bps modem.....

all persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental. - Kurt Vonnegut

Re:Pop (1)

John Napkintosh (140126) | about 14 years ago | (#1425531)

Death metal is definitely not popular music and not directed toward a very large audience, unless you consider Limp Bizkit (ugh) to be extreme death metal. Maybe your definition of extreme death metal and pop would clear things up.

Progressive Rock (1)

Lode (142280) | about 15 years ago | (#1425532)

I guess there must be many other geeks out there who are also into progressive rock...?

Among other rockers I noticed that the proggers are usually seen as the "geeks of rock" because we're so "detailistic" (does this word exist in English?), always going for complex, technical music.

Ends up hapenning that being a computer geek I feel the same when "normal" people refer to prog rockers as to when they refer to computer geeks...

Any other proggers out there to share a view?


Totally Agreed (1)

kollaps (143984) | about 14 years ago | (#1425534)

I think the point that most people miss in the posts below is you should listen to music *cause you enjoy the music*. It's THAT simple. It has nothing to do with how popular it is. What exactly is the point of listening to something unknown if you don't enjoy it? I personally listen to some popular music and some unpopular. Its cause I enjoy listening to it, nothing more, nothing less. Sorry for being redundant, but I do feel strong about it.

and this, too (1)

stego (146071) | about 14 years ago | (#1425537)

If you like metal for the sound but not the lyrics, find something by Breadwinner... sick math-metal w/ no vocals. They will change you...

Re:losers in school (1)

drinkypoo (153816) | about 15 years ago | (#1425539)

Ever consider that the "popular people" might actually *enjoy* their social circus?

Actually, the huge success of "The Sims" is proof that they do, since the purpose of that game is to be popular. Sims aren't happy when they're by themselves. Incidentally, check out this "family" [ea.com] for a good laugh. I expect the online game will be even more successful, in which the object is to be the most loved person in simland.

Oh come on. At least be intellectually honest. For someone who spends 4 hours a day listening to death metal, accusing the "popular people" of needing some social signpost to orient them is really the height of hyprocracy.

  1. Hypocrisy.
  2. I don't see how that follows, necessarily, though I don't believe that just because someone listens to pop music that they're sheep; I just think that they have bad taste. In any case, I think the sign that your music is corrupting your style is if they match; In other words, if all you listen to is britney spears, and all of your clothes come from some happy shiny nice place in the mall, you're a sheep. Likewise, if all you listen to is NIN and Lords of Acid, and all of your clothes come from the "all black, all the time" rack at Hot Topic, you might want to get sheared and start walking on your hind legs.
    Where would Clinton's social compass be without his anti-music to guide him?

    Some of us don't even have a social compass.

Re:we don't need elitism (1)

drinkypoo (153816) | about 15 years ago | (#1425540)

I really have noticed that "normal" people have invaded my High School CS class.. most of them are trying to learn C, and can barely use AOL. It is very sad
god forbid someone wants to learn something they don't know! this is the same kind of elitism jocks use when they think your sad bacuase you can't throw a ball as well as them.

What I got from his statement was that it was pathetic that someone was trying to learn to code before they actually had the skills to USE the computer. It really is pretty pathetic when someone's trying to code but they get confused by the menus in the IDE. Imagine how lost these people would be in a traditional Unix build environment where they were required to actually type commands and manually edit makefiles!

I applaud people who take something thats really difficult for them. They have more balls them someone taking class's that are easy.

Or maybe they're just overreaching their goals. Perhaps they should learn how to use the computer before they try to code. Even if they manage to somehow become a programmer while still being confused by the big colorful icons of AOL, they're not going to produce programs worth a shit because they won't have the breadth or depth of knowledge to know what UI is good and what isn't, what kind of input and output is useful, and so on.

Re:you call that a geek? (1)

Jester998 (156179) | about 15 years ago | (#1425544)

"how bout a geek chick? (like me :)" "trust me.. there isnt anything more attractive than a geek hacking in his boxers at 3am with a bottle of ice101 by his side ;)" Could you please provide us male geeks with a clue as to where to find more chicks like you??? ;) I'd kill to meet a girl like this, but none have come up on the radar yet...

I really liked (1)

SquadBoy (167263) | about 14 years ago | (#1425551)

the bit about the CS teacher thinking everything was DOS in the end. At my last job I tried to introduce Linux to some people and ran into the same response from a few paper MSCEs that they had running around there. It was really pretty funny that they just could not wrap their heads around the concept of something in computing *not* being m$ based. All in all a great article makes me hopefull for my son who will never remember a time when he did not have always on access to the net. The future seems bright right now. Of course I have to start work in 5 minutes and I'll be in full BOFH mode in about 10.

Slashdot Demographics (1)

Alien54 (180860) | about 14 years ago | (#1425561)

[plants tongue firmly in cheek]

So how do we know that this is truely a *typical* slashdot user?

What are the Slashdot Demographics?

Who conducted the surveys?

Was anyone here contacted by Price Waterhouse?

Or was it something like doing a survey of all of the lifeforms on Planet Earth to find the most typical lifeform, so that this could be used as a representative to the Intergalactic Council?

"Now representing Planet Earth - SlimeMold!"
Hmmmmmmm . . .

considering most politicians, this might be a step up.

wow .. he's ME (1)

pezpunk (205653) | about 14 years ago | (#1425567)


i guess that makes me the typical /. user...

College (1)

Njoyda Sauce (211180) | about 14 years ago | (#1425568)

In my experience college is the real setting in which social, intellectual, and "real-life" learning can occur. The experiences we get in high-school somewhat prepare us for this, especially volunteer sports, clubs, etc.; however not until college are we really challenged on a personal level. Intelligence is a great help, but being able to adapt to being on your own in a sea of unknowns is what really defines a lot of people.

This story has it all wrong. (1)

AFCArchvile (221494) | about 14 years ago | (#1425574)

The "ordinary Slashdot user" refers to the 127 clones of Signal_11 that were made when he hit the karma cap.

Re:Is this representative? (1)

aegis8 (223597) | about 14 years ago | (#1425575)

Quite the contrary -- I read /. because, for the most part, it's a great place to find other hard-core geeks. I work in the IT dept. at a medium sized company, and out of the 90 or so of us here, I can only think of 4 people besides myself that I would label "hard-core" -- the rest are moderately skilled and in it for the money.

Re:Definitely true, about reverance (1)

canning (228134) | about 14 years ago | (#1425576)

I have been friends with a variety of people (both ethnic and social) and I must say that geeks have the best sense of humours. We have the driest most sarcastic comments of anyone else on the earth.

We may not be treated as equals yet but I think the world realizes now that we can make their lives miserable. And isn't that what it's all about?

Re:Missing time? (1)

moheeb (228831) | about 14 years ago | (#1425577)

What happens from 10:30 til 11?

Generally I lie down in bed for a few minutes before I sleep.

And sometimes I brush my teeth.

Go To School (1)

cvbear0 (231010) | about 14 years ago | (#1425579)

I really want to go to college one day. And, I really want a job.

This is great. Go to school. Learn more. Then you can get a better job and make more money.

Re:You call THAT free time? (1)

Mn3m0nic (234085) | about 14 years ago | (#1425581)

I think he was just being sarcastic. right?

Re:Blizzard Games (1)

HiNote (238314) | about 14 years ago | (#1425582)

Actually VMWare is up to $300 now. No more hobbiest pricing. That really sucks.

Re:Pop (1)

Calle Ballz (238584) | about 14 years ago | (#1425583)

Extreme Death metal isn't pop. It's a type of music that a certain audience seems to enjoy. And for the most part it certainly isn't mass produced. Sure, MTV has their sellout heavy metal icons (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie....) but really the Heavy Metal, Industrial, and Punk scene has a hell of a lot more culture than Pop ever will.

When I think of pop all I can think of is "artists" such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet boys..... they are just a bunch of schmoes off the street who might have won a few talent shows in high school that happened to get auditioned for some producers "new hit teen sensation!". They hire some writers and some musicians to throw together the next #1 hit and there ya go... America's music industry going to shame

Even though I don't care too much for heavy metal, I see it as actual music, and in some cases, actual talent. That band actually took time themselves to come up with a song and to perform it. They also had to deal with a struggly to the top. Britney Spears didn't have to perform in smalltown parks & clubs to get famous like the Voodoo Glow Skulls did ( I saw them first in Bisbee, Arizona.. who other than the people from Southern Arizona has heard of that?). I actually have respect for that though. Even though it took me a while to get to my point, I'm just trying to say that the "Extreme Death Metal" that you describe is nowhere near what today's pop music is.

Re:Ritalin (1)

nofud (238832) | about 14 years ago | (#1425584)

They said I had ADD, and they put me on ritalin.

they put you on ritalin because you played Advanced Dunjon & Dragon?

seems like I'm lucky having being raised in Europe...

Re:Music (1)

DukeTG (243959) | about 14 years ago | (#1425589)

Hear Hear! This is an attitude that I find less than well represented at slashdot. Sometimes I think that people feel they gain more respect if they denounce popular culture in favor of independant things (if one were so inclined, they could place using obscure linux distros as their primary OS in this category). As far as I'm concerned, you'll get my respect if you readily admit to actually liking the Backstreet Boys. How many people are secure enough to do that? --- If everyone else was not jumping off the bridge, would you jump just to be different?

Re:You call THAT free time? (1)

reverend greg (250660) | about 14 years ago | (#1425596)

"...You'll be pissed at the cats for wanting food NOW when you've just got someone in the rail sight..."
It's got to be a kitty conspiracy! I laughed only because my cat does EXACTLY the same thing...

Re:Definitely true, about reverance (1)

TDScott (260197) | about 14 years ago | (#1425603)

Yeah, I'll go with that. Certainly my geekdom has become a little more respected... there are still the [insert term of disrespect here]s, but they're becoming a bit more rare - at least in my opinion.

Geekdom is becoming a little 'cooler', I think.

Re:Plural of LEGO is LEGO (1)

tethal91 (263165) | about 14 years ago | (#1425604)

Dude, if that is the biggest frustration you run into...

Re:Pop/cannibal corpse (1)

geigertube (265640) | about 15 years ago | (#1425608)

>I really like bands like cannibal corpse, >The words don't matter to me, its all about the >instruments. Bands like cannibal corpse == the >bringer of evil, but their guitar work is amazing I listened to a bit of Cannibal Corpse when I was a teenager, and if I remember their music correctly, their vocals are much (if not exactly) like listening to Cookie Monster screaming "I CUM BLOOD!!!". So I can appreciate why one would focus on their guitar work. Which was nice. :)

Old computers and death metal (2)

innerFire (1016) | about 14 years ago | (#1425612)

First, I'll say that you shouldn't fret about having an `old' or `slow' computer. As long as you have a Pentium-class CPU and 32MB RAM, everything else is just cake. You can get that for around $100 at the used computer store in my town. It's not a gaming machine--but that's actually a good thing. Games, while at their best are works of art, are often a huge waste of time that take away from your learning about computers. So don't fret--hack.

Second, check out Carcass, Cynic and Meshuggah if you haven't already. : )

Re:No Such Thing (2)

Johann (4817) | about 14 years ago | (#1425615)

Maybe at 29 I am out of the loop, but this fellow at 15 is way more coherent and thoughtful than the majority of my pin-head software engineer colleagues. Good show.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life."

OT: Why are "geeks" presumed to be intelligent... (2)

FallLine (12211) | about 14 years ago | (#1425624)

One thing which always bugged me is the presumption that anyone who has the outward appearance of geekiness (i.e., anyone that is poorly dressed, or into computer hardware, software, etc) is presumed to be intelligent and/or capable. It's been my experience that this is simply not true. For instance, I (and I'm sure most of you have too) have known lots of "geeks" that are merely "techies"; they may know the latest specs on x86 processors for instance, but they lack a fundamental understanding and a capacity to do much more than drool over them. Similarly, I've known many that lack the motivation to do well in any career. Now this is not to say that I think geeks are dumber, less motivated, or what have you, but rather that they are not too different from the rest of population. What makes "geeks" (necessarily) different is where they are visibally different: in their dress, in their clothes, in their attitude, or what you have.

I might be able to understand this mistake from non-geeks, but why do so many so-called geeks, particularly accomplished geeks, buy into this idea too? I see it from many "geeks" I know and on forums like slashdot. Granted, this doesn't mean that one cannot infer with some certainty other characteristics about a "geek", but it simply goes way too far in my experience.

Re:Ritalin (2)

Coplan (13643) | about 14 years ago | (#1425626)

I had a similar experience. My teacher thought I was ADD and that I would need Ritalin. My doctor, however, is one who carefully diagnoses everything. He did diagnose me as being somewhat hyper-active. At the age of 9, that's pretty normal -- according to him. His prescription? He gave my parents a bunch of sports and activities in my area. I started Soccer immediately, then later Gymnastics and finally Swimming. I wasted a lot of energy swimming every day -- and my teacher loved that I wasn't so energetic in class anymore.

ADD is the most inaccurately diagnosed disorder in the nation (US -- no international stats, sorry). 74% of all ADD diagnoses have been found to be incorrect. That is to say that 74% of the people out there useing Ritalin (or some other focusing drug) shouldn't be useing it. Another interesting fact: 28% of all Bipolar II cases (clinical depression) were at one time useing Ritalin.

What is this society doing?


Re:No Such Thing (2)

Jethro (14165) | about 14 years ago | (#1425628)

I agree. I think a better title would've been "Random Slashdot Reader". or "Random Teenage Slashdot Reader".

or "Teenage Mutant Slashdot Reader" !!!


wooo! (2)

GoNINzo (32266) | about 14 years ago | (#1425632)

At least some of the geeks who replace us when the older models are obsolete won't listen to Britney Spears!

It's good to hear that the geeks of tomarrow are getting the classical teaching of yesterday. Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it! (land war in asia...) Hence, we better not hear about you spending more money on marketing than development for mentalUNIX...

But one comment as far as package tools: you should really take a look at alien [kitenet.net] , it handles most of the major packages relatively well. to quote: Alien is a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz file formats. You might consider using them to achieve your goals... 'Why build a tank from scratch when B.A. Barrachas can just grab sheet metal and put it on a van!'

Gonzo Granzeau

Re:pop, what about hip-hop? (2)

gimpboy (34912) | about 14 years ago | (#1425633)

i like hip-hop and the british derivative/alternate triphop (eg massive attack, tricky, portishead).

really though to say "i only like x type of music" is silly. you are really restricing yourself. along with hip/hop i listen to alot of other stuff from johnny cash to deadkennedys to classical to indian pujabi. it really depends on my mood.

when i was clintons age i really only listened to punk though (black flag, dk, misfits, crucifucks, etc.) it was what i realted to the most. since then i have become less 13373 (or however it's spelled) and more open minded.

use LaTeX? want an online reference manager that

Re:Ritalin (2)

phutureboy (70690) | about 14 years ago | (#1425638)

Pisses me off too. Most of the time it seems to happen when the kid can't sit still in class, and the teacher suggests to the parents that the kid might have ADD and need to be put on Ritalin. That happened to me - I was on Ritalin for 2 weeks but Momz took me off it cause she didn't like the effect it had on me. She said it was a big mistake to put me on it in the first place, and I'm glad she recognized that.

I couldn't sit still in class because it was mad boring. Maybe rote learning works for some people, but I can't deal with it. I like to think and understand, not just memorize facts some monotone-talkin' teacher wrote on a chalkboard.

So yeah, it's downright unconscionable that such a large percentage of kids get doped up on Ritalin so they can pay attention in class. It's the schools that need to be fixed, not the kids.


Re:pop, what about hip-hop? (2)

nealrs (75987) | about 14 years ago | (#1425639)

man, yeah hip-hop (some, not all) truly outshines this electronica movement. especially when all that synth crap starts sounding the same. theres very little message/meaning/nice beats. Some gangster hiphop is just plain entertaining. Outkast like u mentioned is phat and other groups know how to have fun and nothing but. Also, Being a geek can be rather helpful, it can help u meet nice chix at a boarding school "hey can u help me setup my network connection?" (sounds like the intro o a pr0no if u ask me) My freinds span the social strata. Its not that bad to be a geek anymore, people don't make fun of you unless you stay home all day, but its fine to code and be 'l33t where im from, just dont overdo it and itll be fine -n-rs-

A missed opportunity... (2)

Fisics (82038) | about 14 years ago | (#1425641)

If I had known his name was Clinton, I would have asked him if he knew what the meaning of "is" is. Maybe this Clinton would have known. Doh!


Re:Definitely true, about reverance (2)

Zach978 (98911) | about 14 years ago | (#1425646)

I think that some geeks are more respected because not all geeks are anti-social anymore. I'm a highschool student, I run linux on a few computers (not a guru, but I can get around), and I do a lot of web programming (I know, the evil, weak stuff, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, ASP/MS SQL), infact that's how I make all my money. I can do the 6:30-10:30 tv/computer during the week, and then on weekends or holidays like this, that turns into 6:30-9:00 hanging out with friends, and 9:00-? partying, getting wasted, having a great time...I mean over this holiday vaction I've been to a party every night (except when spending time with family celebrating x-mas). One of the kids that I hang out with and see at all the parties is also a computer geek, and he's known as a big partier.

computer geek != anti-social

4 hours may be enough (2)

RainbowSix (105550) | about 14 years ago | (#1425648)

Seriously. My roomate is quoted as saying, "A girlfriend is like two eighteen unit courses." That translates to 36 units, or 36 hours per week, or just under 4 hours per day for the 7 day week. (I did all that math without a calculator :) )

Re:am i a nerd?? (2)

gavinmead (112093) | about 14 years ago | (#1425649)

I am in high school/college now and consider myself a nerd. Not because I am anti-social or have no friends; quite the opposite. I spend most of my free time with friends who are not majorly into computers. However, there is a constant track of my mind wondering, "What's the latest post on Slashdot?" "When is 2.4 REALLY coming out?" "Is my box still up? I sure hope so... damned DDoS" I think it's a state of mind that indicates your entry into nerd-dom. --Gavin

Re:Is this representative? (2)

stixman (119688) | about 14 years ago | (#1425651)

If so, I'm not a normal Slashdot reader, and didn't quite realize it.

This is my biggest complaint about Jon Katz and his "Hellmouth" series, and that "normal Slashdot reader" thing. It seems like we as a Slashdot community are forming/have formed a stereotype of what a "geek" is or should be.

I was not a loner in high school. I had lots of friends, was very active, and yes, I was also happy. I was also a math/computer whiz who got very good grades. I didn't find /. until after high school, but I did spend plenty of time coding, and do consider myself a geek.

So let's not narrow down what we think a geek is, but rather appreciate how diverse we are.


Re:Ritalin (2)

lemox (126382) | about 15 years ago | (#1425652)

ADD is the most inaccurately diagnosed disorder in the nation (US -- no international stats, sorry).

Apparently, kids in Europe must be "immune" to ADD; there are little to no diagnoses of it there at all. ADD is something America specific, most of the rest of the world sees it as bad science.

Re:Ritalin (2)

lemox (126382) | about 15 years ago | (#1425653)

"European children seem immune to the disease so the market for Ritalin is largely confined to America."

Dr. James Keirsey - The Great A.D.D. Hoax [keirsey.com]

Before you dismiss Keirsey as some crackpot, I suggest you read some of his other material. He is one of the most respected psychologists in the country. Plus, his suggested treatment for children misdiagnosed with A.D.D. makes a hell of a lot more sense than pumping them full of Ritalin.

pop, what about hip-hop? (2)

dizee (143832) | about 14 years ago | (#1425656)

You know it's interesting, but I almost never encounter geeks that listen to hip-hop. It's most always metal/punk.

Of course, I differ a lot from most geeks. I was pretty popular in high school. I knew everybody. I knew the preps, I knew the skaters, I knew the punkers, I knew the geeks, I just knew everybody. I don't listen to punk. Can't stand it. I love hip-hop. A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip, Phife, Outkast (IMHO the best rap group ever, period, been listening to Kast since southernplayalisticadillacmuzik dropped in '94). EPMD, Redman, Eightball & MJG, Mos Def, Black Eyed Peas, Common, Talib Kweli, Goodie Mob, Jurassic 5, Twista, Timbaland, All City, Scarface, De La Sol, Tupac, Busta Rhymes, Wu-tang, etc... Of course, I've always loved Sublime & 311, too, way back before either of them were ever on the radio or MTV.

I'm just wondering if there's *anybody* that reads slashdot that listens to hip-hop as well, because I've never encountered a fellow geek that enjoys it as much as I do.


"I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer."

Definitely true, about reverance (2)

Fervent (178271) | about 14 years ago | (#1425663)

I don't really think geeks have taken the position of doctors, but I think we have moved up a bit. I'm not taunted anymore, I'm just understood. People understand I'm not like them, and they don't care.

Graduating from high school a few years ago, and soon to be graduating college, I can definitely attest that being a "geek" has moved up a few notches. It isn't football or even "drama club" coolness, but we're indentified as having our own strengths and certain kind of charisma, instead of being perceived as the antisocial slacker of yesteryear.

I'm a bit suprised... (2)

TheNecromancer (179644) | about 14 years ago | (#1425665)

that no one asked our average Slashdot user what his thought are about the Internet being used as a pr0n loader, or for that matter, if he downloads pr0n(like he would admit it).

Drugs are Bad Mmm-kay (2)

sulli (195030) | about 14 years ago | (#1425669)

Thank heavens they didn't have Ritalin when I was a kid. I was one of those smart but disruptive ones in first and second grade - often got nasty notes to my parents saying I was mouthing off in class - and had they put me on Ritalin I am sure I would have learned much less.

am i a nerd?? (2)

canning (228134) | about 14 years ago | (#1425674)

some of the postings now and in the past refer to people being anti-social and nerds. I don't consider myself a nerd and never had. I had lots of friends in high school, played on various sports teams, made the honour role year after year and also developed an interest in business and computers.

I work in the computer industry and was just wondering......does one have to live, sleep and breath computers to make it big?

And is there such a thing nowadays as the stereotypicial nerd? What are they like now?

Re:Plural of LEGO is LEGO (2)

DocStoner (236199) | about 14 years ago | (#1425675)


"LEGOs" is not plural for LEGO. It is slang for "LEGO bricks".

My Own Situation (2)

LostScorp88 (249884) | about 14 years ago | (#1425676)

I am a senior in high school who has been introduced to slashdot just recently, via the show The Screen Savers on techtv (as many of the slashdot users may be familiar with). I read all the time about kids who are rejected for being geeks and who find fun and social interaction with the computer and the Internet. Unfortunately, my situation is not quite so bright - while I have used the computer for many years for games and Internet surfing, I have only recently been introduced to Linux and other such fields. I became so interested that my father has procured an old 166 mhz Pentium to try Linux on. I hope that this will allow me to see what everyone is raving about with Linux.

Anyway, my question is this. It seems that all the high schoolers (and the former high schoolers) have long histories with computers. Clinton, for example, has been using them (and learning all sorts of languages and stuff) since he was 8. Is there anyone like me out there? I have a huge identity problem - there is no one at my school that I could call a true friend (maybe one or two). I feel like I am SO behind the slashdot geek group that I can't identify with geeks. I want to call myself something!

I am a fairly average social reject. I spend more time on slashdot than I do with people at school (aside from in school, of course). I enjoy computer games a lot, yet I long to be part of a group and have friends like me. I listen to good music and detest pop. I really dislike popular people. I hope I can find someone out there who has similar sentiments - I feel so excluded even from the slashdotters. Please respond, preferably via email (remove the SPAM's from the address). Thank you in advance.

Re:No Such Thing (2)

reverend greg (250660) | about 14 years ago | (#1425677)

I got the same impression. For 15, he's got a pretty level head on his shoulders. If he worked in the same place I do, I have a feeling I'd never have known his age, if he talks and expresses himself as well in person (which it seems he probably does). One guy I worked with was like that. I talked to him for 6 months about a multitude of topics (from games to politics to world events, etc) and assumed he was close to my age (somewhere in his early to mid-20s). The guy was barely 18!

Re:Ritalin (3)

Don Negro (1069) | about 14 years ago | (#1425678)

The FAA has never had any problem issuing my medicals, ADD diagnosis, ritalin scipt and all.

Of course, when I was in puberty, ritalin made me damned near psychotic -- angry all the time and prone to violent outbursts that left me wondering what was going on, even as they were occuring. So I got off of it, but got a new prescription sophomore year of college. It is a really useful tool for adult ADDs, but taking it regularly, 2 or 3 times a day would be somewhat counterproducitve, for me at least, because coming down leaves your brain as numb as a 7 hour cross-country.

Ritalin is really useful for people who are ADD. The problem is that only maybe 25% of ADD diagnoses are accurate.

Don Negro

What for? (3)

waldoj (8229) | about 14 years ago | (#1425679)

No offense intended to the interview subject (really, I mean that), but what was the point of this? Somebody wrote, half-kidding, that we don't actually have any idea if this is really representative of the average /. user, which I think is actually a good point. Because if Clinton isn't the average /. user, then it's just "Interview With Some Guy."

I guess what I'm reall asking is this: What brought this on? How did this come to be?


Plural of LEGO is LEGO (3)

NoseyNick (19946) | about 14 years ago | (#1425681)

Why do SO many people pretend "I (used to) play with legos" - it's WRONG WRONG WRONG. The plural of LEGO is LEGO. "I have lots of lego". If you INSIST on adding an "s", try "I have a lot of lego bricks"

sorry, pet peeve.

Re:No Such Thing (3)

cowscows (103644) | about 14 years ago | (#1425684)

I certainly agree that there can't be any real 'average' /. reader just chosen. Being picked by the maintainers of the site means you may fit what /. wants to present as the average consumer of their site. I think what we have here is a person that fits a lot of the 'stereotypes' that the rest of the world gives to geeks, and this interview was probably meant to be some sort of platform for a geek to step up and say I'm not that stereotype.
To be perfectly honest, this interview seems to almost have reinforced that stereotype. No offense to Clinton, beacuse I am friends with plenty of people like him, and find them to be some of the most decent and intelligent and interesting people i know. If you look at his answers, the most indepth response is, by far, the question having to do with his MentalUNIX distro. Some of the other questions, questions involving defining points in everyone's life, relationships/school/jobs, are just sort of brushed over and only half answered. I honestly hope that Clinton was just being lazy, and if he really wanted to, could easily write at least as much about his thoughts on girls or school or whatever than he did on a computer project.
I dunno, although as I said earlier, I find the concept of an average /. reader to be kind of silly, if someone put a gun to my head and asked me for to describe one, this kid would've matched pretty close to what I'd say. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Music (3)

Ergo2000 (203269) | about 14 years ago | (#1425688)

Pop music isn't bad. It's worse than that. It is horrible. I say, down with pop...I really like independent bands...I really like bands like cannibal corpse, cryptopsy, NiN, orgy, the offspring, NoFX, rage against the machine

Good day to you! Excellent replies though I do take issue with the evaluation of music. Firstly NiN, Offspring, RATM : That IS Pop. No matter how you slice it that's no less pop that Britney Spears. I'm not saying that devalues their musical capabilities or contribution in any way (because I don't think that way), but just as an FYI. It's like back in the mid 90s when "Alternative" music comprised the vast majority of radio play. Alternative? Uh...

Secondly what does the independent bands moniker contribute to the music? Seriously this reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend some time back. We both were fans of a certain band and he then revealed to me that he was becoming less of a fan because the band was "becoming too popular". Huh? Too popular? How does that affect if you like the music or if it strikes a chord or you can empathize with it? Not liking something because it's popular is just as bad as liking it because it's popular. The throngs of weenies screaming for Boys to Men are no worse than the "counter-culture" lackeys in the shadows dissing all those pop mavens. There was an excellent suck.com article on this but I don't have the link handy: Anyone have it by chance?

Additionally the moment someone thinks "Music today is all noise and boom boom boom" is the moment their ego has gotten ahead of rationale. Yes you define good music. Your tastes define all and are the final say. The world should stop and solidify at your tastes.

Whenever you think about anything that involves taste, always realize that everyone knows what is best for themselves, and there is no way to question someones personal taste. If someone likes listening to a beeping door chime 24 hours a day then that's what turns their crank. Critical evaluations of music, art, etc. are just foolish and narcisstic : Let ME tell you what _I_ like because obviously what YOU like is shit and you just haven't seen the light.

IT Teachers (3)

TDScott (260197) | about 14 years ago | (#1425689)

While this isn't true of most IT teachers, I must say that there are some real bad ones out there. Mind you, the exam boards aren't much better.

I believe until either this or last year, they didn't accept "Linux" as an answer for "Give an example of an operating system."

In my opinion, computing in the secondary education system teaches children to use a computer - not to understand a computer. Sure, we [and I say we, 'cos I've just entered college] were taught to change font sizes and type [50wpm before the class. Gotta love that.] - but if something went wrong, hardly any of the other kids had any idea what do.

"Miss! How do I save this to disk?"

"Click there... that's it, select that..."

The teacher was telling the kid what to click on - and he was just blindly doing it, and not learning how to *use* a computer. In my opinion, that's the wrong way to go about it.

Re:Music (4)

dennisp (66527) | about 14 years ago | (#1425691)

"... liking it because it's popular"

Early adopters often want something special that not many other people have so they pretend other people like that 'thing "only because it's popular".

That's why people in certain subcultures get pissed off when something that was "theirs" becomes popular culture.

They even get to the point where they would rather see that 'thing stay a pathetic failure instead of becoming successful so that they can keep it as their own little special subculture.

Is this representative? (4)

MobyDisk (75490) | about 14 years ago | (#1425692)

...of Slashdot readers in general? If so, I'm not a normal Slashdot reader, and didn't quite realize it. I don't listen to heavy metal, and don't come home and do music/IRC/TV. When I was in school, that was what the "normal" kids did. They talked (on the phone mostly, some did IRC) and liked TV & music. The nerds were on their computers morning and night. That didn't mean IRC or Quake, it meant coding.

And another thing. Does everybody here think that because they read Slashdot that they are "different?"

Missing time? (4)

13013dobbs (113910) | about 14 years ago | (#1425694)

6:30-10:30 - music / irc / tv
11pm: sleep

What happens from 10:30 til 11? Being a young computer user, there can be only one answer: He is masturbating furiously to all the pr0n he got on IRC.

Re:I'm a bit suprised... (4)

canning (228134) | about 14 years ago | (#1425696)

Why would you be surprised? He's male right? He doesn't have a girlfriend and he has four free hours a night. He also has the resouces of the internet or a custom pr()n mag.

I think the rest of the readers (along with myself) just assumed the obvious, OF COURSE!! Who hasn't?

Now then, does anyone have the link to the Pamela / Tommy Lee video??

Re:Personally... (5)

Anonymous Coward | about 14 years ago | (#1425697)

Actually, i think A practical Guide to Boatbuilding is on disc number 5, in the contrib section.

Personally... (5)

Bob McCown (8411) | about 14 years ago | (#1425699)

6) If you were stranded on a desert island (Score:5, Funny) by dattaway (dattaway@attaway.org) ...and could only have one cd to load a blank computer, what would it be? Clinton: Well, Debian GNU/Linux! Well, that is almost 5 cds now..but I can count it as one, right? It comes with everything I'll ever need too.. with about 6000 packages to choose from.

Personally, Id rather have A practical guide to boatbuilding.


You call THAT free time? (5)

Jethro (14165) | about 14 years ago | (#1425701)


Clinton, in your response to the girlfriend question, you say you have 'too much free time' on your hands. But in your schedule all I see is:

6:30-10:30 - music / irc / tv

That's only 4 hours!

Believe me, that is NOT a lot of free time. Enjoy it while you can. Nevermind that a girlfriend (who might suck up all your time, but might be a fair tradeoff). Just wait till you do school/work... you'll be dying to have enough time to play a complete match in Tribes. You'll want a TiVo so you don't have to be innefficient about watching TV. You'll be pissed at the cats for wanting food NOW when you've just got someone in the rail sight.

Enjoy your freedom while you can!


Finally.. Someone like me glorified! (5)

digsean (19076) | about 14 years ago | (#1425702)

Finally, Slashdot did something close to a human interest story!

I am a 15 year old in South Jersey who lives a life near to Clinton's. Waking up on my Christmas Vacation to read something about (what i would consider to be) a down to earth guy answering questions like he WAS some superstar just fills me with vitality, showing that my generation of hackers, coders, geeks, loosers, punks, and freaks are cared about and important out of their small social circles.

To all my akin freaks and geeks in the world, I would like to extend my thoughts and motivation to you.

However much of a looser you think you are, you are important. You may think you are the greatest thing in the world. Your not. But, you are better than your average teenager, with the ability to grasp your future in the present. Go out, get a job. Go over to your local ISP or webhosting company, work for free or cheap. Get buisness experience. Use the talents that you have been developing most of your lives. Be competitive, and do honest work.

However you may feel about yourself, there IS someone out there for you. Personally, I have been involved with Anneliese for nearly a year now, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me (read my bio). Don't be discouraged. Ask that girl (or guy) out that you like. Don't let it go!.

To the Slashdot team:
Thank you for doing this. You have done a great service to the community giving this guy a chance to become a pseudo-celeb., getting maybe his 15 minutes of fame (Maybe, its just his first 15 seconds)
I hope you do this again.

I hope my rant has not been in vein, and that someone reads and understands what I am trying to say.

losers in school (5)

ukyoCE (106879) | about 14 years ago | (#1425704)

But, I'm not that anti-social. I have friends. The people with yellow and green hair are my friends (you have to love punk rockers), the l33t hax0rs at school, the somewhat-suicidal ones, and my fellow geeks. I am happy. Isn't that all that matters? The pop culture people look happy, but they aren't. They need music and icons to tell them who to be.

I found this comment really insightful - it summarized my own thoughts own popularity/nerdiness/loserosity better than I have ever put them. I always thought that was true, that the pop people are less happy; they're too busy trying to conform and hold their "position" that they forget to just enjoy life. While they're insulting us "geeks" to try and make themselves look better, we're just ignoring them and having fun.

All in all great responses from a seemingly random (l)user! Thanks Clinton

No Such Thing (5)

cluge (114877) | about 14 years ago | (#1425705)

Hmmm after reading this I am absolutely sure there is no such thing as "Average Slashdot User". We are a wonderfully diverse bunch, interesting read though.

Ritalin (5)

Alioth (221270) | about 14 years ago | (#1425707)

Well, I think I became anti-social first. They said I had ADD, and they put me on ritalin. I promptly stopped interacting with other people (after I got off of it, I started returning to normalcy).

That really irks me badly. Idiot lusers who want kids to conform to their definition of "normal" so use the magic bullet - put 'em on drugs.

I missed that horrible fate myself by a hair's breadth. When I was 14, my school forced my parents to take me to the doctor for evaluation (or I'd get expelled). Fortunately, our local doctor had a clue and told my mother, "Mrs. Smith, your son is a perfectly normal geek, and his school is all fscked up" but in more flowery language of course. The fact the sheeple did this to you, frankly, annoys the heck out of me. It annoyed the heck out of me when they tried to do it to me, too.

It's a good thing my doctor did have a clue. A misdiagnosis of ADD and the treatment it would involve would have barred me from my other great passion in life - flying - because the FAA would have a hell of a time issuing my medical if that was the case.

Re:Pop (5)

Faulty Dreamer (259659) | about 14 years ago | (#1425708)

Hang on there pal. There is a big difference between "Extreme Death Metal" and radio pop metal.

Godsmack=Radio Pop Metal
Cannibal Corpse= Extreme Death Metal

I have yet to hear a radio station play a song by Cannibal Corpse, or even some of the old school death metal bands that actually played Death Metal and weren't manufactured bands. Bands like Death, Atheist, Sabbat, Pestilence and many, many others. The "eager and huge American audience" seems very small when you are a part of that audience. A large following in Florida and a few scattered souls around the rest of the country. Oh, for the good old days.;-)

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